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  1. Old Verle Miller

    Player, performer or entertainer?

    We have a wide variety of posters here with serious in-depth knowledge and significant experience so I thought I'd run this by the group to see if it still applies. I suspect most here are at least guitar players and there are some who are real-live performers, either in solo gigs or in a band...
  2. Old Verle Miller

    Should I or shouldn't I (old Fender Palomino)

    I have a 1968 Fender Palomino that I'm the original owner of and it seems to have gone up in value over the last decade or so. It's in very-near new condition and still plays very well. I would really like to put in a pickup BUT - there's that truss rod in the body so there's no convenient...
  3. Old Verle Miller

    At last - a useful purpose for the 'net!

    If you've been around as long as I have to see the rise, fall, rise, fall and so on of the usefulness of the 'net, consider yourself lucky to have found this forum!!! I began woodworking doing custom millwork, kitchens and stairs over 55 years ago and I refinished my first electric guitar neck...