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  1. howlin

    The NEW Yamaha Revstar line up

    I always thought the Revstar line was pretty cool but, somehow, I just never bought one. Now, with the new line up, I'm running out of excuses: I think the Standard w/P-90's would be the one to get since I already have a guitar...
  2. howlin

    PRS SE Sarla

    Boy, I wish I hadn't dilly-dallied so long. A great price [$550 w/shipping] & the Xmas holidays finally made it impossible to resist. Now, 1 month in as a new owner, I have to say it's way better than I could have hoped for. The neck profile, the sound, the weight, the look, all add up to make...
  3. howlin

    Fender Acoustasonic Player Telecaster: Almost two weeks in . . .

    . . . and this is where things stand at the moment. Oi! I somehow managed to delete most of this thread when making an edit. Oh well, it wasn't that important . . . ;)
  4. howlin


    The one thing that keeps me engaged in playing guitar and discovering new music is my interest in songwriting. Lately I've been binge watching videos on a YT channel called Stories. Some of the best renditions of classic and newer hits that are done in a paired down acoustic style that really...
  5. howlin

    Fender Acoustasonic Player Telecaster

    Tuesday I went guitar shopping. I'd gotten it in my mind that I wanted a "jazz box" but I soon realized that I wasn't getting on with the archtop/floating bridge concept. At least I knew what I didn't want as it made me realize that after years of playing Fenders and acoustic guitars the flat...
  6. howlin

    NGD - Squier Paranormal Toronado

    After my last Tele experience I wasn't sure that I'd ever own another electric guitar as I just couldn't bond with it. I'm primarily a bass player and having an acoustic around the house is usually all I ever need. But, you know how it is, you keep an open mind and see what comes along. Someone...
  7. howlin

    Drive Pedal[s] For Getting Long Sustained Notes

    Anyone out there care share your secrets for getting those long sustained notes? I'm looking do come up with something on the cheap as it's only for home use and the rigours of gigging are not a concern. Currently, I'm looking at the Mooer Solo pedal @ $50 or so. At that price I can see adding...
  8. howlin

    Puddles Makes Me Laugh

    As does this mashup: If you look real close in the you'll see this was originally put together in '78 or so. Who knew?
  9. howlin

    Here's some "pun"ishment 4 U

    Sorry if this has already been posted. A friend sent me this and I thought it might be worth sharing: A. Stealing someone’s coffee is called mugging B. The other day I held the door open for a clown. It was a nice jester. C. Pasteurize: Too far to see. D. No matter how far you push the...
  10. howlin

    Well, it finally happened

    After going round & round for the past few years between thinking I needed a Strat but always wanting a Tele I finally found something that I couldn't say no to. It's a MIM Deluxe Tele Thinline - sorta. It's a 2019 and it's pretty much brand new but it's got some mods. When I compare it to the...
  11. howlin

    This or That?

    I thought I'd post this question on a "neutral" guitar site to see if I could get a fair appraisal. I've had my eye on a Squier CV 70's Jaguar but haven't been able to play one. Then, just the other day, a Fender Classic Series 50's Strat came up on my radar. The price is reasonable and I've had...
  12. howlin

    Fret-King Country Squire

    Benn considering getting one of these but, since I don't have the opportunity to try it first, I thought I'd see if anyone here on TDPRI has one or has at least tried them. Thanks.
  13. howlin

    Paul Gilbert's Nifty Slide "Magnet"

  14. howlin

    Merry Xmas 2-All

    This is probably an old meme but it popped up on my Instagram feed so I thought I'd share it . . .
  15. howlin

    Practice Amp

    I'm primarily a bass player but I like to have an acoustic guitar around for writing, etc. Recently, I decided to buy an electric guitar with a single P90 just for a different color. Unfortunately, I can't figure out which amp to get for home use. I've tried a THR10, THR10C, a Vox 10w...
  16. howlin

    I'm Stumped

    For the life of me I can't make out what the thing on the back of Brian Ray's SG is: Any "educated" guesses? See the video here:
  17. howlin

    In Memory of Alan Rogan

    This from Harvey Moltz @ Rainbow Guitars in Arizona:
  18. howlin

    Jack White's "Teleacoustic"

    Is this a rehash of the Fender version or something he had cooked up? It's hard for me to tell.
  19. howlin

    Korean Tele or . . . ?

    Two things abut this guitar made me wonder if it's a for real Korean Tele. #1] Headstock decal without the word "Telecaster" #2] The serial # typeface looks odd to my eye. More like a fake than what I'm used to seeing: Anyone here feel like chiming in with their expertise? Thanks.
  20. howlin

    New Pedal . . .

  21. howlin

    Broken Record Podcast

    Even if you're not a fan of either Malcolm Gladwell or Rick Rubin [never heard of the other guy] I suggest you at least listen to this episode with Mary Gauthier. If songwriting ever had a purpose I would say that healing and catharsis are two of the big ones and there's a lot of that in this...
  22. howlin

    THR 10C Issue

    I just bought a used Yamaha THR 10C. Overall it's great. My only concern is when it's set on the US Blues setting there is a significant drop in volume. I can reset the dials and get it to a usable volume but I'm pretty sure that this shouldn't be happening. Anyone else have this problem? If so...
  23. howlin

    Gary Clark, Jr.

    Playing an Ibanez?
  24. howlin

    '96 Tex-Mex Modified Strat

    Last summer I got the bug to revamp a Strat to the way I've always one to be. I managed to trade a guy for a Dano Longhorn bass that I just wasn't getting on with. By the time it was all said & done I was way too deep money wise into this project but, isn't that always the case? If you end up...
  25. howlin

    No TC @ Thomann?

    Not that this will matter to many of your here but I did a search for a TC Electronics item on the Thomann site and all I get back was this? I've never seen whole line just disappear from their site like this before. Anyone have any insight as to what went down?