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  1. hardie775

    Amp ID help

    I picked up a Fender Deluxe amp awhile back. Reverb didn't work and I sent it to my tech. This was like 3 years ago. After he was done, I plugged it in maybe once. So I've pulled it out today trying to figure out what I want to do with it. But I'd like some more info on it if anyone can help...
  2. hardie775

    Is it too late for grain filler?

    I'm in the middle of refinishing a left handed mini Squire that I'm refinishing and upgrading for a friend. I stripped to the wood, primered with a nitro based vinyl sealer and noticed some grain coming thru. I guess this body was not alder or ash. It's a squire, so it's got some grain anyways...
  3. hardie775

    Heat lamps to expedite dry time

    Ive been working on a new strat build using a MIJ body I've refinished. Had hours into it. SS, nitro based primer and paint from reranch, and numerous coats of nitro clearcoat....Had a little dent I couldn't leave alone.....Long story short, I stripped it down to the wood and am rushing to get...
  4. hardie775

    Tape residue removal

    What's the best product to remove masking tape residue from a rosewood fingerboard? Appreciate ya
  5. hardie775

    Correct fretting tools needed?

    I've picked up a very distressed '86 MIJ strat that I'm refinishing the body, however, the neck is a mess too. Crack in headstock I've repaired and I'd like to replace the frets but not sure of exactly what tools I'll need. I've seen the videos. Have some books. Can shop eBay or Stewmac, but...
  6. hardie775

    Search for "yellow" lacquer based paint

    I've got a beat up '86 Mij strat I'm going to refinish and restore. I could sure use some help finding a lacquer based canary yellow. I've got lacquer based SS. Nitro clear coat. Want to color it canary yellow and previous attempts, on other projects, using Krylon has been a disaster. Obviously...
  7. hardie775

    Boss RC 3 noise

    I've got too much "white noise" like hiss coming thru my Blackstar HT 20 with the RC3 plugged in. Any other pedals or just direct to the amp head is as quiet as can be. Tried switching out patch cables, (all George L). Any ideas on what I can do to reduce or eliminate this sound. I really...
  8. hardie775

    Best multimeter

    Been using knock offs too long. Cheap bastards.....What are you all using? buying used, I'd like to stay under $100. Looking at Fluke's of course, but don't want to spend too much for a tool I don't need. I don't do a lot of amp "repair", but some mods and setting bias, checking continuity on...
  9. hardie775

    Fat Tele w/3 way question

    I'm building 2 new Fat Tele Thinline guitars and in this process I've done a boatload of investigating most popular Pup combo's and wiring schenatics. So, I'm going with Jerry Donahues in the bridge and a 59 in the neck........and reading many many posts on this subject, the argument was made...
  10. hardie775

    Neck pocket issue

    I've got a new build going on with a body I bought from a cat in Georgia that custom builds. I've refinished and am getting ready to set a Musikraft neck.......The issue here is that the neck feel a bit loose, IMO. I'm no expert, but I've built a couple dozen guitars in the last few years and...
  11. hardie775

    Hum/Grounding issue. Continues

    I posted a thread a few months back in Tele HD about this issue and got nowhere really, maybe I wasn't real clear and someone out there has got the 411 on this. I would be forever grateful. I've got a Les Paul Studio. I've wired the entire guitar. twice. Because of this HUM I even replaced...
  12. hardie775

    Burst blush blemish .....Help

    I've got a tobacco burst here with supplies from Guitar ReRanach. 3 to 4 blush marks are just not in cool places. I've got 1 other that will go under the pickguard.....Now I've stripped this body down twice. That is, it was a new swamp ash body. Raw, that I grain filled, sealed, sanded flat and...
  13. hardie775

    Acceptable sanding sealer????

    Is this an acceptable sanding sealer for reranch paint and nitro lacquer finish?? Appreciate the feedback.....I'm having some issues with a tobacco burst. Swamp ash body. Grain filled with Behlins Por O Pac, then like an idiot, I hit it with Miniwax water based SS. Stripped it down, layed on a...
  14. hardie775

    Grain filler on swamp ash

    I've started a new Fat Tele Thinline with a swamp ash body build(s). I just finished the 1st coat of Pore-O-Pac natural grain filler. I'm using Guitar ReRanch's technic as a guideline. After rereading, it dawned on me that I could used a colored grain filler rather than "natural". Tho the grain...
  15. hardie775

    locating thinline pickguard help needed

    Hey. I've been scouring the web looking for a thinline PG, like the one in this photo but with a HB cutout at the neck. Warmouth makes them but prompts with a disclaimer stating that there's are made for only Warmouth guitars and will NOT fit any other guitar. Don't want to roll those...
  16. hardie775

    Why no E string

    Fixin to build a new Fat Tele and came across these photos, from different sources. Why has the E string been removed and the saddle to boot?
  17. hardie775

    New Fat Tele build, input requested

    Hey....I'm entering into the beginning of 2 new Fat Tele builds. One for a friend and the other for myself. I still have the wiring harness of one I built a few years ago with the 270k resistor built from the Fender schematics.....My question here is about the neck HB. I'm interested in...
  18. hardie775

    Krylon over lacquer

    Can i get away with this? I've stripped a body and sealed it with SS. then finished in a reranch translucent blue and many layers of lacquer.. Hate it, so rather than stripping, I hit it with a coat of Sherman Williams brand oil based primer and then a coat of Krylon Dual, paint and primer. Says...
  19. hardie775

    Garage sale find. ID help needed

    Picked this up at a garage sale last week for $40. It's obviously been refinished. Poorly IMO. 5 piece body. Detachable neck with MIJ and number on neck plate. Looks to have had a coil split toggle installed as well. I'll pull her apart and refinish. Check out the HB's. Make a nice gift...
  20. hardie775

    Bridge grounding

    Quick question. If I've got continuity from my strings and bridge all the way to my input jack ground, but I'm still getting a hum that deadens when I touch the bridge, do I just have a bad solder connecrtion inline with the ground, or is there maybe something else I'm missing? Appreciate ya
  21. hardie775

    Epi Casino bridge issues

    I've just about at my wits end here. I've recently picked up a Epiphone Casino, it came bare/stripped. The only component present was the bushings for the bridge. Well I do about a dozen builds a year and have many loose and varying parts, but not the right wheels and posts for these bushings...
  22. hardie775

    SF Champ noise issue

    I just picked up a pretty clean Silverface Fender Champ and am having noise issues. I'm getting a loud hum that is overbearing but will cancel out, briefly with a light tap on the amp casing. As well, the volume control plays a big part. On my guitar with the amp on 10 and my guitar maxed there...
  23. hardie775

    Mary Kay finish help

    I picked up an '06 Fender USA body here on TDPRI that was already stripped down to the wood. I cleaned it up, sanded it down nice to 600 grit, applied several coats of sanding sealer from The Guitar Reranch, sanded down to 800 grit and now I've applied the Mary Kay translucent white in a rattle...
  24. hardie775

    Fuzz Head through a SFDR issue

    I've just picked up a Keeley Fuzz Head on eBay for $130 and am running it through my relatively new SFDR. Picked it up last month and am restructuring the pedal scene. When I plugged this pedal in I had way too much "white noise" in both the vibrato and normal channels, equally. Not hum, not...
  25. hardie775

    Fuzz Head with white noise?

    Hey, I just picked up this used Keeley Fuzz Head for a buck 30 on ebay. I'm playing it through a SFDR. I just bought this amp last month and am going through a new pedal selection process. From my limited understanding, I think Fuzz pedals are sometimes a bit touchy with these amps, but this...