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  1. BartS

    Just recorded this

    Been recording for a long time always something going wrong:D. Recorded this last week turned out better than most of my recordings I have done. I wrote the song and I am playing all the instruments myself and singing. Don't really have anyone to show it to so I'll post it here and maybe on a...
  2. BartS

    Originals/Working on Mastering

    Haven't posted anything in here lately. More songs I wrote. I play all the instruments and do the singing. I don't do any computer editing. Only use OTB processing. The first one I didn't master still think it sounds good. The performance is really good with a few minor slip ups here or there. I...
  3. BartS

    Anyone know anything about brass alloys? Best one for nut?

    I'm thinking I might try a new nut material and am interested in brass. I was trying to figure out which alloy would be best. Meaning less likely to wear in the nut slots. I haven't been able to decipher much. What I have learned is brass 360 is what all other alloys are judged by whatever that...
  4. BartS

    UK Carp fishing.

    I grew up a fisherman. I was wondering about the carp fishing over there. Streams, ponds lakes? Where do you fish for them? When? What kind of baits are you using. Live or artificial? Stuff like that. I may seem like an ignoramus on a lot of things outside my culture and I don't mind that but...
  5. BartS

    Might sound weird but 6x9 for guitar and bass

    I just build a little bridged lm386 amp and I'm going to build a little cabinet for it. Was thinking I might just build it as a head but would lie to build it with a speaker because it runs great on batteries and I don't want to have to lug a speaker cabinet around with it every where I go. I...
  6. BartS

    re-record a song I wrote

    Just made this recording today. I wrote this song a while ago. Always a process of trying to get my recordings better. Sounds a lot better than the last time I recorded this song. Wish I had more time to do it. I recorded every track to this song in about 2 or 3 hours. Still sounds pretty good...
  7. BartS

    Lm386 kind of build?

    Another member of the forum Zepfan designed this amp and posted about it in the amp tech center part of the forum. I saw it and liked it so I decided I would give it a go and see how it sounds. I'm posting his schematic. I'm doing this and that differently basically because it's an amp and I'm...
  8. BartS

    added preamp out to 5f1 power rube red plating?

    Like the title says I added a preamp out to my 5f1 took the wire of pin 5 and put it on a switch one to a jack and one to the powertube. It works fine when it's switch to work like a normal 5f1 sending signal to the power tube. When I am sending it to the preamp out jack the powertube starts red...
  9. BartS

    Nhifisakd (new hifi stereo amp kit day) :)

    Some how or another I stumbled upon this kit a few weeks ago Been wanting a good stereo amp but don't have a bunch of money it looked good so I looked it up. Only found one review but was a really good review. So I saved up some extra pesos...
  10. BartS

    Linux users? Anything your missing or wants or problems?

    I'm always on here cracking jokes and saying things about other operating systems. I use linux have been using it for a long time and to tell the truth I don't have any real problems with it and The stuff you can do with free and open source software to me is incredible. That being said linux...
  11. BartS

    A song of mine.

    I recorded this earlier this week. First song I have gotten to use the lap steel I built on. I'm doing the playing of all the instruments and singing I also wrote the song.
  12. BartS

    New recording of some of my stuff.

    I'm always writing, recording, and rerecording my stuff trying to get it right. I think this one came out great. The guitar and amp I'm using I built with a lot of help from this forum. Glmj66t9S8g
  13. BartS

    New recording.

    Just recorded this today in about 4 hours. I wrote the song, did all the recording, played all the instruments, and did the singing myself. I keep practicing recording and keep recording songs and everytime I do I get better and better so I'm pretty please. IEBK9B1BtQA
  14. BartS

    Lap Steel build

    Probably not going to believe it but I still beleive this is going to come out nice in the end. I glued up a couple of 2x3s about a year back and was just kind of messing around with it. Was using a messed up jig saw to ruff cut it out. I was originally going to try and do sideways tuners like...
  15. BartS

    To Belong to You(original)

    This is a song I wrote and recorded. I played all the instruments and did the singing. I didn't do any computer editing or computer instruments just a few punch ins. That's me in the video just being goofy. 2iNzCWonVcU
  16. BartS

    Specs on p bass pickup.

    Anyone know the dimensions and magnet sizes. the resistance ect of the pbass humbucking pickups of say the late 50s and 60s. There is tones of info on the strat pickups not so much on the pbass. I'm looking to make some flatwork and wind one of them but can't find to much info on them
  17. BartS

    Me playing a song i wrote.

    This is a song I wrote its just me playing it on the guitar and singing pohxDuQITAU
  18. BartS

    My Boothill 5f1 build

    I just ordered a 5f1 from hackworth Started building the cab and it hasn't even shipped yet:mrgreen: I like my lumber like I like my fornication rough so here it is. Picked a good piece and cut some mdf for a make shift planer sled. Cut the pine into about 24 inch sections to make it easy to...
  19. BartS

    Must of messed something up recapping hot rod deville.

    I put new caps in my hot rod deville. Sounds great but its messed up only one of the power tubes heats up. I can switch tubes and it's the same socket. Also tryed a different set of tubes same thing. Biases only to like 50 won't go higher than that. Low volume. I have changed lots of caps on...
  20. BartS

    Upgrading hot rod deville schematics help?

    I'm upgrading caps and building a wood case for a hot rod deville. I know people say caps aern't important. They sound like they have a massive efect to me in recording gear and hifi stuff. So its one of those things I have to find out for myself. I have everthing pretty much figured out...
  21. BartS

    High e binding in nut.

    Just finished putting together a usacg guitar I been working on for a while. Everything is great. Ecept I made a nut for it and the high e is binding causing the high e to go a little out of tune this way or that way when I tune up. I have dialed down the problem by I tune up If I was raising...
  22. BartS

    Drill bit sizes for pickgaurd. kluxton style tuners, strap buttons, and string tree?

    Just recieved a callaham vintage strat hardware kit in the mail and wondering if anyone knows the drill but sizes I need to drill for the kluxton style tuners, strap buttons, string tree, and the pickguard? Oh yeah, It's a strat not a tele if that makes any difference.
  23. BartS

    Any other linux users out there?

    I use linux as mu OS and was wondering if there was any other linux users out there in tdpri land? I use ubuntu and kxstudio which is a music distro. Anyone else use linux and if so what distro are you using?
  24. BartS

    Some of My original music

    I write and record my own music i do play all the instruments and do the siging myself. I just recorded another one. The rythym guitar is out of tune. Not to big of a deal because I'm going to rerecord all my music anyway. Just laying down tracks and songs now. I didn't record a video just a...
  25. BartS

    Lots of questions. Where to buy and amp info

    Hi, to start off I know a very little about electronics. It's hard to explain. I built a studio and not having much money I had to learn about electronics to make my low cost gear sound better. I don't know really anything about circuit design, but I know alot about caps resistors, op amps, ics...