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  1. montemerrick

    Backing Track Challenge - 340 Funky Vamp

    well, my occasional correspondents, here's the take i managed to get through...
  2. montemerrick

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    Lou Reed liked to rile up the press. He never did an interview that wasn't out the side of his mouth. And that's only one of the things that made him so awesome.
  3. montemerrick

    Strat Talk down?

    well. do people play guitar over here?
  4. montemerrick

    Strat Talk down?

    i might have spilled my drink on it..
  5. montemerrick

    Backing Track Challenge - 334 Blues

    Hi Mark, yes i heard the flat 7 i was just mad at it for some reason... like, you can call pop blues just because you flattened the 7th!!
  6. montemerrick

    Backing Track Challenge - 334 Blues

    hi people i hardly never see this track was not my normal thing (not that i have a normal thing)... i had no idea how to play this sort of track. it shows... here's a very rough play it as we go kind of thing... sorry :(
  7. montemerrick

    How is "biopic" pronounced?

    it isn't.
  8. montemerrick

    Backing Track Challenge - 325 Blues

    HI Mark Over on ST i found that soundcloud links need some help too... look at the address - just after the stuff that makes sense there's a "?" - delete that and everything after it and the link will embed properly... at least that works on ST.... hope it helps...
  9. montemerrick

    Best meat for Chili?

    cruelty free is the chili for me.
  10. montemerrick

    Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan, Tele tone is absolutely beautiful

    i know he stopped winding. he moved to the midwest - he used to live about five miles from me, here in Humboldt CA.
  11. montemerrick

    Backing Track Challenge - 274 Rock

    hey everybody. nice jams you all played. here's one from me (after lo these many months...)... i dont have a wheelhouse but if i did this wouldnt be it - that much is obvious.
  12. montemerrick

    Mid Week Backer - Jazzy Blues

    well, i got from the beginning to the end
  13. montemerrick

    Backing Track Challenge 234 - Country

    um i cant play country and i apologize in advance for very unsubtle use of 6ths
  14. montemerrick

    Special Thread for Strat-Talk Refugees?

    well we each have our preferences, but you're basically saying that as long as your favorite pubs survive, you really don't care if someone else's burn to the ground.
  15. montemerrick

    Strat forum refugee here

    or a banned ex-user with an axe to grind.
  16. montemerrick

    Special Thread for Strat-Talk Refugees?

    i wonder why it's so hard for the owners to dip in and say "yep it's broken, we're working on it..."
  17. montemerrick

    Strat forum refugee here

    rumor has it there's a supervillain out there who is taking his pain out on the lives of the innocent.
  18. montemerrick

    What’s Exactly Wrong With Normal Boss BD-2 (Blues Driver)?

    i hated mine. it sounded flat, lifeless and took the soul out of the guitar... YMMV.
  19. montemerrick

    Backing Track Challenge 217 -Big Band Jazz

    well i did this to avoid a task and my head wasnt in the game...
  20. montemerrick

    I'd like to be broke like rich people are when they go broke.

    as the saying goes, it's cheaper to be rich.
  21. montemerrick

    Strat Talk Forum down again??

    i don't know a thing about servers, but i know a thing or two about service... the owner clearly couldn't care less about good public relations with their customers and users.
  22. montemerrick


    i ate lots of deer when i was a kid, some killed with a bow, some by a gun, some by car. squirrel, rabbit, turkey, and goose too - i've even eaten bow-killed carp... but those days are done... if you must eat meat, then hunting is better than the feedlot, but there's never a good reason to...
  23. montemerrick

    Special Thread for Strat-Talk Refugees?