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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    And I love it! I’ve long wanted a HH strat and this doesn’t disappoint. I have another Gilmour pickguard for this guitar that I can interchange. Some specs; -Jumbo frets and 12” radius -Alder body (very light) -Wired up with Toneriders, Rocksong in bridge and a Alnico 4 in the Neck. -50s...
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    Toneriders for HH Strat??

    Planning a conversion of my SSS strat to a HH. I find Toneriders to be great bang for the buck so considering these. I guess the Alnico 2 and Alnico 4 and the Rocksongs would be of consideration. I like some clean and light gain tones but also Rock/Heavy Rock crunch. I like my tones pretty...
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    Help Me Finish My Tele Wiring

    It’s my first time at a complete wiring job so go easy on me. And I’m still learning the ins and outs of soldering. Just going for standard wiring on a 3 way switch. I’ve been following this diagram. I have a Texas Special Neck that has 3 wires so I have grounded that extra yellow wire to the...
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    Completely Happy with your Dirt Pedals?

    For the first time I feel like I’ve got the perfect selection of dirt for my Deville 2x12! Spark and TS are there just to eq different guitars , and give the others a bit of a push if needed. Is it possible that I don’t need to buy any more drive pedals??? Or am I dreaming ? Anyone have no...
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    Recommend me a pattern picking song

    I’m talking about songs with arpeggiated chords... I’ve been neglecting this type of practice for a long time and want to improve. I spend to much time on lead guitar rather than rhythm. Not talking about Travis picking where it’s alternating thumb and fingers, but similar patterns with...
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    Rig Pic

    Just had to share.... totally content with this set up !
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    Drummer Pluggin Help Please

    Firstly, I’m inexperienced with drummer pluggins ( and home recording in general) I have no intention of diving to deep into it, just want something to lay down some practice loops and tracks and share the odd thing with friends. I have asked advise here before and since upgraded to Studio...
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    A Way of Getting SIMPLE Drum Loops: Studio 1

    I’m very new to recording and my computer skills are pretty ordinary atm. I would like to add simple drum loops to Studio One. My only aim is to make simple backing tracks so I can practice my band material. The easier and more simple the drums the better. Just need to cover basic rock sounds...
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    Power Supply : Gator GTR Pwr 8 ?

    Looks good on paper, and the price seems very reasonable. Anyone have an experience with these?
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    A Strat Journey.. Least played guitar to No .1

    This guitar started out as a Japanese strat with all original parts, it had vintage frets and a 7.25 radius. I didn’t really bond with it but kept it and slowly did mods. All these mods have happen over 5 or 6 years. It has evolved into my No1 player. First was some proper shielding I put a...
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    Fender Blues Deluxe RI TOOOOBS

    I’ve been finding my BD a bit bloated in the bass and struggling to get a good clean tone at band volumes. It has a Cannabis Rex speaker. I use it as a clean platform with pedals. I run the bass on zero usually. The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying the drive channel with master fully...
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    G&L Bluesboy pickups sorted!!

    Ive had a couple of posts about this axe before. It’s a tribute model. I originally changed the bridge to an SD Jerry Donahue and SD Jazz in the neck. Loved the JD but the Jazz was lifeless and dull. Finally got around to getting a SD PRail with two push/pulls installed. The results are a lot...
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    PRS SE Custom pick up change

    Got a Korean PRS SE custom 22 with a hard tail in coming. Will definitely give the pickups a go, but I have a habit of changing out mediocre pickups.. more than likely they will go eventually. Just wondering if anyone has changed pickups on an SE and found it to be a big improvement. If so...
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    Help me order these pedals for recording

    I’m a complete newb to recording and ampless playing. My aim is to record some good sounding backing tracks to practice with, maybe try recording my own songs. I’ll be using a presonus audio box and studio one 4. I have these pedals to use to go direct to daw. How would you ording these for...
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    Are these cheap set up tools worth buying??

    Hi, Is it worth buying these cheap tools? Or should I spring for more expensive versions? I want to get into setting up my own guitars as I’ve got to many to keep paying a pro. These are the specific tools I want. I have some other basic stuff Just don’t want to buy twice Thanks
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    Fender American Performer Strat Anyone?

    How are people liking the Performer line? How are the Yosemite pups? I’m thinking about getting my first American strat, and I like the specs on this guitar. I recently tried and loved an old American standard, but I can get a brand new performer for basically the same price people seem to be...
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    Acoustic guitar with Electric Amp?

    Hi Folks, I’ve never been on the acoustic section of this forum so excuse my ignorance. I also haven’t played acoustic much in my 25 years of guitar playing. I want to set up an acoustic rig mainly for home use, I have a beautiful Maton EM 325c that hasn’t been out of its case in years, it needs...
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    Pickups behaving strangely

    Got an Ibanez RG 350 HSH. A while back a new Humbucker was put in the neck. The work was done by a guitar tech. It has a push/pull pot on the volume pot to split the humbuckers in the bridge and the neck. Everything worked seamlessly for quite a while Strange thing is.... In the neck...
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    Mixing G&L and Fender pickups ?

    I’m about to change pickups in my G&L bluesboy. And thinking of trying the MFD bridge pickup in my Squier Tele which is currently equipped with Fender Texas Specials. So end result would be a G&L MFD in the bridge and a Texas Special neck pickup. Anyone know if G&L and Fender pickups can be...
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    G&L Bluesboy Tribute Pickup Change

    Hi all Ive just ordered a SD Jerry Donahue for the bridge of my bluesboy. The stock neck humbucker will need to go as well as its to dark and muddy. I have a Gibson Burstbucker laying around so I’m wondering if this might work... Anyone put a Burstbucker in the neck of a Tele type guitar and...
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    G&L Bluesboy Neck Pickup Replacement

    Hi All, My wife gifted me a G&L Bluesboy Tribute (Indo) Semi hollow with F hole just over a year ago. This guitar is a beast and I love everything about it except the neck humbucker. It’s way to dark and muddy, and is just not usable with the rest of my rig. I’ve tried adjusting pickup...
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    Help me decide the fate of my strat

    Hi all, I’ve discovered Teles in the past couple of years and absolutely love em. My poor strat is getting no love. It’s a cij fender with a 7.25 inch radius and vintage frets which I am no longer liking. Apart from the neck, the rest of the strat is fantastic. Its got great pickups, has full...
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    My Squier Affinity mods so far

    Thought I would share my squier affinity mods I’ve been chipping away at. I picked up the guitar for a handful of coins, it looked like it had been well used but I instantly loved the feel of the chunky neck. Not sure what year it is because the serial no. has been scrubbed off. The body is...
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    Tele Bridge Plate Placement for a Newbie

    I want to place a new bridge and drill string through holes on my Tele. I got the string through mod under control but I have little knowledge of how to place the bridge correctly. Obviously I want to get this right the first time. So I'm looking for your best tips on how to measure up for the...
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    This lesson is pure gold!

    Just thought I would share this lesson. Probably one of the best YouTube lessons I've found. Hope others can get something out of it Cheers