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  1. pmjennin

    Sick of Metal Roofing Ads

    Zombie thread mythbusters: Are metal roofs very noisy? Not if installed over a properly insulated roof substructure, or if separated from the living space by an attic. Compared to asphalt shingles, they are only slightly noisier during a hard rain or hail storm. And in fact, I like the sound...
  2. pmjennin

    do many of you wind your own Pickups ?

    Here's one I built a couple years ago. It's not great, but it works! I pulled the motor and variable speed switch from an old cordless drill with dead/obsolete batteries. The Legos are from my son's stash that he has outgrown. Counter from eBay. If I were winding more than once or twice a year...
  3. pmjennin

    Eatman Juliet - new guitar design

    It's like, they want the guitar to be noticed, so they say to themselves "it's gotta look unique!". But they don't care whether it's comfortable or it's pretty.
  4. pmjennin

    Classic Grand Funk

  5. pmjennin

    Bass VI + Champ + (what speaker?)

    Hey! So, I built a Bass VI inspired guitar this past winter. It's got 2 p90s and sounds pretty good played through a 5F1 - my only amp. However, it's a 5 watt amp with a Weber alnico rated at 15 watts. This combo doesn't give me much in the low end at low/moderate volume, and I'm afraid of...
  6. pmjennin

    the moral differences between the kids today and a 60 year old man with an rv....

    I've lived in South Korea for nearly 18 years and there is a similar lack of crime here. I'm sure there are many reasons or this. However, I think it has much more to do with culture that policing. For example, at least in Korea, people are very afraid of doing anything that brings shame upon...
  7. pmjennin

    OK, this is either hideous or genius, your call... Verso Instruments

    As a design project, I kind of like it. The design process always begins with looking at what has come before and evaluating what can be improved, simplified, or simply changed for the sake of novelty. The designers then set about coming up with new ideas based on those findings. There is a high...
  8. pmjennin

    Weber 12A125-A vs warehouse G12Q

    I bought a G12Q direct from WGS in 2015 to put in a Musicmaster Bass. I got it because it was cheaper than the 12" alnico's I was also considering. I paid $49.99 for it then and I see that they now are charging $89.99! That's quite an increase in just 7 years. They must be more popular these...
  9. pmjennin

    French press for coffee

    The flavor of coarse ground coffee steeped in 190℉ water for 4-5 minutes is the best. However, I hate the French press mechanism. It's a pain to clean and makes disposing of the wet grounds too messy. I steep my coffee in the French press carafe and then pour it through a Hario filter into a...
  10. pmjennin

    Pickup Suggestions for an LP Studio?

    You might want to try swapping magnets in the pickups you have. Try alnico II or III. It's a cheap and easy way to change the sound of a pickup.
  11. pmjennin

    Anyone build an acoustic with poplar?

    "Poplar" is too general a term. There are many varieties of what we commonly call poplar. The tulip poplar (harvested and milled locally) that I have used at home in southern Indiana is often as hard as maple. I've used it for all kinds of purposes. I wouldn't hesitate using it for a guitar...
  12. pmjennin

    Neck Finish?

    I'm sure the OP finished his neck a year ago, but here goes. In my limited experience, I've tried Tru-oil and spray can satin lacquer. Lacquer is so much faster and easier to apply than wiping on coat after coat of Tru-oil - you can finish the neck in hours instead of days. And a good, hard...
  13. pmjennin

    Reverb (the website). Can somebody give me some advice here??

    Why did you immediately pay off your credit card out of your bank account? Is this how you always handle commercial transactions? Don't you know that the credit card company doesn't charge interest until the next billing cycle? If you'd have just waited a week to pay off the credit card, you'd...
  14. pmjennin

    Voice of the Theater Story’s

    Owsley Stanley employed his Voice of The Theater speakers as the Grateful Dead's first PA system in the mid 60s. They were a great improvement on what they were using, but he wasn't satisfied. His quest for the ultimate sound eventually lead to the legendary "wall of sound" PA system they used...
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    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    To all those who are wondering"why?", forum software often requires updating for security and other issues. These updates can often carry unintended but unavoidable visual and functional changes. I'm no mod or tech, but I assume this update wasn't done for giggles. It's necessary maintenance...
  16. pmjennin

    Nirvana and Winger: against the narrative

    Don't over think it. What once was cool was now no longer cool. It's an endless cycle. The 80s will have their renaissance today, the 90s tomorrow.
  17. pmjennin

    Jazz Bass fretless-less

    If it's wood putty, might it not be easier to soften it up with a little heat and scrape out the slots with a razor blade? Saves time and money spent on trying to find the right saw.
  18. pmjennin

    Unfinished feeling recommendations please

    I've sprayed clear matte lacquer on my last couple necks and it feels perfect in the hand. No tackiness, easy to clean, very durable. You can use any color tint you want underneath it.
  19. pmjennin

    What's the first record or song you really paid attention to as a kid?

    My mom had a bunch of scratchy old 45s from her teens that she gave us kids to listen to in the early 70s. I vividly remember listening to Elvis' Teddy Bear over and over and over. Still, to this day - almost 50 years later - whenever I hear that song the image of that spinning disk pops into my...
  20. pmjennin

    Testing gluing different grain directions

    Nothing in the video surprised me. All the results were exactly as I would have expected. However, I would still try to avoid glueing two pieces of wood together on the end grain. One point he doesn't address is that wood moves. And it moves - expands and contracts - predominantly across the...
  21. pmjennin

    What's on your workbench today?

    Figure about a year per inch of wood thickness for air-dried lumber. That slab may have to sit a couple years. If you've got the parts, just buy a slab of kiln dried wood!
  22. pmjennin

    Why do you do it?

    DIY has many benefits such as cost (if you already own the tools), customization, and building that which cannot be bought. But it's also learning how things are done and then proving to yourself that you can do it. A lot of satisfaction comes from that. Is it better than a store-bought...
  23. pmjennin

    All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Remix

    Listened to the whole thing today! It's streaming on Apple Music, and probably all other platforms as well. Loved it! All the outtakes and demos were very well curated. Sometimes these compilations can be tedious to listen to, but this was quite enjoyable.
  24. pmjennin

    First 5F1 Build - Houston We (May) Have A Problem...

    Running the heaters to the 6V6 through the holes in the eyelet board looks off to me. On mine, I run them straight down to the filaments from the pilot light. But I don't know if that could cause any hum.