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    GFS pickup guidance for a baritone

    I've used a number of GFS pickups offer the years but by far my favorite and now discontinued (I even paid a premium for a set after the discontinuance) are the Brooklyn model. They are modeled on old DeArmond pickups. They are humbucker sized but I believe single coil, although very quiet...
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    The Vaughan Brothers - Family Style

    I bought it on cassette right when it came out, and listened to it all the time. I haven't heard it in years, no - decades, either. I'll have to pull it out again. Thanks.
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    Martin Barre? Martin Barre!!!

    I love JT. I took my brother to see them in, I believe '93. I was in college and he was in high school. It was the light/ dark tour. Outstanding performance. A memorable evening. A shame if you read the interviews where MB describes how IA broke up the band ostensibly to pursue other...
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    Solid State amp you've known and loved,,, or hated,

    Fender Stage 112. For Fender cleans, it was as good as you could ask for. Decent reverb. It was incredibly loud. I wish I still had it.
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    Extremely Limited #s of Hipshot Benders on eBay &

    I don't know for sure, but I was always under the impression that HipShot was a rather small U.S. company. Just my impression, but I believed that they rotated which products they made based on demand, etc. Compared to some products, like their locking tuners and bridges for examples...
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    This is why I always used to encourage my wife to buy shoes or purses, clothes, whatever. Then she couldn't say anything (well much, anyway) when I would get a guitar or gear.
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    Fender American Performer Strat Anyone?

    I tend too keep it toward being decked. There might be a little play but not much.
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    Fender American Performer Strat Anyone?

    I bought the New Penny Strat, andI love it. The neck feels great. I wanted a big headstock and vintage 6- screw trem, and it is awesome. I actually loved the Yosemite pickups. Way more than I thought I would. I swapped them out for a set of Rio Grandes I had been waiting to install..... It...
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    Gibson Studio/50’s Tribute Consensus

    I've considered picking up a used '50s Tribute many times, but I was more interested in the P90 version. Black LPs (other than the Custom Black Beauties) seem to sell at lower prices used than see-through or gold top finishes, in my experience. I'd go for that one if the price is good. Some...
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    Why do you like your strat?

    I've always found Strats are a little easier to bend, I think largely due to the trem bridge. That cutout for the springs also adds a little "airiness" to the sound, imo. Also, While the Strat has the two in - between settings, it is the neck pickup that is unique to strats. I've never found...
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    John Frusciante to rejoin Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Damn, I think my mind is on the same clock! Can't believe it's been 10 years. I got the first album after he left (the second time), but stopped paying attention after that. Of course, my first child was born in 2010, so that might have something to do with it too.
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    Grandfather's Advice

    "Never stop learning." And he followed his own advice. In retirement he taught himself Italian, machine language, computer programming, music theory, and probably a bunch of other stuff I'll never know.
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    which pickup(s) is this?

    He sounds like SRV, but with a tad less gain .
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    Who was the first bass player that inspired you to take up bass?

    Cliff Burton. I play bass because of that man, although I didn't realize at the time he had already passed on a year or two earlier. Shortly thereafter I can say I was very influenced by Flea, Geezer Butler and Les Claypool. A little later I really began to dig on all of JB's bass players.
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    the 100 dollar guitar

    I have the two pickup version of that guitar. My dad bought it around 1963, made by Kimberly (or at least that is the name on it). Otherwise it looks much the same. In a faux alligator case that's falling apart. I played it when I was first starting out about 24 years ago, and it doesn't...
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    I watched "Brazil" again yesterday, and here's the telecaster connection...

    My high school English teacher had us watch this, so it's been about 20 years, but I remember really enjoying it. I had a pretty cynical outlook as many teens do. The thing I remember most is the scene where DeNiro's character literally gets consumed by the paperwork he's been avoiding.
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    So i watched the Aronofsky film "The Fountin" last night

    I remember a few years back seeing previews for it in the theater while waiting for the movie to start; actually saw the trailers a few times there... and no where else. I couldn't figure out what the hell the story was, but never heard anything after that. Did it even play in the theaters...
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    How we make the JP Woodtone saddles by John Page

    I just put my vera set of saddles on my Warmoth tele last night. This guitar is/was mahogany with a maple cap and a solid rosewood fat neck, barden pups and Glendale bridge w/ their brass saddles(E/A is aluminum). It suffered most from the "icepick" syndrome, more than any of my other...
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    Ever hear of a smuggler's Tele?

    Although I see the stamp on the neck, I didn't see any marks on the body. Conveniently overlooked?
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    Which way will eBay side?

    If and when he files his claim with Ebay, make sure you emphasize the order of his responses. 1) Received safely. 2) Not right for his style of music. 3) allegedly has "Cone cry." I had a similar experience as a seller, involving the sale of a $2,500 Warwick custom shop 6-string bass...
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    What kind/brand of Bass is he talking about?

    Two other basses with "composite" bodies: Cort/curbow basses Danelectro/Silvertone
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    fretless debate: tapewound vs flatwound

    I also have the 88's, black tapewound strings on my Ibanez fretless (an older soundgear of unknown specifics, but with awesome "exotic" hardwoods and some older Bartolinis). That really does sound much like an upright. It depends how you play them, too. If you use a pick it will sound a...
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    How we make the JP Woodtone saddles by John Page

    Thanks, John. Consider me the future buyer (as in I'm going to your site right now) of a set of Vera saddles!
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    They used to only have 1 email a day, now 2-3. OK, I can deal with that or turn off the emails. Their business model (original) used to be clear: the handful of items in that day's deal were only available for 24 hours or until they sold out. There was only the one page to their website; no...

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