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    Greatest drummer in the history of Rock & Roll

    Guaranteed to get flames for this but…. Steven Adler. Simple. Solid. Plays for the song. Keithr41
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    Greatest Country Songs Ever Written

    You never call me by my name….
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    Eat your FOOD Tina!!! But seriously, I’d get another Tele! They’re like pringles!!
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    Tele ID help?

    Even if it is a partscaster it plays and sounds really good. Plus considering I got a mint tweed deluxe at the same time for $850 I don’t feel too bad.
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    Tele ID help?

    I can’t find serial number anywhere
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    Tele ID help?

    NGD. Can’t identify what model. Hopefully ya’ll can help!! Here’s pics.. Also got a Fender 5E3 from the same guy!!! It’s immaculate and sound glorious!!
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    Compression differences?

    So maybe my description was a little lax.. my 52 sounds squashed to me while my other guitars don’t.
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    Compression differences?

    So my 52 RI is insanely over compressed on the same settings that sound great with my 2017 USA Pro and 2005 USA Nashville B-Bender. Using a Wampler Ego compressor. Is this a function of tone wood? Pick-ups? Or something else? Any thoughts? I still get those fast attack warm chicken picken...
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    Relearning Guitar from the beginning… where to start… good freeish resources

    Triads, Triads, Triads!!!!! Pretty much everything you need to know about the fretboard!!!CAGEDis a good place to start.
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    Another NGD

    They have a bunch that aren’t in the website for some reason. There a MIJ 96 paisley Tele I’m second in line for if the first deal falls through. Not sure why everything isn’t listed though.
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    Another NGD

    I tend to avoid Portland unless absolutely necessary!!
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    Another NGD

    Blackbook is the only one I’ve been too
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    Another NGD

    Bought this 2010 Les Paul Traditional today at Blackbook guitars in Portland, Oregon. While there this 52 RI popped up. Liked her so much she came home with me!! They had a 57 tele but slightly out of my price range or she would have come home too!! Lol
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Appetite Master Zac Brown Band - The Foundation
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    I got told I have to stop making fun of fat girls with a lisp…. Turns out…. They’re thick and tired of it…
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    NGD—Player Strat

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    NGD—Player Strat

    Honestly planned on being disappointed with this guitar but bought because I loved the color and the price was right. Well I was wrong. Pulled her out of the box, one minor truss rod tweak, stretched the strings, retuned and she sings. Neck is fast and comfortable and the pickups fat and warm...
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    Classic bridge and saddles?

    2005 USA Nashville B-Bender. Already modified with Dimarzio Twang Kings and a new pick guard. I’d like to replace the bridge with an ash tray style and 3 brass saddles but I have no idea which one fits. Suggestion? Thanks, Keith
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    Blues JR LTD

    Long time lurker but first post I think. I’ve been going wanting to solve the 65 DRRI issue of too much volume at home, but didn’t want to spend hundreds on an attenuator. Walked into GC today and they had this guy on sale. Plugged it in briefly and said what the hell. So I brought her home...
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    New finish?

    I would think a nitro body and lacquer neck might look strange together. No?
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    New finish?

    My 1995 B-Bender came down with a rather large and nasty paint chip recently. I've been thinking about having it refinished with nitrocelulous. It's 3 tone sunburnt now. Not sure if I want to keep it or change butterscotch. Any suggestions? Keith
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    Albert Lee style..thing..

    Hey Dan, it's Keith here, didn't know you were on here. Hit me up sometime.