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  1. mudbelly

    Check these pedal demos

    I could watch this guy's pedal demos (lot more on his Facebook and insta) and listen to his music, well maybe not all day long but I certainly admire him
  2. mudbelly

    Can Ok Boomer Play Home Stereo on Bluetooth?

    I have a nice Bluetooth speaker, weather proof that I use with my phone to listen mostly to internet radio broadcasts. I have an ancient battery powered portable speaker with an antenna that plugs to the headphone jack of my stereo so I can play my albums for outdoor listening. Speaker is about...
  3. mudbelly

    Video Ensemble

    I play guitar, bass and thump around on other stringed instruments but my main instrument is tuba and I've spend more time the last couple of years playing in community bands and polka bands than string bands. I have noticed that in the on line community of horn players it's popular to use some...
  4. mudbelly

    Anybody Tried Kinnatone?

    These guys mod pedals, send them yours or buy a new one and seems they mod some of the Joyo stuff. Buy one of theirs's or send yours in I like following their Instagram Feed. Might be a good place to send my Blues Driver.
  5. mudbelly

    Gibson Baldwin Guitars

    I won this guitar from a local band who was holding a charity raffle. Apparently a Gibson Baldwin SG copy. I have had it a couple of years now and with the addition of a couple of new fuzz boxes lately I have been playing it more. It's my only humbucker guitar and I think I like it. It's been...
  6. mudbelly

    EHX Cockfight

    I got the cockfight pedal. It's the stand alone, not the wah but does have an expression pedal plug so use as a wah is possible. I really like the fuzz which best I could find out is a fuzz face circut. I have bought three EHX pedals this year, a Blurst, a Bass Balls and now the Cockfight...
  7. mudbelly

    Mavis Staples

    Thought you guys might enjoy some photos I took of Mavis Staples with Rick Holmstrom at The Railbird Festival is Lexington Ky a couple of weekends ago.
  8. mudbelly

    Info on Emperador Guitars

    They made electrics apparently but I have an acoustic Emperador guitar, model aww 41. Made in Korea, My father in law picked it up at a yard sale needing some work done and I have restored it with a new nut, bridge and tuners. Looks like about the third set of turners in it's life. Pretty...
  9. mudbelly

    Chicago Stompworks who has tried them?

    I'm visiting my daughter in Chicago and wondered if anyone has tried this local stomp box company? Looks like muff clones, made in USA with pretry good prices if you buy one with an unpainted enclosure.
  10. mudbelly

    So has anyone had a hand on one of these knock offs?

    Saw this as an ad, made in China I am sure fakes. If I did not need another guitar like a hole in the head it's a tempting enough price to take a chance.
  11. mudbelly

    Quick review of Blackstar Fly 3 bass/guitar amps

    After reading a recent discussion I sprung for both the Fly 3 bass and guitar amps. I am very happy with the guitar amp. Me and my wife busk as a duo with me on reso and acoustic bass and her on acoustic guitar. I thought it might be a good way to work in some electric guitar sounds. With a...
  12. mudbelly

    So anybody have a pedal by dongeomac?

    I bought a ring mod pedal from a seller/maker on reverb called dongeomac. Considering I'm mostly a slide guitar/bass/cigar box player it's something I needed like a hole in the head but I wanted it and like it. Been thinking about some his other stuff. What about you guys?
  13. mudbelly

    Fender Wah

    It was the stupid deal of the day and a good price too, Anyone tried this thing? I have a about a 10 year old vox and it's the only thing I know about.
  14. mudbelly

    Went to GC and the Epis Looked so good...

    Only 1 local music store in my town so when opportunity presented I visited a GC on an out of town trip. The Epiphone Hollow body guitars looks so shiny, pretty and had such good prices that I walked out of there with a bottle of Gibson Guitar polish. Makes sense right?
  15. mudbelly

    If you are in East Texas this weekend...

    I'll be checking this out
  16. mudbelly

    A Strat I played in Prague

    We took a vacation to Europe and Prague was one of our stops. We rented an airb&B, splitting it with another couple that belonged to Czech photographer Adolph Zika. It was a great place. We did not meet Mr. Zika but our contact that turned over the keys said that director Oliver Stone and Keith...
  17. mudbelly

    Going prices of used Snarling Dogs Pedals on Reverb

    I own a couple of Snarling Dogs pedals. Actually I think they were the first couple of guitar pedals I ever bought. They were a bit cheaper than the mainstream offerings and the cheap mini pedal rage was still in the future and it was an affordable way to ease in to the pedal buying hobby. I...
  18. mudbelly

    Leo Fender's Yacht for sale

    The guy seems to think it needs some work but looks like it floats to me.
  19. mudbelly

    Went to a Marty Party Last Night

    IT was in Livingston, Tx. A really great show.
  20. mudbelly

    Looking for a speaker that's good for baritone guitar

    I am using a 1968 bandmaster reverb head with a 1 x 12 extension cab. I play baritone guitar and an open tuned strat slide guitar for country, blues and rock kind of stuff. I use some effects, modulation and OD. Please suggest a speaker for this rig. I have always had good luck with Eminence...
  21. mudbelly

    Cheap Pedal Board Of Mass Destruction

    The cheap pedal thread got me to thinking so I put together a pedal board of weird stuff nothing costing me over $50. What we have here is a Dano French Toast, a Rocktron Heart Attack Envelop Filter, A GFS Rat, a Joyo Phase Shifter and a Dano PB & J. The Dano and the Rocktron make a real...
  22. mudbelly

    GFS gold foil vs duncan designed

    Ok I have caught the modding bug from you guys. I have a squier strat with Duncan designed and I play slide on it. Will the gfs gold foils be an upgrade? I like the description of sound "big warm bottom." the duncans seem a bit trebly. Music I play is funky blues and country.
  23. mudbelly

    Looking for a value to this acoustic guitar

    This is not a for sale ad. A friend requested that I find the value of a Wecther Pathmaker 5100. Apparently Wecther is a custom guitar maker but my friend says this guitar is made in China. Thanks in advance.
  24. mudbelly

    How to host the Sermon each week on the internet

    I have been using reverb nation to host a recording of the the weekly sermon at my church then I post a link on the church facebook page. It's just not working out for me so I am looking around for something different. What works for you guys. Would like something cheap or free to host about...
  25. mudbelly

    Pedal swap meet, anyone been to one?

    I was visiting my daughter in Chicago this past weekend and had brunch at a famed live music venue Schuba's and noted that the day before they hosted a gear/pedal swap plus some live music. I don't live anywhere near Chicago. I live in a small town, 35,000 with one good local store for the...