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  1. greggorypeccary

    Getting into The Grateful Dead

    I guess it's a good thing they weren't a funk band then. ;) I'd say they've maintained a solid followimg for so long because of a whole lot of really good songs that were always played from the heart, shows that were played without a net, and that thing that unexplainable to anybody who wasn't...
  2. greggorypeccary

    When more gain doesn't equal better tone

    IMO if you have a boost pedal 'always on' you're not playing the right amp. I use a Fat Boost as a boost, for when I want a little more volume for solos. Otherwise my amp is set for the gain/volume I need. FWIW my Strat and Tele both have vintage spec pickups.
  3. greggorypeccary

    Simpsons Qoute Search Engine

    Just what i needed...a way for me to kill, literally, hours!
  4. greggorypeccary

    Minimum Bar Band Loudness

    Totally the truth. A couple months ago I met friends out for a beer and there was an acoustic guy playing. He was good enough, and was playing a pricy Turner acoustic. It was the worst, harshest, tone you could imagine. It made it difficult for me to enjoy conversation with my friends. Not...
  5. greggorypeccary

    Lack of musical diversity....local "bar" bands

    I play in an original band. We play places that hire a lot of cover bands. People like us and we often get comments like, "Its nice to see something other than a cover band playing the same old songs."
  6. greggorypeccary

    You know you're "old" when (GOML content)

    I saw that one, The Revivalists. They are an awesome band, I've seen them twice, killer stuff and the lead singer really knows how to work a crowd.
  7. greggorypeccary

    How Long Have You Taken Lessons For?

    About four years of guitar (through high school) plus five years of school band, plus some random theory classes and workshops. You'd think I'd be better... :(
  8. greggorypeccary

    "I love data."

    I love data. What I hate is when I'm asked to analyze, or respond to bad data. Sorry, but if you're not going to tell me how the data was collected, or you expect me to ignore variables that had an effect on the outcome I'm looking at, then I don't want to talk about data. Unfortunately, at...
  9. greggorypeccary

    Amp Deal Alert: 63 Vibroverb RI w/ upgraded speakers - $750

    I own one of these. Have no opinion on those specific speakers, but IMO, that's a great amp for $750.
  10. greggorypeccary

    Making it - what does it take

    With the internet companies that host all the audio and video 'content' created by the artists (and enjoyed by the fans who think it all should be free).
  11. greggorypeccary

    Songs about Jerry Garcia

    Patchwork Quilt by Warren Haynes. Down the Road, Mickey Hart/Robert Hunter I love this verse: From the corner of my eye I saw the sun explode I didn't look directly 'cause it would have burned my soul When the smoke and thunder cleared enough to look around I heard a sweet guitar lick...
  12. greggorypeccary

    David Knopfler

    Setting aside the fact that one still needs to buy stuff to do that, it doesn't mean you'll know what to do with it. I've heard a lot of stuff people recorded at home that sound exactly like....someone got a couple of cheap mics and recorded an album at home. IMO what you are really paying...
  13. greggorypeccary

    What's your motto when going on stage?

    There are no wrong notes. It's very freeing.
  14. greggorypeccary

    Question for sky watchers

    Satellites don't blink, they don't have lights on them. As for the ISS, it's around the brightness of Venus, you can see it pretty much anywhere!
  15. greggorypeccary

    Kickstarters vs IPO's

    I wouldn't call it charity. Some kickstarters are like that, but in most you get something. More often than not it's basically preselling a product. Most that I've seen that are looking for money for nothing, generally don't get funded. When my band did a kickstarter everyone got at least...
  16. greggorypeccary

    So... I listened to Merle Haggard and Buck Owens for the first time yesterday

    It was the Grateful Dead that exposed me to the good country stuff and gave me an appreciation for it. hWgX85SOKBs EmdWIy-RmJE
  17. greggorypeccary

    Public roads & off leash Dogs

    Yep. My dog is great, but her critical thinking skills are also a bit suspect.
  18. greggorypeccary

    Shoes in the house

    Wearing shoes inside my own house? Odd....why would I want to track whatever is on the bottom of my shoes from walking around outside all over my floors and carpets? Plus it's a comfort thing. If I had my shoes on all day at work, the first thing I want to do when I get home is take them off.
  19. greggorypeccary

    First Tube Amp

    Any amp can be too loud if you turn the volume knob too far clockwise. Conversely, any amp can be quiet enough if you don't turn the volume knob too far clockwise. If one truly needs whisper quiet they'd be better off with a headphone amp. Of course, YMMV and all that, I've always owned...
  20. greggorypeccary

    Am I missing out?

    It all depends how loud you need your clean tone to be, it's definitely not impossible to break up, it'll just be a little louder when it does.
  21. greggorypeccary

    How important, really, are tubes?

    That's a good point. The amplifier is the other half of an electric guitar and the earliest amplifiers used tubes so that's the sound we all think of when we think 'electric guitar.' Thing is, that's what all the modeling amps are trying to simulate with ICs and software. I find it easier to...
  22. greggorypeccary

    John Mayer...A Dead guy?

    Fare the Well was the remaning four members getting together one more time, for the last time. None of them said they were going to quit playing entirely. But yeah....Peter Shapiro offered them all truckloads of money so they decided they could tolerate each other for five shows. FWIW I...
  23. greggorypeccary

    Anyone else diggin' Lake Street Dive?

    Have been for a couple years. I've seen them twice, see them live if you get the chance.
  24. greggorypeccary

    DSO Plays First Stadium Show... Biggest Ticket Draw Ever

    They're cool and all, but I find the current trend of tribute bands playing big venues kind of sad given all the great music being made now.