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  1. Kev-wilson

    Deluxe Micro build/first amp build

    After building a cabinet for a 15 watt clone and a matching speaker cab have decided I need a one watt amp, so have bought parts from The States and the Uk. I can/could solder, can work safely around UK mains electricity and will learn as I go, but as a metal worker am out of my comfort zone 🙂...
  2. Kev-wilson

    Tube orientation.

    Good morning :) and a couple of questions if I may, having just put an amp head in a wooden box I've now got the messing bug :p, I've come across a complete but minus valves Laney cub 8 chassis being sold as 'needing rehousing', my question is could I mount the chassis horizontally instead of...
  3. Kev-wilson

    Amp advice.

    Hi, I'm new so apologies if the pic is oversized, a new to me amp head but is anyone familiar with it? I'm currently making my first speaker cab from oak boards etc, I've woodworking machinery in the shed (a Kity K5) and am wondering if there's any particular reason I can't transplant the head...
  4. Kev-wilson


    Newby poster from Yorkshire in England, not a good guitarist and I recently bought a 2nd hand MiM Tele to replace a 'Chord' Tele with moving frets and a back bow Robin Hood would have been proud of :p (it came with Wilkinson pups and was cheap) Decent site this which I did use before buying the...