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  1. T-bone Ted

    Let's see those pedal boards!

    I love pedals and effects, but I don't always gig with my board. Sometimes I just want to play and express myself with guitar & amp. Nothin' fancy, just keep it simple and play my heart out! The more I play I think pedals can hide a musician's faults. With that said, I probably use my board...
  2. T-bone Ted

    Let's hear your jokes!

    Why did Beethoven get rid of his chickens? * * * * * Because all they said all day long was "Bach, Bach, Bach, Bach..."
  3. T-bone Ted

    What do you say to a friend when ...

    My son's band had a show/gig on Friday night and afterward I left to see a friend's band play across town. I made it to the show ahead of schedule since they did not start until about 10:40 pm. Got to talk to my friend and several other friends that also made it to the show. Good...
  4. T-bone Ted

    What dog food for my 1 year old Boston Terrier?

    My dog just turned one this month? It's time to transition from puppy food to an adult blend of nutrition. I generally get my pet food from a local Feeders Supply. The dog's name is Fender and he is very healthy and a typical CRAZY Boston that makes me laugh all the time! Looking for...
  5. T-bone Ted

    What's in your Tele guitar case?

    Just curious about the stuff that players keep in their guitar cases. I keep a tele, strap, strings, pair of pliers and a microfiber cloth. This seems to cover the bases for me. What's in your case?
  6. T-bone Ted

    Yard sales

    My wife likes to go to yard sales and I occasionally tag along. I can browse with the best of 'em when I'm in the mood. She will find a gem or two from time to time (mostly dishes). I hear people tell stories of finding her valuable things, but its just not happened for me. What have you...
  7. T-bone Ted

    Songwriters ... post your favorite original chorus

    I've only been writing songs for a few years, but I enjoy it quite a bit. I cannot tell stories in a song so I just try to share my insights and thoughts about things. Here's my current favorite! Song title - I WANT YOU LIKE NEVER BEFORE Give me your love now, You've touched my soul gal, I...
  8. T-bone Ted

    Professional All-Star games ...

    I enjoy watching an occasional game on tv. This weekend there are two taking place (NHL & NFL). The NHL makes a real splash with a skills contest on Friday and follows it up with the actual game on Saturday. The skills contest is interesting with the different degrees of challenging tests of...
  9. T-bone Ted you make the rounds?

    So you are a musician on the local scene. Do you regularly make the rounds to see others perform? I do and I think it reflects support. Other musicians know and respect the time and support which generates good will. I'm in the process of teaching this to my son. It is very important for...
  10. T-bone Ted

    Post your favorite video?

    My son's band has released a new video. We are excited about the future of the band and another new video in the works. Josh plays guitar btw. Banshee Child "Bad Mojo Ju Ju" Hope you dig it!
  11. T-bone Ted

    Time for some jokes ...

    A man cheats on his girlfriend Lorraine with a woman name Clearly. Lorraine suddenly dies. At the funeral, the man stands up and shouts 'I can see Clearly now, Lorraine is gone'.
  12. T-bone Ted

    How do you communicate with a frontman?

    Just asking this question for a friend btw. So this frontman can sing well and he writes good lyrics. On the other hand, he brings his girlfriend to every practice, will not sing any cover songs, shows up to gigs in pants that look like a family of three moved out of, rarely combs his hair...
  13. T-bone Ted

    Guitar safari ... stories

    Back in November of 2012, my son (Josh) was on a mission. The mission was to find a Gibson SG that was in nice condition with a fat neck. I was browsing Craigslist when I found a very interesting posting for a like new SG that was all original with case for $450! I traded emails with the guy...
  14. T-bone Ted

    Got your band's video!

    This is my son's band. This video was made right after the band formed and was their first song (Don't Need Money). Banshee Child Dude, post your video and show me how you do it?
  15. T-bone Ted

    Life question...what motivates you?

    As I grow older, I wonder about the meaning of life and all of the possibilities around me. I like to socialize and share things with my family and friends. I take time to reflect on my life experiences and also watch and listen to others about their daily experiences. Are you motivated by...
  16. T-bone Ted

    Need your help to determine these colors?

    I have two American Series Telecasters. I know the years of both, but I cannot determine the colors on either! 1) 2000 American Series Tele -Blue (or Teal or Aqua) -Definitely metallic -Rose Bourbon neck -Zhangbucker Paul Bunyan bridge -4 way switch -replaced pickguard -Fat...
  17. T-bone Ted

    Bourbon...whatcha drinkin?

    First of all, let me say that I'm not pushing alcohol or any product. I just enjoy having a drink on occasion and wonder what the rest of you enjoy? If you are a non-drinker, that is fine too. What is your go to beverage? #1 - Elijah Craig #2 - Jeffersons (small batch)
  18. T-bone Ted

    The SCARIEST moment in your life!

    Tell me the absolute scariest moment in your life. It may be the time you saw your grandma butt-naked getting out of the tub, could be that time you got a tax notice from the IRS, or that night you encountered an intruder in your house or maybe it was the first time that you saw your wife with...
  19. T-bone Ted

    Spent 5 minutes in a junk closet in basement...

    AND I found a guitar pedal I had forgotten about (Keely 'Time Machine' boost and an unopened fifth of Makers Mark. What kind of goodies lurk in your closets or garage or junk rooms?

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