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    It's back yet again!

    This is amazing.....still trying to sell this "thing"! CLARENCE WHITE'S 1968 FENDER TELE B BENDER PROTOTYPE | eBay
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    Evans Pull String History back yet again

    Hi everyone, After being on hold at GoDaddy,for a total of about 2 days, I finally got the problem resolved. So the history at is working once again. Sorry for the drop out!
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    Weighty subject

    Here are a few figures I have compiled that may be of interest regarding weights. Control cover plate, pots, switch, knobs, jack = 6.2oz Neck pick up with cover = 1.8oz Bridge pick up = 2.8oz Bridge with brass saddles = 3.8oz Pick guard = 1.8oz Maple neck with...
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    Evans Pull String History returns

    Hi Everyone, The new and improved Evans Pull String History is back! You can access it at There are more info and pictures on the new site.
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    Evans Pull String History Crashes

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that the Evans Pull String History site has crashed and is not retrievable! So I will have to figure out some way to rebuild it....darn, I have just gotten some more history to add to it! I'll try to get it done asap and let everyone know when it is...
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    Evans Pull String History

    I finally got the History and some pic together. It's too big to post here, so I've set up a site at Give it a look. All comments or additions would be welcome.
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    The Last Evans Pull String

    Has any one seen this guitar?
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    Orginal Pull String

    Hi Everyone, I'm Dave Evans, I'm very new to the world of computer forums so please bear with me. A long, long time ago, and I believe, in another galaxy, I built the Pull String guitar with the permission and blessings of Clarence and Gene. If any of you still have any of those guitars...