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    Why Does My Guitar Go Sharp?

    I find this very common on my guitars when they sit in a room with air conditioning. Try this, instead of tuning the sharp guitar when you pick it up, rub the back of the neck briskly for about 20 seconds as to warm the up the neck. Then check your tuning. If it's like my guitars and basses it...
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    Wiring not working, where did i screw up?

    You have a bad wiring diagram to work with. It ties both volume pots together (see attached). Find a better diagram. Seymour Duncan's site has good ones.
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    Tone King Imperial Mk2 - Worth it or hype?

    No Hype. I owned one and it was glorious. They are quite loud and sound like a Deluxe Reverb except better. Clear definition from all notes. Rich sounding tremolo and the reverb is far better than the DR. I probably shouldn't have sold it but I'm very happy with my Tone King Falcon Grande.
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    Hard to get a lower action on Player Strat - Any Ideas?

    It sounds to me that neck's "fall away" has never been addressed. This is the part of the neck where it joins the neck. No amount of truss rod or nut adjustment changes the angle of the frets from where the neck joins the body to where is ends on the 21st or 22nd fret. This can be better...
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    Help Identify my Tele

    I believe it could be a fake as I have never seen that much gap between the pickguard and the bridge plate, ever.
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    Why is your Tube amp better that a Monoprice Stageright 15w?

    Wait until you CAN hear the difference before upgrading. Our hearing is always learning. The more time you spend playing, the more you will hear. "All you hear is not all there is to hear".
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    Let's say you just drilled through the headstock..

    First test the stain on a tooth pick to get the color matched. then use the same type of toothpick for the fix.
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    Anybody use a Crybaby just for the "cocked" position?

    Robin Trower made a living out of that. Also Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits, "Money For Nothin'"
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    Removing Joe Pass' name from my pickguard

    I would order a replacement pickguard and keep the original for future sale.
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    What amp do you recommend for Fender guitars?

    I have 50 years of gigs under my belt using all kinds of amps and normally I would recommend a tube amp but The Fender Tone Master Deluxe or Twin (class D digital modeling amps) both have great tone at low volumes and at the gigs. I got a deal that was too good to pass up on a Tone Master Twin...
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    Loosen the neck screws? Crazy or genius?

    It sounds to me that the neck wasn't properly seated when you got it. Having a very snug and tight neck fit is key to good resonance and full bodied tone. I have built a few Teles and the ones that sound best have neck pockets so snug you could almost tune them to pitch with not screws.
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    Selling our music at gigs - CDs are obsolete. Put music on a flash drive?

    It would be hard to get all the band members' signatures on a flash drive.
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    Why didn't my Fender Blues Junior IV cut it live?

    I too have owned a couple Blues Jr amps and the issue under live conditions is that the amp has no headroom like a HotRod Deluxe does. If you are playing live with a Deluxe Reverb or Hot Rod Deluxe, there is enough extra power available so when you increase gain on your pedals the amp gets...
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    Open pore finishes

    I have a few builds under my belt and I think there is something to this. It will be hard to prove because every piece of wood is different but there is also the drying effect. Many foreign companies finish their guitars before the moisture content gets to the optimal state. Once that glossy...
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    Is it worth getting an MIA Fender neck?

    I have installed 2 Mighty Mite necks and both were excellent. They were one of the first Fender licensed manufacturers back in the 70's.
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    Trem pedal recommendations?

    I am a tremolo junkie and have owned pretty much every tremolo pedal there is. (been gigging over 50 years) The best PRRI type sounding is a Modified Boss TR2. There are a couple outfits modifying them. One is Alchemy Audio and they put a boost circuit in it so the volume doesn't drop below your...
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    Anybody try fret levelling with a hammer?

    I've done it twice with new Mighty Mite necks, one or two high spots have knocked down to level by hammering a wooden dowel contacting the fret wire. I figured that wire is all the same size and for the 2 necks I've done that process, that was all that was needed. That's not always going to work...
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    players who were around in the '70s: what pedals did you have then?

    Started out in 1969 and into 1970 with a Sears Volume,Wah,Siren, etc. pedal. Then I got a Thomas Organ CryBaby (Now Dunlop). A DeArmond Volume/Tone pedal. Mutron Phasor along the way. Once I discovered Ernie Ball Volume, I've never gone without one. I finished out the 70's with an Ibanez UE-300...
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    Low Gain Pedal That Sounds Bold?

    Try the Timmy. It doesn't alter your tone.
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    Why are used teles so expensive?

    I may know the answer. At least in my life, of nearly 60 years playing guitar, I have found it's hard to find a Strat that you really like. I went through a dozen of them until I found one I would call a keeper. Telecasters on the other hand are easy to love and it may be because they are less...
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    $1,000--Tone Master or Tube?

    If you change the Princeton to a solid state rectifier you will greatly raise the clean headroom.
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    Met Greg Koch last night...

    I put this system in one of my Teles and I really like them. This is now my go-to guitar.
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    The new bridge on the Elite Series Tele

    That's what it looks like!