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  1. lgherb

    Things you haven’t seen in a long time

    The hair dryers your mom and older sisters would sit under:
  2. lgherb

    Things you haven’t seen in a long time

    Console TV/Stero Cabinets.
  3. lgherb

    NGD: Finally a decent gig-worthy not-so-J45, affordable J-45 Slope Shoulder dread!

    Congrats!! A happy guitar is a played guitar.
  4. lgherb

    Keeping Maple fretboard clean when fretting

    Maybe it's not the glue getting the fretboard dirty?
  5. lgherb

    After mowing beer

  6. lgherb

    Why is Time-Life still pitching CD Collections?

    I like to own physical music media and am not a fan of digital downloads simply because I don't trust that my ownership rights to my music purchases are guaranteed to persist over time. What happens if a server gets corrupted that has any or all of my digital download licenses? Or, what if the...
  7. lgherb

    Lost my father in law yesterday...

    So sorry, man. Be sure and let your wife know that your family are in our collective hearts and mind during this period of grief.
  8. lgherb

    Any Pool Players Out There?

    Yeah, I contacted Brunswick and requested an image from the actual brochure that shows the cutaway construction. I plan on printing it up at Kinkos and putting it in a frame on the wall. I also picked up a Brunswick Gold Crown cue rack earlier this week: This weekend I'll sand off that...
  9. lgherb

    Any Firebird enthusiasts?

    Thank you for restoring my faith in TDPR...only on the 4th page of posts is there a glimmer of appropriate witticism.
  10. lgherb

    Any Pool Players Out There?

    My wife and I finally got the basement remodeling project to a point of completion where I hired a billiard company to come out and re-assemble my table. New rubber cushions were put on it (the original rubber bumpers were almost 60 years old and started showing signs of dry rot in some spots)...
  11. lgherb

    Who did you see in your first live concert?

    August 3, 1978. The Warehouse in New Orleans. The Kinks with an opening act of a relatively unknown group at the time named Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
  12. lgherb

    Lottery ticket purchases

    I buy occasional lottery tickets knowing full well that my $2 is going to (literally) enrich someone else's life.
  13. lgherb

    Daily Driver....let's see 'em

    My daily driver is in my profile pic. I keep waiting for one of these extended warranty calls be willing to extend the warranty on a 36 year old car.
  14. lgherb

    Any Pool Players Out There?

    I have an early 1960s Brunswick Gold Crown I that is scheduled to be professionally re-assembled on the 30th of this month. We are finally finishing our basement remodeling project. Can't wait. This is what it looked like when it was last assembled at our previous house over 10 years ago:
  15. lgherb

    remember stereo components?

    I still have my Boston Acoustic A-100s that I bought in the 1980s and a few years ago I picked up a Fisher MT-6224 turntable to play the vinyl collection I have amassed since I was a teenager. (The turntable has no moving motor. Instead it has 120 magnetic poles that push the platter around, so...
  16. lgherb

    Car Warranty phone calls and no way out

    I wish someone would extend the warranty on my 36 year old car.
  17. lgherb

    Nixon watch fogs up

    Reminds me of this board game we had when I was a kid: Wish I knew what happened to that...might be worth some money today.
  18. lgherb

    How do you attract new birds to a new birdfeeder?

    Just give it time. It takes a little time for birds to get used to new feeders being part of the surroundings. It's a defense thing for them.
  19. lgherb

    I just stimulated the economy

    Thank you for stimulating the economy. May many more members find the opportunity and circumstances to do the same in 2021.
  20. lgherb

    Ohio State routs Clemson

    The NCAA should have cancelled the entire season from the get-go like they did the baseball season in 2020. This whole season has been nothing more than what should be considered a "scrimmage year" due to the pandemic.
  21. lgherb

    Ohio State routs Clemson

    They must be shell shocked from playing in the Louisiana Superdome about now. 2018 Sugar Bowl: Alabama 24 Clemson 6 2020 National Championship: LSU 42 Clemson 25 2021 Sugar Bowl: Ohio State 49 Clemson 28 The only other time they played a post-season bowl game in New Orleans was in the...
  22. lgherb

    King Crimson - Lark's Tongues in Aspic

    If you have one of the original Polydor "League of Gentleman" albums by Robert Fripp, on side 2 between the album and the label, etched into the vinyl is "The Next Step is Discipline"...foreshadowing Kind Crimson getting back together.
  23. lgherb

    What’s on your menu?

    Cinnamon rolls and mimosas. Rotel dip for football games later. Grilled andouille in a red pepper cream sauce over bow tie pasta for dinner.
  24. lgherb

    What Was The First Song You Ever Learned How To Play On Guitar ? can play songs on these things?
  25. lgherb


    My next house (if it ever happens) will likely be built with SIPs. With SIPs a sizable house can be completely roughed in about 2 days (not to mention that they are extremely energy efficient in terms of insulation).