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  1. montemerrick

    pairing a vintage style bridge pickup with a Charlie Christian

    say what works best for balance...
  2. montemerrick

    best budget bass (b)amp

    Ampeg? Harkte? Fender Rumble? Peavey? or ????
  3. montemerrick


    Well, hot dog, after much debating, internally and externally, scouring the internet (why do the best deals happens when the $ isn't there yet?) and finally getting it together at the same time and place... here she is! a used 2015 50s Baja. I love the neck. i love the pickups. a beautiful...
  4. montemerrick

    classic 60s versus baja 50s

    looking at two guitars, very close in price... pros/cons of each? these are the two models i've sort of settled on for both technical and aesthetic reasons... the v neck and the pickups of the baja are appealing, but the classic 60s is so dang purty.... and my understandingis that the...
  5. montemerrick

    roadworn tele?

    Say, I'm looking at a "road worn" telecaster, 2005 supposedly... and i'm curious what they're like and what a good, normal price would be... i put the road worn in "" becuase its desert sand and the serial number doesn't list that as a color option... any help or tips would be awesome! thanks
  6. montemerrick

    Muddy Waters Tele??

    How real do you think this is?
  7. montemerrick

    mighty mite

    Say, I'm puttting together my plans for a partscaster i'm hoping to build in the next few month$... I'm trying for high quality and low cost (so original!) So I'm wondering about the bodies and necks that Mighty mite sells. I am not equipped to carve them so, I'm basically looking for an ash...
  8. montemerrick

    thinline body ash: best source??

    I guess that's about all, just that- I think I decided to build me a guitar - an ash thinline with a soft v and baja style electromatics - think I'm going to stain the wood a mossy/vine maple-y green and put on a deep red pickguard. - this is the plan... wish me luck.
  9. montemerrick

    Squier affinity strat improvements?

    Hi I just recently got an old affinity strat for very few dollars ($40) - it's kind of beat up - missing tremolo, low e section of nut broken off - lots of magic marker all over it - but it makes real guitar sounds when plugged in so... I bought it with the plan of cleaning it up...
  10. montemerrick

    pretty old harmony h80t (strat)

    Hi well, I recently got an old Harmony H80T - from what I can tell its about the earliest of this model. This morning I took it apart to fix the volume pot and generally clean it up (filthy!!). I took off the neck ( i love the neck) looking for a serial # but no, nothing at all to trace this...
  11. montemerrick

    Harmony repair options

    say any harmony purists? i have an ethical question... i have a Harmony h6340 from 1973 with the bridge pulling up on the pin side. The bridge is bowed as well - i'm toying with the idea of switching to a floating bridge and tailpiece (i really prefer that in an old Kay/harmony/stella etc) and...
  12. montemerrick

    Peavey ValveKing Royal 8

    Hi forum! say i just bought a used tube amp, Peavey Valve King 8 what do you think? thanks for any post horse escape barn door closing! monte
  13. montemerrick

    Oh no.

    Hi all, well, I haven't got an electic guitar at the moment, just re-configured a resonator i've been playing for the last 15 years to try to get a more twangy tele sound that is driving me crazy - can't stop thinking it - can't stop hearing it. too broke for the guitar of my dreams, but working...