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    Butterscotch Blonde Question.

    I am trying to get a butterscotch color on a Tele that I am building. I mixed 7 parts of GF water based yellow dye stain with 1 part GF water based amber dye stain and would like to tone down the yellow just a touch. What can I add to my mix to achieve this. Thanks
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    Amber Tint Nitro Help

    Has anyone used Crystalac amber toned sanding sealer followed with Crystalac top coat brite tone in clear gloss.
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Magical Mystery Tour
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Does anyone have a good recipe for a butterscotch finish. I have some Minwax water based pre stain and some Minwax polycrylic in semi gloss but can't find a stain that I like. Any advice would be appreciated,thanks.
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    I just joined this great site. I am building a Telecaster which will be my first guitar. I don't know how to play yet but I'm having a lot of fun building the Tele. I love the lines of this iconic guitar. I will post some pics when I find out how to. I bought the Fender neck.