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  1. sir humphrey

    NGD (nearly) day

    Guitar should be here in the next couple of days - I’ll post something up
  2. sir humphrey

    NGD (nearly) day

    Thanks! It just different flavour of benders. The b-bender is great for traditional pedal steel type tones but I went for a g-bender cos I live out of the triads on the d-g-b strings and it lets me make some cool chord movements using all three strings. I can bend the d and b with my fingers...
  3. sir humphrey

    NGD (nearly) day

    That’s for turning up the twang levels ;-)
  4. sir humphrey

    NGD (nearly) day

    It’s taken nearly a year but my transatlantic Custom-built g-bender Tele is now on its way! She’s a beauty - can’t wait to get twanging on her. Meet the Nellycaster!
  5. sir humphrey

    Is TDPRI history? (merged)

    It depends if you use it on a phone or not. I only ever (try to) access it on a phone and at least half the time no content shows at all. I’ve more or less stopped using it as a result, and as most people usually use their phone to access it then I do worry how long it can last if it doesn’t...
  6. sir humphrey

    Anybody enjoy a good Scotch ?

    I’m off to Islay next week for a whisky trip - taking in Laphroig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg distilleries (as well as Oban as a diversion on the way) and staying at one of Scotland’s best whisky bars, where I’ll no doubt try many more. Safe to say I like my whisky!
  7. sir humphrey

    How can the moderator stop the Chinese spam?

    You can only put them on ignore one poster at a time. That would be useful advice if there wasn’t dozens and dozens of them - otherwise you spend more time putting Chinese hackers on ignore the you do reading posts. It’s been better recently, but at times it’s made the site unusable so maybe...
  8. sir humphrey

    has the b bender seen its day?

    It’s never really been mainstream - not sure any fewer or more people are using them now than in the past. Saw John Osborne using one to great effect recently, so there’s a few around. I’m just waiting on delivery of my g-bender Tele so I’m a fan.
  9. sir humphrey

    Has anyone here ever bought a "Chibson"?

    Guy in my band has a Chickenbacker (Chinese Rickenbacker!) and to be fair after a proper set up it’s pretty decent. When you consider how much an actual Ricky costs, and the fact that they are appallingly made guitars with massive design flaws, you’d have to be pretty crazy to buy the real...
  10. sir humphrey

    Is TDPRI history? (merged)

    Unfortunately it’s not just one, it’s lots of different posters so you’d be spending more time ignoring posters than actually reading the forum. Seems to be a bit better recently, but at times it’s made the whole forum unusable.
  11. sir humphrey

    Passive acoustic pickups.. .who's using what?

    From the many I’ve tried K&K is the one I found that keeps the natural sound of your guitar the best - but it can struggle at high volumes so probably best choice for solo/duo acoustic rather than in a band with drummer.
  12. sir humphrey

    Once and for a hot dog a sandwich?

    A sandwich requires the food to be consumed between two slices of bread. A hot dog is a frankfurter embedded into a single bread roll: ipso facto and hot dog is not a sandwich
  13. sir humphrey

    What were you using in 68?

    A potty
  14. sir humphrey

    The music you're playing now, is it what you were playing when you started out?

    Well I mostly listen to American country to be honest! The local country music scene is small, but growing - but it’s broken down to the “official” country circuit of old clubs and even older punters who don’t want to hear anything written after 1971, and then a less coherent but pretty active...
  15. sir humphrey

    The music you're playing now, is it what you were playing when you started out?

    Like the OP I came to Country via the long route - in this case England, so even further away from Nashville. I started off playing blues and rock but I kept finding that every time I researched a player who’s style I liked their influences always led back to Country. So I started checking out...
  16. sir humphrey

    Recommend me tele pickup set

    Lollar Royal T
  17. sir humphrey

    Anyone got a Kemper Profiler Amp? Any good?

    Yeah - had one for four years. It’s all I use now. Ridiculously convenient and I’m getting the best sounds I’ve ever had. There’s a reason it’s becoming the industry standard.
  18. sir humphrey

    Chip Butty's ..what defines the perfect recipe

    Your recipe is pretty much spot on. Soft, processed sliced white bread, loads of salted butter and medium sized (also salted) chips. You can add mayonnaise as well. The only difference I make to your version is I double the chip layer - overlaying a second row of chips at 90 degrees to the...
  19. sir humphrey

    Heroic rescue of a child from 4th floor balcony

    The other guy was holding onto the kid to stop him falling. There was a wall between them - to get to the other side he would have had to climb over the balcony, which would have meant either trying to do it one handed and killing them both or letting go of the kid and probably killing him. Not...
  20. sir humphrey

    have you ever actually worn out a guitar?

    Yep - my first Strat, a 1984 MIJ. Had it refretted 3 times and eventually the neck was so worn down that it was almost scalloped. Still have it but it’s too knackered to play out now
  21. sir humphrey

    MJT Owners Thread

    They’ve been pretty cool so far - I sent them a picture of a guitar where I particularly liked the grain and the body they got for me is pretty much 100% identical. Just waiting for some pics of the finish when that’s done.
  22. sir humphrey

    MJT Owners Thread

    Got one in progress Will be two tone sunburst, double bound, with a Matney G-bender.