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  1. TeleKast

    Any Japanese Jerry Donahue owners out there? Advice please!

    Hi there. I own a Fender JD Japanese Tele, and a few years ago I switched the pickups... subsequently sold those and recently got it out of storage to put the stock Seymour Duncans back in. Trouble is, I've forgotten what pins the hot bridge and neck should be wired to. I seem to remember both...
  2. TeleKast

    To refin or not to refin... now there's a question...

    Hi all... here's the girls... The '68 is an old refin in Butterscotch, the '72 has been stripped back to natural (original blonde is still in pup cavities). Just trying to get your thoughts here guys... should I leave 'em as they stand or get them refinished back to period-correct colors...
  3. TeleKast

    What was the hole for?

    Just curious... why did Fender introduce the fifth hole to Tele neck pockets in the early '70's? And how long did it remain there for?
  4. TeleKast

    None metallic CAR???

    Just a quick question - Was Candy Apple Red only ever available metallic, or was there a non-metallic finish? Bass player has just turned up with a '72 Tele in flat CAR... must be a refin?
  5. TeleKast

    How close a match? (Copper Content)

    Hiya Guys, Had a few bits n pieces knockin' about the house, most seemed to be from a '52 RI. Thought I'd have a go at building myself a Coppercaster. This is my first partsocaster project, and to be honest, I've never actually seen a copper Tele in the flesh... Tried to match the color...
  6. TeleKast

    I blame you guys...

    Had 1 Tele (the '92) before I became a TDPRIer... God knows how I'm gonna explain to the missus about the imminent '52 RI... :cry:
  7. TeleKast

    Crafted in China - Info on Squier Serials please.

    Hi guys Does anyone know how the serial numbers are broken down for the Chinese Squiers? I recently bought a Squier Thinline Master Tele, and wandered if it could possibly be the 1st one built in May, 2005? Here's the serial: Any help appreciated!
  8. TeleKast

    British Racing Green/Gold harware - Anybody do it?

    I remember reading a thread on here some time ago about "best Tele color", and someone was plannin' on putting together a BRG with gold hardware... Did anyone do it, and can you post pics???
  9. TeleKast

    Fitting a Jack retention plate - any tips appreciated!

    Hi guys, I've just took delivery of a new Tele body for a project, and need to fit the little plate inside the jack input cavity. I'm aware that there is a tool to do this, but to be honest, this project is a one-off and if I bought one I doubt that I'd ever use it again. Any tips for...
  10. TeleKast

    Diagonal Routing Issue

    Hi guys, I'm aware that the diagonal route between pups was suspended in '68(ish), but when did Fender start to use it again? Basically, I've recently been offered a '72 for sale and everything is spot on - the only weird thing is the body which has the truss adjustment notch and the diagonal...
  11. TeleKast

    '72 Tele overhaul- original pots?

    Guys, thought you might want a look at this that I picked up very reasonably on ebay - One of the best Teles I've ever played. The set up is superb and the 3 pups (Fender ‘Hot Tele’ bridge, Fender Tex-Mex middle, Seymour Duncan Classic Strat Stack neck) really give some very sweet sounds...
  12. TeleKast

    '68 Telecaster : verifying a body

    Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a '68 Fender Tele which is all original except for the body, which is an early Custom Shop '67 relic in Firemist Gold (NAMM show). I love her, but would like (one day, when finances permit) to replace the body with an original '68 one. Now, I'm aware that the...