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    What's on your workbench today?

    NO central supports ??
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    Watco spray can lacquer clear finishing problems

    Hold your guitar body and use reflected light as a way to see the surface that your spraying .You need to see the shine as your spraying, that usually will be your best guide. I would try slower, but check the instructions on the can as to the distance that they recommend.
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    help with this rattling noise

    Always , start with the easy stuff , if that doesn't fix it ....then look for the harder stuff. I had this same buzy problem once on one of my builds. It was a tuner as well. Glad you got it sorted . :)
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    help with this rattling noise

    Just listened to your vids, off the wall ,check the tuners to see if theres a loose nut or washer.
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    File nut too much?

    Bone dust and super glue is the best immediate fix.
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    Aging wood

    You might be able to save your pickups with some Sticky Tack,( worked for me in the past)
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Love that end grain :)
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    Font size.

    Still looks like Crap, please find a better font..... PLEASE
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    Looks a lot like Butternut.
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    Squier Japan 1985 Body

    Theres still a significant amount of coloring left on the wood from the previous color,(difference between light wood color and the staining from the red paint) this will show though if your going with a clear finish .I would either sand it till I get a uniform wood color or paint it a solid...
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    Locking guitar strap stuck

    Take the peice that came out and tap it in with a hammer (just hard enough to lock it in place then use as normal to take it apart , after that remove it from the guitar and replace .
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    Jazzmashter build

    At worse just make a new neck and put this one up for sale , it's far from a loss, I'm sure someone else would love to own it :D
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Made to be played, I really like that idea. Theres no crying on the 1st ding or scratch. :D
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    Scratchplate/Pickguard warped plastics

    You could try hot water and then quickly sandwich it between 2 flat surfaces. (80 Celcius = 176 F water boils 212 F )
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Technically off the bench. :D Butternut body , totall weight 6.4 .
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    Recommend a drill..

    Remember to re-register this new one or the waranty is not lifetime anymore. :) I've had my Rigid for 4 year now , love it.
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    How far can I extend router bit?

    Make sure theres 1/2 inch of bit in your colet ,tighten the crap out of it and it's golden from there ( thats my experience)
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    Bob J’s 2021 brotherhood build - thinline

    If memory serves it's 5/8 deep and dont forget theres a pickgarde that sits on there and eats up another 1/8 or so, neck should be 1 inch. looking good. edit Marty beat me too it. :)
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Part of the fun is the process of learning how to fix those without making too many others along the way. I create special features for these type of situations all the time. I call it a good save. ;)
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    Neil's Brotherhood 2021 build: The Starcaster project

    You could add a strip of canary wood as binding going from tip to tip of the headstock, that gash looks to be about 3/32", if you can make it small enough I think it would make a nice accent line . A nice little square . :)
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    Neck Blanks

    Another big thank you, I ordered 3 blanks as well. :D
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    What's the preferred fretboard radius?

    Yup, 12 is the one or me as well.
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    Long time no see

    You could do them with a router sled, just takes a while longer.
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    Long time no see

    Food for thought here, if you send your first fretboard though the planer and as the blades start to bites the board send the next fretboard in and the next in that speed sequence so they overlap by about 1/2 their lenght, if you do ten boards as they all overlap its like 1 continual...