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  1. krautcat22

    Fender N4 Noiseless pickups with 4-way switch

    Hello, I've replaced the 3-way switch on my Squier CV tele with a 4-way switch. At the same time, I'm replacing the pickups with Fender N4 noiseless ones. This combination worked perfectly on another tele (which has since been sold), but I can't seem to make it work on this Squier. I've wired...
  2. krautcat22

    Comparing my new Squier CV 60s Custom to my Baja

    Hi all, I've had my Baja tele for a couple of weeks, and it felt a bit lonely, so I bought a Squier Classic Vibe 60s Custom. It arrived yesterday, and I felt a short review was in order. I'll focus mostly on the differences between these two guitars. Specifically, the 'problems' I encountered...
  3. krautcat22

    Fender Baja vs American Special

    Hello tele fiends! I'm new here. Hello to all! I keep my MIM Player tele at my friend's place, where we have our rehearsals. That's why I need another tele for my home. If my home doesn't have a tele, it's not a home. ;-) So I'm on the lookout for another (previously owned) tele. My question...