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  1. theleman

    Do some CDs have high price tag on them? Santana CDs for 10k on ebay.

    I noticed some CDs listed over 10k, and this CD listed for almost 10k AUD. I think I might have the same CD somewhere in the house. Just wondering if some CDs actually sell for that type of price, or are they just...
  2. theleman

    The Partscaster I tried to return, but failed.

    I got this partscaster a few weeks ago. First time when picked it up, I didn't like it. It was too light, and felt cheap. I was going to return it. But when I played it, it was OK. I kept on playing, and comparing it with the other guitars in terms of the intonation and sounds. And this...
  3. theleman

    NGD - Stretton Payne X Shape Guitar

    Got this guitar for the latest addition to my guitar collection, and it is very nice to play. It's been restrung with 009, and action lowered a bit, now just right. The tuning machines were going out of tune as it was being played a few times (it could have been the cheap guitar strings which...
  4. theleman

    Fret levelling or refretting?

    I have this old T-Type guitar with lots of fret wear on 1 - 3 frets. I am wondering, if this fret wear is causing buzz when trying to lower the action further down. When do you know if the guitar needs fret levelling or actual refretting? I recall many years ago, I saw this vintage Fender...
  5. theleman

    Playing along by ear to "Show Me The Way" by Peter Frampton

    Night time noodling with the vintage Westfield Telecaster. Playing along by ear to Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton.
  6. theleman

    Do electric guitars sound get better as they get played more?

    I used hear and read about this - only on acoustic guitars, that they get sound better as they get played more. If that is true, would it be the case for electric guitars too? Or it doesn't make sense?
  7. theleman

    Leaving tube amps on all day?

    I got this old VOX ADV30T amp, and it is said to have a single 12X7 rectifying tube in the amp. Just wondering, if it is OK to leave the amp on all day, or should it be switched off when not being used. If it is left on all day, would it reduce the life of the tube? Or keep switching on and off...
  8. theleman

    NAD - VOX AD30T

    Tested the amp, and it sounds quite nice.
  9. theleman

    Neck with no truss rod

    I saw this old electric guitar with no truss rod. It was just a neck with good frets. Just wondered, if it is possible to have good playable electric guitars with no truss rod in the neck.
  10. theleman

    Fret polishing

    My old Tele copy had badly tarnished frets. It looks it had been just sitting there for years without being played. When changing the strings, I gave them a polish with finger nail files, and then very fine sandpaper. They have been clean up nicely, and now looks good. But I was wondering, if...
  11. theleman

    How to set action on Telecaster with 3 barrel saddles?

    I can see 3x points where action can be adjusted in Telecaster with 3x barrel saddles. 1. The saddle itself 2. The nut height 3. Neck relief with truss rod turning Which order the action has to be set, and what to look for - tips and advices?
  12. theleman

    Rhythm Guitar Practice Playing along "Take It Easy"

    Got my Johnny Brook Telecaster copy out, and practicing playing along "Take It Easy" (performed by Tony England band). The amp was CR-10G practice amp (no distortion, clean setting) in the study / workroom. The CRUISE CR-10G is a tiny practice amp of 10W, and is ideal for in-house practice at...
  13. theleman

    What are some of your memorable live Telecaster performances ?

    This gotta be one of my memorable Telecaster live performances, watched on Youtube.
  14. theleman

    Locking tuner upgrade?

    Does it also offer tuning stability?
  15. theleman

    Any info on Johnny Brook Telecaster ?

    Managed to get this Johnny Brook Telecaster, and it sounds and plays quite good. It is a heavyish guitar at 4kg. It feels quite an old guitar too with lots of wear around the guitar and the tarnished pick guard. But I cannot find any info on the guitar at all. 1. Where / what country is it made...
  16. theleman

    NGD - Harley Benton TE-62 SFG

    I was thrilled to add this HB TE-62 SFG into my guitar collection. It looks, plays and sounds good. Will become my GOTO Guitar. The caramelised neck is joy to play. Even a rusty player like me feels quite comfortable and easier to play the guitar. Would be interesting to see how it compares...
  17. theleman

    What is the make / model of this Telecaster?

    Came across this vid on youtube, and thought the tone was the traditional Tele tone. It looks like it might not be a Fender by the look of the headstock.
  18. theleman

    Squier Telecaster OLD vs NEW

    When I saw Squier Teles first, it was early 2000s, and I recall Squier guitars were regarded as the lowest grade in electric guitars. It was either MIJ or MIA Fender Teles were the good guitars to go for, and price were good too. MIA Fenders could be bought for about £300 - 400 (used), £600...
  19. theleman

    Harley Benton vs Squier Bullet Telecaster

    In this video, I prefer the Harley Benton sound and tone. What do you think?
  20. theleman

    String trees

    I have a partscaster tele, and it has only 1 string tree for the thinest B and E strings. I see some other Telecasters with 2x string trees. Which is better? Are 2 string trees tele better than 1x? Some of the vintage Fender Teles has only 1x. Which type are better? I see various different...
  21. theleman

    Harley Benton vs. Glarry

    Came across this video on comprehensive comparison between, Glarry vs. Harley Benton Although I don't own both guitars, found interesting.
  22. theleman

    My 1st Tele type guitar arrived = AXL Badwater Eldorado

    I have been looking for a cheap Telecaster / T-type guitar for a while, and the 1st one I got is a used, AXL Badwater Eldorado Telecaster This guitar is a winner. It works very well. The bridge pup has the traditional telecaster growl and punch. The middle position has the country twang. The...
  23. theleman

    Partscaster vs. Harley Benson TE-52

    I have about £100 budget, and spotted 2 guitars for sale by different sellers. Which would be better option? I returned to guitar hobby after about 10 years of doing other hobbies. Have been brushing up my guitar playing with 2-3 cheap guitars I have lately - Yamaha 012 and 80s Silvertone...

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