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  1. brokenbones

    Is it safe to move down a grit and re-sand?

    Backstory: -Stripped painted Alder body using heat gun and scraper -Orbit sander w/ #220 -Hand/block sanded w/ #320 -will be dyeing w/ analine wood dye I am just not pleased with the sanding results from the #320. Any downside to starting over to 220 by hand? My main issues are the constant...
  2. brokenbones

    What type of Alder sample for finishing practice?

    The only samples in-store are from one of the big box places labeled "rustic alder" and "#1 common knotty grade for a rustic appearance". Will this type of wood yield the same results as an alder body or should I order Alder hardwood samples from a reputable Woodworking supply store? TIA
  3. brokenbones

    Silverface Champ; possible mods or conversions?

    There is a beat to hell SF Champ for sale cheap and I was wondering if this can be converted to at least blackface (or tweed) spec fairly easily? I'm not sure of the year as I haven't contacted the seller.
  4. brokenbones

    Has anyone successfully reinstalled a guitar case foot?

    Quarantine Project #734: The foot and split rivot came loose on my case. I was lucky enough to spot it laying on the stage after a show. I tried hot glue and that didn't work. Any other suggestions to at least get it to stick?
  5. brokenbones

    How would I remove etching from aluminum?

    Are there any inexpensive ways to refinish etched aluminum? I'm building an attenuator with a repurposed chassis that has an etched faceplate. I'd like to remove the etching in exchange for simple decals. The etching isn't too deep but i'm wondering if sanding it down and buffing it out is...
  6. brokenbones

    New filter caps are loose in fully tightened tension bracket. How to fix?

    I just replaced the filter caps in a Marshall. The problem is the replacement caps are just a hair too small in diameter and they aren't seated firmly. I can wiggle one with ease and the other wants to slide into the chassis with the slightest amount of force. Any tips on how to seat these...
  7. brokenbones

    Can a bulging electrolytic capacitor still be good?

    I was doing some prep work for a recap and decided to test a bulging capacitor still in circuit. One of the ESR meters I use has that capability. Anyways, the capacitor tested good, great actually. I'll probably pull it to double check with a different meter. Is this possible? If it tests good...
  8. brokenbones

    Could these frets be crowned?

    I'm starting to get some buzzing spots and uneven frets when checked with a rocker. Is there enough meat on the bones to crown these frets?
  9. brokenbones

    Matching Headstocks, Love'em or Hate'em? Vote!

    I've never been a fan of the matching headstock. Why do people like this option? Was it a marketing ploy back when? The reason for the rant is that I came across a nice '81 Telecaster for a good price. While sifting through the pics, there it was, the dreaded matching headstock. Immediate...
  10. brokenbones

    Where can I get a PCB etched?

    Are there any companies online that I can email a layout and have them etch it? I've tried google. All you get are DIY and 'at home' guides.
  11. brokenbones

    Can anyone identify some of these pedals?

    I'm always enamored by Kenny Vaughn's (The Fabulous Superlatives/Marty Stuart) setup and tone. I've tried googling his rig without much luck. Can anyone identify some of the pedals from this picture? I see the three Boss pedals, but the rest, i've never seen. Also, why the two tuners?
  12. brokenbones

    Bench Non-inductive Dummy Load; How Important Is Accuracy/tolerance?

    How important is Ω accuracy in terms of a bench dummy load for amp testing? I found some Dale non-inductive, high watt resistors on eBay (at a GREAT price) and they're really close to 4/8/16Ω after a preliminary wiring. These are my readings. Resistance: 16Ω = 16.9Ω 8Ω = 8.7Ω 4Ω = 4.5Ω I know...
  13. brokenbones

    How to price your guitar before you put it up on Craigslist... If you love humorous, condescending Craigslist posts, you're going to like this one.
  14. brokenbones

    Recommend a good multi-city/state Craigslist search engine site was my go-to Craigslist search site. I could type in my zip code and choose a mile-radius parameter from that zip code. It's been very shoddy lately and it's time to move on. Does anyone have a good Craigslist search site?
  15. brokenbones

    Post eBay sellers that you follow...

    Does anyone have any good sellers that you follow on eBay that you'd be willing to share with the group? I'm more focused on sellers that have parts and odds and ends instead of just guitars and amps.
  16. brokenbones

    How does a Gibson 60's thin neck compare to a modern Std. Strat or Tele C-neck?

    Does anyone own both types and can do non-technical analysis of the "feel" between the two? Is the Gibson neck shallower than the Fender? Some Gibson players think that the 60's neck is much too thin. Any experience on the subject? Thanks.
  17. brokenbones

    Outrageous Craigslist pricing; do you contact or just mark as prohibited?

    I came across a steal of a deal today while purusing Craigslist. A 2008 MIM Strat w/gig bag for the low, low price of $900. They had a couple of other items for sale that were listed above double their value. Normally in these situations i'll just flag the listing as prohibited and move on. But...
  18. brokenbones

    Is this a fake Telefunken?

    I picked this up this little mysterious tube today. Frankly, i'm not even sure of the type. There are no markings besides inside the diamond. The Y getter looks legit but what about the diamond? Can anyone spot a fake?
  19. brokenbones

    25% off all Jensen speakers at

    Just thought i'd pass this info along. Sale runs through the end of the month.
  20. brokenbones

    Amp Testing: Dummy Load Box Hookups for Oscilloscope?

    Hello Friends (the Masters are on and I couldn't resist), I'm building an enclosed dummy load box and I would like to be able to put my scope leads on a contact point on the load box in order to measure the output of the amplifier. Would banana plugs be safe to clip the scope leads to in this...
  21. brokenbones

    Dummy Loads: What type of wire?

    Hello, I'm looking to make a dummy load similar to this... What type of wire is being used? I want to directly wire it up to a 1/4" jack to plug into an amplifier. This is strictly for testing, not recording. Thanks.
  22. brokenbones

    DR Pure Blues Strings, Vintage or Red Stripe pack?

    Hello, Which do you guys prefer? Are there any differences between the two?
  23. brokenbones

    '63 VVRI Ground Switch Removal help:

    I'm wanting to remove the "non-functional" ground switch to install a bias pot. The switch has 3 speaker wire connectors running to the PCB board. On the PCB there are traces leading to other components. Is it okay to just remove the wires and leave the leads that are soldered into the PCB...
  24. brokenbones

    Fender '63 VVRI Bias Pot Mod... How to?

    Does anyone have any information on exactly how to complete this mod? I've seen some posts say it's R58 and some that say it's R59. This is from a Fender Technical Release on the cold bias. My amp was made in 'Dec. 1990' with 6L6GC's. Could I leave R58 at 1k and install a 30k or 47k trimpot...
  25. brokenbones

    2 Amps in 1 Stereo Cab, getting an intermittent high pitch tone through one of the amps. Solution?

    I've got a gig coming up and I was testing my new live rig out and i'm running into the above mentioned problem. What i'm using is a Jet City 2x12 with 16 ohm, 75 W speakers. I've got a Marshall JCM900 running at 50W on the 16 ohm setting into one speaker. A Quilter mini head running well below...

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