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  1. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Alright guys I cant make up my mind. I'll be using a switch of some sort to switch my single humbucker from series/single/parallel. Should I use A tele 3 way switch or a mini switch dpdt on/on/on? I have both, and have room for both. I'm stalled right now.
  2. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    So this is what a neck finished with z-poxy looks like. You need to do a couple of coats that have a certain thickness to it but not create runs. Sand between coats if you have specs of dust in the finish. Once lets say 3 coat have been applied with a spatula I sand with 1000 grit until all...
  3. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Now for the finishing of the neck it sounds weird but I actually like z-poxy. It gives a nice color and is relatively fast to do. I always go for a satin finish so it will be sanded up to 1500 and left like that. I've done 2 like that and really prefer that to tru oil. And for the body I got...
  4. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Alright another update. During the week I pressed in the fretsI have an old 10 press drill thats perfect for that. If it breaks I'll only cry just a bit hehe. I buy my frets pre radiused because I haven't got around to making a fret roller yet. I overbend them just a hair by hand. For this time...
  5. rezin

    Red Black Pearl Rest thinline

    Now thats my type of guitar! Insane work thanks for sharing
  6. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Thanks eallen for the heads up. I was going to sand the burl. Do you think the 1/4 inch top will be strong enough since this is a chambered body? Or do I need something to support the top?
  7. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Hey everyone, got enough work done to be able to do a small update. Work has been crazy and I didn't get as much time on my build as I would of hoped. Anyways, received my burl top. I planed on using dyes on it but I might just go natural with Z-poxy and a black burst. I think I'd be crazy to...
  8. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Worked on the neck blank today. I hesitated on laminating at first because it wasn't the look I was going for. But decided to go with it anyway. I'll change my original plan again :lol: . The last neck I did I did not laminate and it developped a short hump near the 12th fret a couple months...
  9. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Good idea. I'll move it a bit forward 👍
  10. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Well, did a bit more work. Hollowed out the blank and cut the shape. Sanded to the line using the ROSS. I still have some bits to take off the body but I'll be putting a 1/4 inch cap so should even out for the weight. It's now exactly 4.5lbs. I left the back 3/8 thick, but I might make it 1/4...
  11. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Haha ok sometimes you just need to breath in a bit and think. So I made myself a plug cutter and tried ti find a matching grain in the end that will be cutoff. Its not perfect but only 1/16 will show. Now I need to make sure I'm straight :eek:
  12. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Looks horrible I don't really want to restart a whole fretboard. I don't have another wenge blank
  13. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Ok guys I put my dots in the fretboard. Obviously like an idiot I didn't recheck my marks and the 15th fret marker is 1/16 off. What could I do to fix that? Maybe redrill 1/16 in the other direction and have an oval dot? It would be the only one though
  14. rezin

    Neil's Brotherhood Build 2022 - Tele-gib

    This will be nice! Just a quick question, what are you using to check your neck pocket angle? I have an adjustable metal protractor but I find it really unreliable. Adjusting it at 90 degrees with a machinist square and it doesn't indicate 90 on the gauge.
  15. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Thanks guys. Today I was able to do a bit more work. It was fretboard time. I chose wenge. Since my fretboard blank was a bit less than 1/4inch /I wanted to do the radius and fret slots before the neck so I can adjust the thickness of my neck blank to get my total of 1 inch. I totally HATE doing...
  16. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Thats the head stock and whole look I'm going for Here is the first complete build I did. I will be doing the same carve on the front face but paint a certain green I think instead of white
  17. rezin

    Rezin's Brotherhood 2022 build

    Hello everyone, for the first time I'll be trying a Brotherhood build. This is only my second complete build, but I've built a couple necks for existing bodies. I really hope to be able to make it in time, but that 90 days will be hard with my crazy schedule at work. The guitar will be a sort...
  18. rezin

    Building a T-Style from a historic stump

    wow great work! It really looks awesome
  19. rezin

    The 2022 Brotherhood Build! 😁

    I"ll probably join in for my first time. I'll need to assemble my 14 inch bandsaw though. Brand new sitting in the shed since june of last year... Temperatures are in the negatives right now so it'll have to wait a bit. I'll be doing a single pickup modern tele bridge offset body reverse head...
  20. rezin

    Is this fretboard blank usable?

    I've used an iron with a damp cloth over bowed fretboard with great success. just let it sit for a week to make sure it wont come back.
  21. rezin

    mishap with my tele but happy ending...

    Nice one. I used to have a squire CV in vintage blond with a white guard. This thing would not sell. Put a black pickguard on it and sold instantly o_O. White was much nicer to me.
  22. rezin

    I bought a Chinese Tele neck.

    Good to know. I usually make mine from scratch but if I feel lazy at some point...
  23. rezin

    FSR Telecaster in Black Paisley Reimagined

    Very nice guitar. I really like the look of those tuners. I will have to check them out for sure.
  24. rezin

    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    That is a really nice guitar! Good job!
  25. rezin

    Neck Blanks

    Thanks alot for the link, just ordered 8 blanks!