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  1. ahiddentableau

    Revolver - remastered

    Yeah it's probably my fav Beatles record, too. There are probably more songs I love on the White Album, but that one has filler. Revolver is a remarkably consistent album. I can put it on and let it play from beginning to end and be happy and I love that. And "Tomorrow Never Knows" still sounds...
  2. ahiddentableau

    The Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

    It's a stone cold classic. Right up there with MBV's Loveless at the Mt. Everest of distorted guitar recordings. Butch Vig really outdid himself on this one. And the songs are great! IMO the influences are surprisingly varied. Everything from Sabbathesque riff rock to shoegaze dirges to glam to...
  3. ahiddentableau

    Recommendation on DIY Patch Cable Raw Material

    IMO it depends on whether you care about getting low capacitance cables or not. If you don't care I'd recommend using Canare GS-6 with any standard, reliable jack (I usually use switchcraft, but have used and like SquarePlug and Neutrik). It's good quality (Japan made), flexible, has good...
  4. ahiddentableau

    Anybody order tubes from Ukraine lately?

    I haven't ordered tubes I did get some transistors. It was fine. The vendor I bought from said there had been a few delays but the postal system was still mostly functioning as expected.
  5. ahiddentableau

    Soldering Question

    Doesn't matter on any level other than appearance. If it bugs you wick it up, clean the area and make a new joint there. But nobody is going to see it so if it was me I'd leave it.
  6. ahiddentableau

    Nobels ODR-1?

    Yeah, the disappearing thing is because of the bass, I think. Super bassy circuit in its stock form. The modded versions let you cut the bass. If you can do that the problem goes away.
  7. ahiddentableau

    Do We Like Gulid Acoustic Guitars?

    I have an F30 and a JF-4.
  8. ahiddentableau

    RIP Gord Lewis, Teenage Head guitarist

    This was news to me. Man, that is a depressing story.
  9. ahiddentableau

    Got a beat up Strat and now dealing with lots of questions...

    The only way you'll be able to answer those questions is with trial and error. It's too subjective a topic for somebody to be able to give you a straight answer. Some people will swear up and down that a strat doesn't sound right unless the trem is floating. Others will swear up and down that...
  10. ahiddentableau

    Neck depth tapers - what is true to expectations of vintage models

    The straightforward answer is that Nash uses Allparts necks and I'm pretty sure they are all tapered except for the baseball bat type. They come that way from the factory in Japan. Why does Allparts taper their necks? I don't think anybody can say for certain, but it's likely because players...
  11. ahiddentableau

    Acoustic too loud for neighbors?

    Now I want to hear it even more than before. And I know what you're thinking: "what is crazy 19th century slang for sex, anyway?" Google to the rescue! Basket-making, hornpipe and grounsils. Who knew?
  12. ahiddentableau

    “Atta boy” points to spend. Ac15 or Blues Junior.

    I would choose the AC15 out of those options.
  13. ahiddentableau

    A show of legs please : who’s had a complete knee replacement ?

    The lead bar phenomenon is treatable, at least. The polyethylene glycol stool softener they sell in every pharmacy works well for this. Not to encourage you to take pain meds, but it's pretty major surgery. The day after the procedure you might find you suddenly don't hate the idea nearly as...
  14. ahiddentableau

    Acoustic too loud for neighbors?

    I want to hear the songs that this newspaperman and good and upright citizens in Kansas call "trashy." I bet there's some good stuff there!
  15. ahiddentableau

    Recording Acoustic Guitar

    One big thing that nobody has mentioned yet is room sound. When you're recording an acoustic that is going to matter even if you're using dynamic mics like the ones you mentioned. So unless you have a great sounding room where the live sound is going to work for your mix you should probably try...
  16. ahiddentableau

    Vin Scully RIP

    That man was the voice of baseball. When you got parodied on the Simpsons in its prime, you know you are a cultural icon. He was great at what he did. He was willing to let the game speak for itself and didn't try to force mindless yapping into every second of airtime like so many of those who...
  17. ahiddentableau

    I'm a "corrected" lefty, and honestly a little bitter about it

    Enjoyed your story. Sounds like you had a heck of a doctor!
  18. ahiddentableau

    Neck Humbucker vs Lipstick pickup, would you recommend?

    The big question is why do you dislike the standard neck pickup sound? If it's because it's too dark (cards on the table: this is my view) then I think it makes sense to replace it with something bright. A firebird pickup or a strat-style neck pickup would be good options. But maybe you don't...
  19. ahiddentableau

    Man, that's some old cat right there.

    Old cats are the best cats.
  20. ahiddentableau

    RIP Bill Russell

    Just saw this. Man, Bill Russell and Nichelle Nichols in the same day.
  21. ahiddentableau

    Albums you love that are rarely mentioned by anyone else?

    Probably Matthew Sweet, 100% Fun. People mention him sometimes but always in connection to his earlier record, Girlfriend. Girlfriend is a great record, too, but I prefer 100% Fun.
  22. ahiddentableau

    I do feel it's a safe thing to say that The Kinks are the greatest rock band of all time

    I am a fan. Kinks have great variety. I find it incredible that Davies was so prolific yet managed to stay fresh and creative and interesting. He didn't seem to paint himself into a corner creatively, kept trying different things, and usually with real success. I admire that a lot.
  23. ahiddentableau

    Germanium leakage measurement issues

    I have a TC1 transistor tester. You can buy them on amazon or ebay. They cost about 25 bucks. They are cheap and they work well for measuring Ge transistors. RG Keen is my DIY pedal hero so I feel icky saying anything critical, but that article on building a Ge transistor tester doesn't explain...
  24. ahiddentableau

    Hendrix & Are You Experienced blew my mind

    I didn't know anything about him when I saw a video of him for the first time and this was decades after he died. It was still memorable and made an impression. There is a visceral quality and a forcefulness to his live performances that I'd never seen before. The other guitar heroes I'd seen...
  25. ahiddentableau

    Let's hear your jokes!

    Here's one I came across the other day: Jose had robbed a bank in Texas and fled south across the Rio Grande with the Texas Rangers in hot pursuit. They caught up with him in a town in Old Mexico, only to discover that Jose spoke no English and none of the pursuers spoke any Spanish. They...