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  1. sir humphrey

    NGD (nearly) day

    It’s taken nearly a year but my transatlantic Custom-built g-bender Tele is now on its way! She’s a beauty - can’t wait to get twanging on her. Meet the Nellycaster!
  2. sir humphrey

    ‘63 CS pickup equivalents?

    Just played a lovely Fender Custom Shop ‘63 Tele and absolutely loved the sound of the pickups, but apparently they aren’t available to buy separately. Does anyone know of an equivalent aftermarket pickup that I could buy? Or have any info on the spec for the CS pickups so I can have some made...
  3. sir humphrey

    Name this guitar

    Anyone know what the gorgeous guitar Van is playing at the beginning of this gig is? The semi hollow he plays later is an Ibanez GB10 and I think this one might be some sort of Ibanez but video quality not good enough to read the headstock name.
  4. sir humphrey

    NGD Patrick Eggle Berlin

    Just got my hands on this beauty - a 1993 "legendary era" Patrick Eggle, custom build. I needed a new guitar, for a new project I'm involved in, that was really versatile and could cover Gibson and Fender territory and everything from twang to metal. Was just about to spend £stupid on a PRS...
  5. sir humphrey

    Amp in a pedal

    Anyone got any suggestions for a good amp in a pedal that covers decent clean and dirty sounds. I use a Kemper for live running out to the house PA and a powered monitor on stage. My worry is that the Kemper dies on me mid-gig so I'm looking for some back-up. I need a pedal that will give me a...
  6. sir humphrey

    American Road Trip

    I've got permission from the bosses (my family) and have now arranged to take a break from real life next year and do my dream American road trip. All I know so far is I'm taking at least a month, I'm starting in Chicago and finishing in Austin and I'm taking my guitar. My plan is to make a...
  7. sir humphrey

    Happy Hanukkhah!

    Happy Hanukkha to all TDPRIers. Here's my girls enjoying their Hanukkha Gelt. They almost got the story right too, apart from my youngest confusing Macabees with Monkeys. Made for a more interesting tale than usual!
  8. sir humphrey

    Country guitarists UK - gig tonight

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this - but I've just had a call from a band looking for a country guitarist for a gig tonight in Brentwood, Essex. I can't make it - but if you play country and are anywhere near Essex, let me know. Apparently it's an emergency!
  9. sir humphrey

    Tes Paul? Lesocaster?

    This just popped up on my Facebook feed - by a company called Starr Guitars. Never heard of them, but they've created a Tele-Paul hybrid. Not sure if it's inspired or an abomination!
  10. sir humphrey

    NBJ - Deering Goodrime Electro

    Decided to teach my self banjo a few months back after struggling to find a banjo player locally to join my band. After some good advice from dlew919 on here, I picked up the Tony Trischka method book, and after three months of wood shedding am now ready to take the little fella out to some...
  11. sir humphrey

    NGD - Oaky from Musk.. er, Devon

    So, I was planning to buy a White Falcon with some money that had come my way unexpectedly. But then I found myself passing the Brook guitars workshop in Devon on the way from one gig to another. Simon at Brook was kind enough to open up the workshop on his day off for me to have a look...
  12. sir humphrey

    Gretch or Duesenberg? Help me spend my money.

    I've been lucky enough to come into some money I wasn't expecting - and of course that can only mean one thing. GAS attack! I've had a hankering for a semi-hollow for some time, and it's always been either a Country Gentleman or a White Falcon. But now I've had my head turned by this little...
  13. sir humphrey

    Band name - caution: New Country content

    Having decided that what the UK needs right now is a kickin' contemporary country band, I've put one together and started rehearsals/auditions. Now for the tricky part - finding a name. Looking for suggestions from the good folks of TDPRI. We're going to be playing a pretty wide range of...
  14. sir humphrey

    Rugby League - Ben Flower = nutter

    Not sure how many League fans there are on the forum, but bit of fun and games in the Grand Final. Punching a man when he's already out cold - class act from Ben Flower. Expect Plod to be waiting for him outside Old Trafford.
  15. sir humphrey

    NG (arrives) D - 52 RI

    My eBay buy was kindly dropped off by the seller today. 2001 AVRI '52 - very clean for a 13 year old guitar with just one chip on the body from where it was hit by a falling mic! My other 52 RI is a 2008 and comparing the two, this one is much lighter. I know a lot of you like this, but I...
  16. sir humphrey

    NGD '52 Reissue (again)

    I just can't seem to stop myself - found a 52 reissue at a good price on eBay and bid for it, expecting it to go higher. It didn't - so I have another one now. Not sure how that happened. I'll have to sell something before the wife finds out. Anyway, it won't arrive for a few days so no pics...
  17. sir humphrey

    NBD - New Banjo Day

    Had an itch to buy a banjo for some time - just scratched it. Been driving the family insane by practicing rolls on a G chord all day. No volume knob on these fellas!
  18. sir humphrey

    CIJ paisley tele - anyone played one

    I've had a hankering for a pink paisley Tele for a while and am currently following a couple on eBay and another website and itching to pull the trigger. I almost never buy a guitar without playing it first, but pink paisley Teles are as rare as rocking horse **** in the UK so online is my only...
  19. sir humphrey

    Recording request: Hear the Pennies Dropping

    Wonder if any of the kind folks on here can help - I'm looking for a recording of Hear the Pennies Dropping urgently for a theatre performance being put on my a friend of mine tomorrow. Does anyone have such a thing they could send me, or know where I can buy one (online)?
  20. sir humphrey

    New MusicMan amp - anyone tried it?

    It's been offered a very good price on a new MusicMan combo. Anyone tried it? Any thoughts? Does it differ much from the original?
  21. sir humphrey

    Kemper - live report

    I posted a NAD about my Kemper Profiler the other day and a couple of people asked for a report on how it worked live, so here you go.. It worked - that's the first thing to say! I've always liked the idea of the practicality and versatility of digital for playing live but my experience of it...
  22. sir humphrey

    NAD - Kemper

    Just bought me a Kemper profiler - not sure why, other than I keep getting seduced by the idea that digital will get it right one day. First impressions are pretty good. My biggest worry was that digital rarely does clean well and I play mostly clean. Anything with a bit of hair on it sounds...
  23. sir humphrey

    Tom Waits - WTF happened to his voice?

    I've been a big Tom Waits fan for years and always conscious of the big difference between his asylum years stuff and the later albums. But tonight I've been listening to Closing Time and Swordfish Trombones and wondering just WTF did he do to change his voice from bar room crooner to gargled...
  24. sir humphrey

    Carr Impala anyone?

    I'm in the market for a new amp and my eye - and ear - has been caught by the Carr Impala. I play 90% clean but sometimes need to Marshall it up. At the moment I use a DRRI and love it - but recently have been playing much bigger venues and found some problems with cutting through - not so...
  25. sir humphrey

    Sound engineer rant

    I'll start off by saying sound engineers have a tough job, especially dealing with egotistical musicians in the day job. But tonight the guy at our gig was a word I can't use on this forum without being banned. The moment we walked through the door he handed our drummer - unprompted - a list...

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