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  1. BUG80

    My take on a 60s Custom Tele

    Assembled this some weeks ago as part of a "guitar building workshop". It's a Squier CV Custom body (we ordered another body actually, but it is near impossible to get good quality replacement bodies at the moment), a 12" neck, vintage-style tuners, compensated vintage-style bridge, Tonerider...
  2. BUG80

    You know you're a tele nut when... get a warm feeling inside when your phone indicates it has 52% battery power left. Any more? :mrgreen:
  3. BUG80

    Swapping hot & ground on a humbucker

    I have a tele with two Kent Armstrong humbuckers. Strangely enough, Kent Armstrong seems to be the only manufacturer that labels the "North Start" wire as "ground" and "South Start" as "hot". For all other manufacturers it is the other way around (see...
  4. BUG80

    Thinline / blacktop hybrid

    This guitar was build as part of a "build your own T-type course" at De Haan Guitars in the Netherlands. It is kind of a thinline / blacktop hybrid. De body was made by De Haan, the other parts were ordered elsewhere. I'm quite happy with how it turned out!