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    Fender Noventa Telecaster Content

    If you like it, don't change it.
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    Fender Noventa Telecaster Content

    Congratulations! I was smitten when they launched and ordered mine from Sweetwater soon after.
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    Too Good To Be True?

    It is weird that “Lynne” said that the guitar is still for sale, but after you asked why it is priced so low she turns around and says it is not her ad.
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    Too Good To Be True?

    This looks FAKE to me. Under the Fender logo and offset to the right it should say Telecaster. When I zoom in on that image: It looks to me like it has a serial number there...
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    HNGD. Another Jason Isbell Tele

    agreed, especially post covid. It seems like prior to 2019, 9/10 MIM were good to great quality. This past year or two that seems to have flipped (in my experience any way)
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    Fender Noventa Telecaster Content

    Its an Esquire with a P90 and no selector.
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    Fender Noventa Telecaster Content

    Yes, it does. It still drives the front of the amp enough for good natural grit without getting fizzy (main reason i removed the stock). As you would expect, it cleans up really well with a touch of twang. Now if someone better than me played it they would see how great this guitar is :) Edit...
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    Show your best guitar!

    Hard choice … #1 - AO 60’s Tele Thinline #2 - CMG Ashlee Cream City
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    Noventa Tele ?

    Yeah, I do not know. Inhave had mine for close to a year and wasn’t even aware until a month ago.
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    Noventa Tele ?

    Lots in this thread:
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    Who's Tele Sound Do You Love?

    Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke. Here are a couple of their songs on his Esquire (vid 1) and partscaster (vid 2)
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    Can anyone help identify this "Tele"?

    Ask for the serial number then look it up on Fender’s site.
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    What's Best? Two or Three Pots on a Three Pickup Tele.

    I prefer the G&L PTB wiring. Volume, Passive Treble, Passive Bass. Otherwise, just give me a single volume and tone control.
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    How are your neighbours?

    My closest neighbor is 250 yards away the next closest is a out 300 yards away. Both are not visible because of a thick forest of trees between us.
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    Thinline Japan left-hand

    That is interesting. At first glance i thought it was just a pot missing the knob, but i zoomed in and you are right! It is a switch.
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    1/4 steel saddles vs 5/16 steel saddles ...What is the tonal difference

    After doing some quick math, I’ve determined the difference to be 1/16”
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    Anyone else not like Thinlines? Or at least, most of them?

    At the very least it needs to be semi-hollow. If it isn’t, it is definitely not a thinline. Still a rad looking tele for sure though!!
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    Noventa telecaster

    Same here. I have the sunburst. I replaced the pickup with a Lollar 50’s wind. It lives in open G, plays and sounds fantastic.
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    NGD! AO Thinline!

    Hah. I am leaving it stock forever. It’s a keeper as is.
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    Ash Thinline Teles?

    I just bought a new AO 60’s thinline … it’s pretty great.
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    Fender Original 50s Ash or Alder

    Do you have the serial number? If so you can look it up at and it will tell you all the specs.
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    Fender Original 50s Ash or Alder

    Yep, that was just for the Tele's, not strats :)