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  1. chris m.

    The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne

    This song popped up in a Spotify feed, and I thought it was hilarious. I was literally laughing out loud... Reminds me of a graffiti I once say on a bathroom wall: "No matter how good looking she is, there's at least one guy out there who's totally sick of her."
  2. chris m.

    Cory Wong and Victor Wooten just melted my face off.

    I never thought anyone could be as good as Tower of Power's Squib Cakes. I guess I was wrong. Yowza. This is just one song in the bigger one hour YouTube video of the Cory Wong variety show featuring the bass and Victor Wooten as the special guest star. But those horn arrangements and...
  3. chris m.

    Digging this Cee Lo and Daryl Hall jam at Daryl's house

    Stumbled across this gem today. I'm hoping I can get my band to go for it. Feels like a jam that will get the whole house dancing.
  4. chris m.

    Have you seen this Ibanez Prestige Tele variant?

    I just ran across this guitar. It looks pretty darn sweet, actually. If they have a Premium version of this model I'd be super interested. (Premium is to Prestige as PRS SE is to regular PRS, pretty much)...
  5. chris m.

    Ever suddenly dislike ALL of your guitars?

    I have a gig tomorrow, and was debating which two electric guitars to bring (out of about 12). I don't know if I'm in a bad mood or what, but as I kept plugging guitars into the amp I'll be using and running them through their switch positions I was not feeling the love for any of them. Even...
  6. chris m.

    Anybody have recommended treble bleed circuit values for Jaguar?

    I'm probably going to experiment with some treble bleed circuit options for my Jaguar. Wondering if anyone has hit upon good values. With some research I found that for using a cap and resistor in parallel, a good rule of thumb is that the resistor value should be 50% to 90% of the value of...
  7. chris m.

    New Used Jaguar Day

    Sold my Classic Player Jazzmaster and picked up this barely used Squier Jaguar. I had to oil the fretboard, shim the neck, loctite the saddles and bridge height adjustment posts, put a tiny bend in the base of the vibrato bar to eliminate play in its socket, and set it up for 11s, but now it...
  8. chris m.

    Ultimate Fake Wall of Marshall Stacks Application

    Someone on TDPRI suggested I check out Gessafelstein, a French EDM music duo. I found this YouTube concert of a live show in Paris from a few years back. While I like the music, I found it utterly hilarious that even an EDM act has the fake wall of Marshalls given that the music is coming out...
  9. chris m.

    Ever heard of the Black Pumas song, Colors?

    Our singer just nominated this song for our band to cover. She's the youngest in the band and is much hipper when it comes to current music. I'm really digging this song...kind of neo-R&B/soul, I guess. This to me is a great of example of really wonderful songs still being written today. I...
  10. chris m.

    How do xlr to 1/4” converters work?

    I have a powered mixer that has only 4 xlr inputs. The rest of the channels only take 1/4” phone jacks. I have these two converters. Can I use these without any problems? I presume it converts from low impedance to high but that doesn’t matter because the long cable run is xlr and the conversion...
  11. chris m.

    Check out "Summer of Soul" on Hulu- amazing.

    I watched Summer of Soul on Hulu the other night. They found "lost" footage of a huge music festival put on in Harlem over a number of weekends in the summer of 1969. Questlove is the producer. It was basically the "Black Woodstock", and it is amazing. You also get to see a lot of super cool...
  12. chris m.

    Classic Players Jazzmaster value seems to have gone up a lot...

    I checked the serial number on my Classic Player's Jazzmaster and it was built in 2008-2009. It's a great guitar, but I was actually toying with the idea of letting it go. I checked on Reverb and the lowest sale price posted is $799. I'm kind of surprised seeing I got it for about half that...
  13. chris m.

    Finally learned solo to Stairway to Heaven Led Zep IV

    I am 58 years old. I learned Stairway to Heaven (everything except the lead) when I was around 15 years old. I've probably heard the guitar solo thousands of times. It is one of the most iconic guitar leads of all time, right up there with Eruption, Hotel California, Comfortably Numb, etc...
  14. chris m.

    Does the 6025 micro preamp tube work?

    The DV Mark Eric Gales head features a 6025 micro preamp tube. Do you tube amp folks know whether these tubes deliver classic tube preamp gain response- clipping and compression that isn’t harsh— or are these things mostly hype and a marketing thing? After all, there are ways to use solid state...
  15. chris m.

    Lowest voice in the world

    Wait for it.... just when you think he can’t possibly go lower, he does.
  16. chris m.

    I'll see your Khruangbin and raise you a Liraz

    Just ran across this in my feed and dig it. Such great music all over the world. It also is a good reminder that having a good looking, excellent female vocalist with stage presence is a quick way for any band to get noticed. I also think the bass player's bass is super cool. The guitarist...
  17. chris m.

    You too can look like Captain America

    I was just noticing this sidebar ad that is on my TDPRI newsfeed. I don't know what I've been looking at on the Internet that is causing this ad to be pushed in my direction. Or maybe everyone is getting it? I'm also trying to think of a situation where one could wear this outfit, other than...
  18. chris m.

    Am I hanging onto my big amps because they're a security blanket?

    About a week ago everyone in my family was away so I did the approximately quarterly project of pulling out all my tube amps, plugging into them, playing them, listening to how wonderful they are, and cranking them all up into their sweet zone. At the moment I have four great amps: - Fender...
  19. chris m.

    NGD PRS Mark Tremonti SE

    Got this from Sweetwater. Fit and finish and components are like a $2k guitar. I’m stunned, really.
  20. chris m.

    Thinking about buying a PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom

    I like the idea of a singlecut with a vibrato bar, and also like the 25" scale and maple neck/mahogany body combo. From reviews and other research it seems these are very well made. At $780 with gig bag seems like a great deal. I love my LP Trad Pro but it weighs 11 lbs and so I rarely gig...
  21. chris m.

    Disc Golf, anyone?

    What a great game. If you know how to throw a frisbee, you can play, and there are no green fees. I played my first full 18 and was happy with 18 over par. I had 3 pars and a birdie, but plenty of bogies, too. Still, bogey golf is an ok start for a beginner, IMO. For those unfamiliar watch some...
  22. chris m.

    Tommy Emmanuel- Imagine-- wow, just wow.

    Here's a bit of acoustic guitar virtuosity. I love the harmonic movement and jazzy sounds he gets with it all still sounding sweet and coherent all the way through. Not sure what tuning he's in-- open D of one kind or another, I think....
  23. chris m.

    My band is kind of going off the rails right now.

    This pandemic is putting some serious strain on marriages....and bands. The good news is if our band is just limping along right now it doesn't matter because we don't have any live gigs anyway. We have been getting together on my front lawn, distanced, just to play and have fun together, and...
  24. chris m.

    Any Ideas on weird sound coming out of my amp?

    I'm going to call my amp guy but wondered if y'all have any suspicions as to what's causing a weird noise coming out of my Fender MusicMaster bass amp (6V6 version with Red Fang alnico 12" speaker). When I play the low E, especially an open E or G, third fret, there is a weird thumping sound...
  25. chris m.

    String Tension and Tendonitis

    I've been having tendonitis issues in my left elbow. It gets aggravated by pressing down on the strings, especially playing something like classical or steel string guitar where I have to press down pretty hard with difficult fingerings. Lately I've been gravitating towards my two Gibson scale...