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    Why is "Vintage" defined as pre-1974 in this forum???

    Right about Super Beetles and their elephant foot taillights.Those occurred in ‘71 and ‘73 respectively but they weren’t as bad as the fuel injection “improvement”. “New and improved” rarely is.
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    Ar Ye up fer a lil bit of Gof?

    LIV Tour = Murderer’s Tour and anyone accepting the blood money becomes complicit. Rory, Tiger, and JT have called out the hypocrisy; I wish they’d also mention how those guys are accepting the Saudi’s murders.
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    Car dealer questionable business practices

    When I worked at a Chevrolet dealer I frequently went on “swap” trips to take and bring back a car that the other dealer had that fit the specifications our customer wanted. I took a check to purchase the car and brought back that car and a check for the car that was swapped. I couldn’t believe...
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    Arrrgh…we all have to post one eventually don’t we ? Notch/Mookie 2007-2022

    We lost out little Tuxedo guy in January 2021. He too was a people-cat and he loved our dog, as well. Loads of personality and very “vocal”. We miss him every day, and my heart goes out to you for your loss. There’s no such thing as “just a cat/dog”.
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    CARS TO GUITARS VOL#1: 1969 Pontiac G.T.O. in Liberty Blue Metallic

    Pontiacs were beautiful cars from the late ‘50s to the early ‘70s. I had a ‘59 Bonneville convertible in Shoreline Gold I bought for all of $400 in ‘68. It was a limited run with tricolor leather bucket seats, a cream colored top and boot, every option available, and/but got about 8mpg! I’ve...
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    Car dealer questionable business practices

    I had an Audi while living in Baton Rouge and could not find an independent mechanic until I convinced a guy who worked on BMWs to do regular servicing on the Audi. The Audi dealer there was the most dishonest outfit I ever tried (once) except for a VW dealer in Brookline MA who tore up an air...
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    Car dealer questionable business practices

    Price gouging during the ‘70s oil embargo was met with some states enforcing such practices and some gas stations were shut down as a result. Each state is different. My point was enforcement, as it is rare that states now want to limit business even if they businesses operate in a sketchy way...
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    So what type of laquer should I use?

    It ahould be in an old Coppertone print ad! 😂
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    Car dealer questionable business practices

    “Market adjustment” = price gouging. There once were laws that were enforced…
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    What happens to your gear when you are gone ?

    Seriously, when I’m “gone” I won’t care. I’m gonna get turned to ash anyway. Now, my leather NBA game balls…
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    Squier Really Upped Their Game

    What a great bargain/guitar! Enjoy!
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    Is this a ‘D’?

    “Also note the broadcaster knobs.” Or, is it the other way around? 😁
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    Treble bleed capacitor analysis

    I put one (parallel) in, took it out…. There it sits, in my parts bin. Ugh! Not for me.
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    I just hate thieves...

    Yup. Houses built before the ‘60s, analog/mechanical cars/trucks, and rock & roll were the good parts…😉
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    I used to be a guitar player/singer/songwriter…

    Bicycles are easier: only a little balance, a desire not to fall, and no theory or memory beyond a few muscles.
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    I just hate thieves...

    You’ve never owned an Audi…I could do a lot of little things to my ‘94 and ‘98 but after ‘01, forget it. My independent Audi mechanic also bemoans their “designs” to keep as many repairs in the stealers as possible - and that’s where he came from.
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    I just hate thieves...

    Car makers, in an attempt to aid their stealers’ service areas, have redesigned headlights and taillights into single units and have buried them so simple bulb changes cannot be done by a DIYer, or at least made so difficult requiring special tools - all to protect the stealer.
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    Mow your own lawn

    Two knee replacements (after ten arthroscopies), three lumbar fusions, two b-lateral foot surgeries, four rotator cuff surgeries, both hands and wrists, and one total hip. Damn right I’m cutting my own lawn, hills and all! Okay, I do have a sweet Honda self-propelled, walk-behind. The gas...
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    Just an observation, purely anecdotal, no science involved.

    Yeah, persimmon and steel, can’t beat ‘em!
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    I Went To A Guitar Center Last Week

    I’ve stopped going into guitar and golf shops. The draw of new (golf) or old (guitar) is strong, but my “Hey, cut that out” sense is stronger as is the realization of all the stuff I have at home. I mean, who needs more than 3 or 4 sets of irons, myriad drivers, and more than a handful of...
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    Just an observation, purely anecdotal, no science involved.

    Uh-oh, pizza wars! Thin/thick, bland sauce vs spicier sauce, absurd toppings or traditional; teles w/hb in neck or bridge or singles, or just one (Esquire actually). Pick ‘em…
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    Just an observation, purely anecdotal, no science involved.

    Truthfully, drivers and putters haven’t changed much in the last 15 years or so (putters are mostly all copies of Ping Ansers). The allowable specs on drivers make them pretty much the same, but the advertising….😁
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    I can't get a good finish on my neck

    Right. Japan driers have killed more painters than turpentine or pigments. Ironically, some people think acrylic paints are safer than oils but they are wrong. Linseed oil is vegetable oil, beeswax is harmless and thinners, turps or odorless thinners can be used sparingly and covered, but the...
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    Finish "lifting" on headstock - how to stop it getting worse?

    Strip and refin. Piecemeal repairs would cost an arm and a leg by a pro, whereas you could do a complete refin without professional help for very little $. Hard to know what’s under there that caused the separation but it’s not going to get better, so…strip and refinish.
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    Got my Warmoth Yellow Tort guard, and it fits!

    I’m not a tort fan but this is simply “right”! Looks great!