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  1. Mikecito

    Acoustic with "Beck Strat" neck

    So I've got a beautiful Martin HD-28v, but I'm looking for something with a cutaway that gives my big hands the same feel as my beloved 93 Jeff Beck oh-so-fat neck'd Strat. Any ideas in the 2-3k range? (or less!)
  2. Mikecito

    "It would be great if you could sit in"

    Fortune favors the brave. The most fun I've ever had was sitting in and it's lead to my two longest running sideman band situations.
  3. Mikecito

    Solo background music gig -- advice, tips?

  4. Mikecito

    Tell me about compressors...

    My Xotic SP on low is always on.
  5. Mikecito

    Joyo American Sound arrives soon: tips for initial settings?

    Sure. I'd start eq's at noon with maybe a little more treble, volume at 3:00 shape at 11:00 and drive at 9:00. That's a good starting point in my experience with it.
  6. Mikecito

    Has anyone checked out the Sex Pistols show on Hulu?

    It's just ok, but I found myself more interested in the Chrissy storyline (however embellished) That actress has the it factor for sure.
  7. Mikecito

    6÷2(2+1) = ?

    I'm old enough for this to equal 1. I'm also old enough to not care.
  8. Mikecito

    New tele feels very stiff. Setup question

    All I know is my tele feels much, much better going down from 10s to 9.5. if your action is good, I think it's simple to just slap some lighter strings on it.
  9. Mikecito

    How many here play a 9.5 string set???

    *Raising hand*. Love 9.5 on my Fenders. Just right.
  10. Mikecito

    Things to Quit Saying

    Starting a statement with "Look". Makes me instantly know you are about to say something very well rehersed with an agenda.
  11. Mikecito

    Suggestions for a boost pedal

    OCD has a ton of clean boost in LP mode if you want to use it that way. It gives you flexibility for great dirt options too depending on the gig. I like pedals that can double duty. SP compressor also can be used as just boost with little to no squish. Lots of great choices out there.
  12. Mikecito

    Tell us about your Telecaster with on-board boost and how you use it

    My FSR Tele with the mid boost show n Tele. The little tone knob is tone and the larger one is the boost. Takes it from normal & somewhat thin to omg turn down. I wish I could set the range for easier live use. I like the guitar, but as I've said in other threads, it's much easier to step on a...
  13. Mikecito

    Fatten up my tone

    Get one of these. Worked for me 😉
  14. Mikecito

    Stop $ GAS complaints - it's nothing compared to bikes and skis.

    My Ibis Ripmo AF mountain bike is "affordable" by current standards. It''ll be worth more than any of my guitars for about three years till it's "old".
  15. Mikecito

    Boise ain't cheap.

    Yup. Anywhere in the northwest is pretty bonkers. Glad I moved to the Ham 16 years ago before the word got out.
  16. Mikecito

    Who makes money making music on the forum ?

    Nope, I work at my day job for money and paying taxes. Weekend nites are just a social hobby with friends...
  17. Mikecito

    Seeking advice for outdoor gig

    Finger ease or something similar to keep your strings slippery. Humidity and outside temps can make your strings feel very sticky and hard to play. I like to use my fishman artist for just vocals and a separate small amp for the electric guitar when I have these types of gigs. Easier to get a...
  18. Mikecito

    watch Vince Gill play Oklahoma Borderline on A and E for a telegasm eh???!!!

    His playing is so effortless, it seems the camera crew couldn't tell who was soloing.
  19. Mikecito

    Line 6 DL4 MKII- Could this be the ONE?

    I called and It's at the top of their firmware "need to fix it" list. So probably a few weeks out. I've got my U2 repeats back up solution on my CC Deluxe, so I can wait it out. The multi delay patch also gets you in that space.
  20. Mikecito

    Line 6 DL4 MKII- Could this be the ONE?

    Can confirm that you can save as a subdivision but once you try to change tempo, it reverts to standard 1\4 notes. This is an absolute deal breaker issue if it's not going to be addressed. Really disappointed because that's a huge part of why I was excited about this pedal.
  21. Mikecito

    Line 6 DL4 MKII- Could this be the ONE?

    Pro/Doh tip...If you use a power brick, make sure you have or order the connection cord to power at 9v500ma (I missed that little detail).
  22. Mikecito

    Line 6 DL4 MKII- Could this be the ONE?

    I don't know if I'm any authority on tape sim. All I can say is it nailed the original sounds I like quickly and the global tap tempo is exactly what I wanted. I can go from one normal delay with touch of verb and modulation, to U2 'ish subdivision sound with one click in the same song. As a...
  23. Mikecito

    DL 4 MkII

    Ha, and the mic input is the least interesting thing for me (at least for now. Just got it and so far so good...
  24. Mikecito

    Line 6 DL4 MKII- Could this be the ONE?

    FexEx Santa got here early. Smaller, lighter and so far sounds pretty awesome. Quickly dialed my original favorite sounds and saved a new one for my gig tomorrow.
  25. Mikecito

    Favorite analog, modulated delay w/ tap tempo

    I had a Supa Puss that sounded great when it worked but had a hair trigger mix control and the tempo would go full up out of the blue. My experience aside, I'd still say check one out because the tone/modulation and gain control over the repeats was really great. I replaced it with a Carbon Copy...