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  1. musky55

    kramer striker 600st

    I found a Kramer for cheap and wonder if anyoune knows the function of the 3 toggles?
  2. musky55

    Matching pairs

    Anybody else like to build matching bass and six string pairs? I have made a few, this is one. The Bud trio, bass, six string and cajon made from old crates.
  3. musky55

    Rick Turner Model 1 Deluxe

    Has anyone here cloned/copied the Rick Turner Lindsay Buckingham guitar? If so what did you use for pickups etc?
  4. musky55

    Tiny Beatle Bass

    I found a worthless Violin body and cut the top and bottom off. Then I cut a slab of mable to make the inner body and mounted some old bass pickups, built a custom neck and voila, mini bass. Sounds great with my Rumble LT25 amp with tons of effects.
  5. musky55

    New amps in old boxes

  6. musky55

    Schaller Hannes piezo bridge

    Anybody have any experience with the Schaller Hannes piezo bridge and Flagship pre-amp? Yay or nay ?
  7. musky55

    Hannes® 6 Piezo Bridge

    Has any one here used the Hannes® 6 Piezo bridge yet ? I am wondering what value volume pot and can you add a tone pot ?
  8. musky55

    One pickup that does it all...

    I am building a very custom hollow metal bodied guitar and plan to use Graphtech Piezo saddles in the bridge for that "acoustic" sound. I plan to use only one magnetic pickup in the middle position and need a split coil humbucker that can deliver all the other sounds a conventional electric...
  9. musky55

    Graphtech saddles

    Does anyone here have any experience with the Graphtech Acoustiphonic Ghost saddles? I want to use them without the Acoustiphonic preamp. Can I expect any quality sound? Will I need a pre-amp or just plug straight into an acoustic amp? Are there any better alternatives for acoustic sound from an...
  10. musky55

    Lindsey Buckingham guitar

    Can anyone explain the Rick Turner guitar Lindsey plays? So many knobs and active? pickup etc? I would like to try to copy its design, however I cannot find much in diagrams etc.
  11. musky55

    Acoustic Bass

    Someone just gave me a 1/2 Cello body with a broken off neck and I am thinking about making an acoustic bass. I will need to electrify it and wonder if anyone has experience at this. I see Piezo pickups and pre-amps for 6 strings and don't know how they would work for a bass. I also read where...
  12. musky55

    Crown Royal

    Just wanted to show my Crown Royal. While building it Jackyl started selling their own brand. I did recently get them to sign it and makes a good conversation piece, plus good sounds.
  13. musky55

    Show your Crown Royal guitars

    I just got it signed by the whole Jackyl Band, unfortunately they don't drink it anymore. :oops: Sorry I put this in the wrong forum and my picture got deleted. Moved it to "Other guitars"
  14. musky55

    Best Handy Andy copy?

    Does anyone know if these Handy Andy copies are any good? Or should I save up and get the real thing? Plus, are they legal?
  15. musky55


    Hello, I've been here awhile but waited to post because I wanted to get some photos up. I started building (the sickness my wife calls it) three years ago and I am at 24 now. I am taking lessons, but my kids play and I have some friends with a band and they use my guitars once in a while on...
  16. musky55

    Joe Bonamossa

    I just attended a Joe Bonamossa concert and was very impressed. It was like a 2 1/2 hour guitar solo with some singing sprinkled in. That man is like a machine, non stop playing. He did a meet and greet before the show and was very friendly and signed anything, including my "Bastardcaster"...
  17. musky55

    Trussart steelcaster

    Does anyone have a Steelcaster? I have some questions. Are the pots & wiring exposed through the mesh on the front & back? If so, do they cause feedback on stage? Is mesh a good shielding or does wiring etc have to be completely enclosed? Do you think the mesh is cosmetic or does that body...
  18. musky55

    affinity model

    Does the Affinity model tele have a 2 way truss rod? Mine is bowed the wrong way.