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    Fender Player Series Telecaster 2022

    I have a Player Tele that I ended up putting in some Bootstrap Palo Duros, but that bridge pickup is awesome. I've got it in an esquired SX with 50s wiring and was just thinking how great it sounds last night. Definitely higher output and darker than the Palo Alto bridge but an awesome tone...
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    Got to finally See Buddy Guy for the first time last night

    Sweet! I'll be in Chicago this August, definitely planning on making a trip to his club and hoping to see him.
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    Are gigs (shows/concerts) really getting more boring and why?

    Can't really speak to the past, but I'll say I pretty much exclusively go to shows for up and coming and not big selling bands I love at under 1500 cap/$30 ticket venues and I'm rarely disappointed in the energy of the band or crowd. There's a whole lot of awesome country and r&b acts on that...
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    Finally joining this fine forum...

    Welcome! Always love seeing a fellow lefty
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    James Burton recommendations please

    I believe he and most of the band from the studio sessions were busy on tour with some guy named Elvis and Jock Bartley played as part of the newly formed Fallen Angels on Gram's tour and that studio set. Love his playing on that record!
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    How does one cure impulsiveness?

    Yeah I'll second the put it in the cart and then leave it thing. Hitting that little add to cart button gives you that dopamine hit the impulsive brain wants so bad. Along with that I try to leave my wallet in the other room while online shopping to create a barrier once I have stuff in the...
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    For The Vintage Hi-Fi Lovers

    Along with the DAC options mentioned already there's also HifiBerry DACs which mount right onto a Pi for under $50. Supposed to be a great option, I don't have experience with them but I think I'm going to get my Pi set up with one in the near future. Along with Volumio there's PiCorePlayer...
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    Favorite Live Country Albums?

    Wow I must have missed the memo on Poco... this is exactly the sound I've been chasing. I think this is the next listen!
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    Favorite Live Country Albums?

    Love this one! Country Baptizing and Six Days on the Road are killer
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    Favorite Live Country Albums?

    Listening to Buck Owens' Carnegie Hall Concert right now for the first time, what a tight band! What are some of your favorite live country album with a smokin band?
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    Bootstrap Pretzel vs. Extra Crispy?

    I have a Palo Duro set in my Player series and love love love the neck. Haven't tried any of his other pickups (yet, have Extra Crispy set on order for partscaster build) but I know I've seen a couple guys around here mention that's their favorite pairing. Seems to come down to whether you want...
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    Trudy (CDB). Tyler Childers band with two red Strats

    Hounds to Heaven just might be my favorite song of his and they do a killer Trudy. These boys have been gettin real funky lately.
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome! Been seeing you over in r/leftyguitarists and r/telecaster, thought you'd enjoy it here. Lots of knowledgeable folk who are a little more inclined towards the modding and building.
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    Best Rap Song Ever

    And how could I forget one of the greatest story tellers of the last decade??
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    Best Rap Song Ever

    Big ups to all the classics in this thread but I'll show my age (lack thereof) with some newer stuff: How about a heavy sample/rerecord of a classic Isley Brothers tune? With the blessing of Ronald Isley himself! And some modern boom bap for the old heads A modern classic, just as much of a...
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    Well, it looks like I'm building a partscaster

    A Haggard guard is a great idea! I figure if I start with just a pickup ring any holes will be covered by a guard if I decide to do that down the road, obviously doesn't work the other way around. That Palo Duro neck is really something else, I'm excited to try a different flavor of it.
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    Well, it looks like I'm building a partscaster

    It's a pretty crazy looking top, that's for sure! I'm split on whether or not to cover it up with a pickguard. I think I'm just going to have to wait until I've got it put together to make the final call.
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    Well, it looks like I'm building a partscaster

    I think a rosewood board would look great... I've decided no flamed neck to really keep the focus on the body. I think I'm set on a plain roasted boatneck with a rosewood board from Warmoth. I grew up down the road from them, gotta support local!
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    Well, it looks like I'm building a partscaster

    That's my thought, right now I'm thinking just going with tru oil to accentuate the grain.
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    Well, it looks like I'm building a partscaster

    So I've been ruminating over my first partscaster build and what parts I want. I was looking at either a pine or thinline mahogany body, but I couldn't not pull the trigger on this from ToneBomb: Alder body with a gorgeous maple cap, now its time for the rest! I just put in an order for a set...
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    Jason Isbell

    Just caught him and the band at the Mt Baker Theater up in Bellingham last night, what a great show! Just an amazing songwriter and true triple threat. Lots of cool guitar stuff too, Sadler brought the B Bender out for a couple songs and it sounded awesome. They did a great cover of Fleetwood...
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    Output drops with pickguard on?

    Update: Looks like the switch lug to to the volume pot is rubbing against the cavity wall and causing the short. CTS switches in an import body strikes again!
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    Output drops with pickguard on?

    Weird right? After shielding the body I'm getting 0 output when its on.. makes me think you're on track with a loop being pressed inward and I've just made it worse doing it repeatedly. Thanks
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    Output drops with pickguard on?

    Yep, 8k on each itself. Middle position is seeing a drop as expected from being wired parallel and has the same output drop as each independently turned over. Thanks for the input, looks like I'm tracking down a short.
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    Output drops with pickguard on?

    Hey there, installing new pickups in a Squier Strat and hoping I could get some input on a problem I'm diagnosing. Installing two humbuckers wired like a tele with a bass contour knob between volume pot and output BTW. I'm getting really low output (~3k) from both pickups with the pickguard on...