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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    Hey folks! I'm having a bit of an amp crisis (probably hyperbole, but bare with me). About a month back, I moved on from my Blues Jr and picked up a Marshall DSL40CR. I play mostly bues, country and rock, but can get a little heavy from time to time as well. I'd say my relationship with the...
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    NPD! LTD

    Got my barber ltd today and holy cow does it sound good! Really nails the low gain sound I was going for, now I can stop trying to use my OCD clone for low gain because it certainly doesn't do that well. This guy will be on my board for a while!
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    Belated NGD

    Gor myself another classic vibe Tele, this time a VB and I liked it so much I sold my cvc! Love the A3's in this thing! I plug it straight into my pathfinder and it just sounds fantastic, also feels like a slightly fatter neck, which is a plus.
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    NPD (new partscaster day) paisley content

    Finally bolted together my first non kit was a learning experience and Its not finished because I'm getting nothing through an amp. Hopefully this will be the first of many especially once I get together a proper shop seeing as this one was done in my dining room.
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    Catch all the fish tab?

    Anyone have a tab for this song? Im new to chicken pickin and cant quite work these country songs out on first listen like i can with rock and blues songs. Thanks!
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    My dog taught me how to play!

    Thought some of you might get a kick out of this...Thats boots teaching me how to play a lester i recently built.
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    paisley partcaster

    Started a paisley partcaster this week, after a lot of reading on here. GFS clearance body and some paisley fabric from amazon, so far I have the fabric glued and trimmed as well as a some sanding sealer, gonna need lots of that to even out my bad glue job. Hey its a learning experience...
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    NGD (Belated)

    I got myself a CVC about a week ago, my first tele! And I gotta say, I cant believe I didnt jump on the tele waggon sooner! I postponed my NGD post because I imediately decided to replace the mint green pickguard (yuck) with a white pearloid one. Now it looks and sounds amazing, and I cant put...
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    GFS Profesional series?

    Does anyone have any experience, good or bad with the GFS Pro series pups?? '52, '63 or both. Considering them as a possible cost saving upgrade for my CVC.
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    New to the site, I signed up because I have a squier CVC on the way! really pumped to dig into it as it'll be my first ever tele. Anyway, attached are a few pics of my weapons of choice! I built the les paul myself (kit), I'd gladly provide some pictures and a description of the process if...