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  1. Moonraker5

    How Do You Eat Pop-Tarts?

    Essentially, there are eight ways to eat those guys: - frosted or unfrosted - out of the box - out of the toaster - out of the refrigerator - out of the freezer Just select frosted or unfrosted and then tell how you eat them. Me? frosted out of the freezer.
  2. Moonraker5

    Why The Decline In Guitar Forums Participation?

    Going back twenty years or so, I joined numerous guitar forums and there was a great amount of activity at every one of them. Then Facebook broke big and we saw a lot of guitar forum participants switch over to Facebook pages dedicated to specific guitars and brands. But why haven't they come...
  3. Moonraker5

    Effects Not Working On Crate Acoustic Amp

    For about ten years (bought new) I have had a Crate Taos acoustic amp. I bought it for my acoustics, but it gets most use with my Gretsch because the amp has the most perfect slap back echo effect. That little Crate amp really does get me an Elvis and Scotty Sun Studios sound. Well, a...
  4. Moonraker5

    The Big 4 Of The Greatest Songs Ever

    Let's do it. Let's look at the four greatest songs ever made. No explanation is needed to explain why these are The Big Four. The fact is they just are the four greatest songs ever made. #4. "Heat Wave" - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas #3. "I Found Out" - John Lennon #2. "Memphis Tennessee"...
  5. Moonraker5

    Any Problems With Your Tele?

    Almost as a public service thread, tell of any problems (major or minor) that you have had with your Telecaster...and tell of your fix if one was done. Two minor problems with my purchased new Joe Strummer Telecaster: 1. STATIC! New guitar and anything I touched I would get a crackling static...
  6. Moonraker5

    Artist Who Went From Solo To A Band?

    Easy to find artists from a successful band who left to go solo. Peter Gabriel, Paul Weller, Lou Reed, John Lennon.... But how about the other way around: leave a successful solo career to join a band? The only one I can think of is....Bruno Mars. Super successful solo artist, hit after hit...
  7. Moonraker5

    The Big Four Of Iconic Guitars

    The Big Four Of Iconic Guitars Eddie's Frankenstrat: Prince's Cloud: John's Rickenbacker: Billy Duffy's White Falcon:
  8. Moonraker5

    Artists Who Tried To Be Bowie

    Bowie was a huge influence - especially to the Brits. I am not talking musically. I am talking style, manner, persona... Name a few, if you please. Remember, not musically influenced by Bowie. But physically, stylistically. These are artists who literally tried to be Bowie. Peter Murphy -...
  9. Moonraker5

    Ugliest Band Ever

    Rock and roll is about looking good and playing good. But there are some bands that play good but look like hell. The Three Ugliest Bands In History are....drum roll, please.... #3. Black Sabbath Even the Devil would feel bad for these ugly dudes. #2. The Allman Brothers #1 Ugliest...
  10. Moonraker5

    Greatest British TV Shows

    I'm a red, white, and blue-blooded American. I only buy Merican and only eat American food - hamburgers, French Fries, a Greek salad, and a Molson beer. But I have seen some British TV. I have made a short list of the greatest UK TV shows of all time. Add some I do not know about, if you...
  11. Moonraker5

    The Best Musicians Of Punk/Post Punk Era?

    Ah, punks and post-punks prided themselves on only knowing three chords. But those that listened to the British music of the late '70s to mid '80s knew there was a handful of those folks that could really, really play. Post a player or two who were exceptional musicians. I'll try to compose a...