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  1. musky55

    kramer striker 600st

    I found a Kramer for cheap and wonder if anyoune knows the function of the 3 toggles?
  2. musky55

    Suggestions on learning how to repair guitars

    Find someone who knows how to do it and befriend them.
  3. musky55

    Stew Mac Bone Nut Question

    Wear a mask when working bone
  4. musky55

    Help me find a new metal guitar

    Here it is, A Mockingbird in a metal body and sound activated color organ within.
  5. musky55

    Matching pairs

    It's SWEET
  6. musky55

    Matching pairs

    Anybody else like to build matching bass and six string pairs? I have made a few, this is one. The Bud trio, bass, six string and cajon made from old crates.
  7. musky55

    The "English Electric" Barn-SG thing

    I like your repurpose of old advertising, this is my take on it. The Bud trio, bass, six string and cajon made from old crates. Mojotron notice my take on the Strat-lite above
  8. musky55

    The "English Electric" Barn-SG thing

    Maybe etch a lightning bolt into the longer neck plate for style
  9. musky55

    What guitars do you own that you're pretty confident are about the coolest example

    Nickel plated pressed steel body and Tuxedo Tele with Joe B and my son
  10. musky55

    Rick Turner Model 1 Deluxe

    Has anyone here cloned/copied the Rick Turner Lindsay Buckingham guitar? If so what did you use for pickups etc?
  11. musky55

    What’s your most unique guitar?

    The Crown Royal signed by Jackyl
  12. musky55

    Player Jaguar with mods.

    Here is my modded Jaguar. Hollow steel body nickel plated. Maple neck with ebony fretboard. Fat single coils neck and bridge, hot rail in the middle with off-on pushpull pot, all pickups wired blendable.
  13. musky55

    Strange Guitars

    I would like to build a similar guitar to his, however, what would you use as a pickup? That thing is special.
  14. musky55

    Strange Guitars

    And the all metal shredder with sound activated colored LED light show in the skull
  15. musky55

    Strange Guitars

    Here is the Handy Andy Tele in a tool box
  16. musky55

    Tiny Beatle Bass

  17. musky55

    Tiny Beatle Bass

    24.75 sorry no clips
  18. musky55

    Tiny Beatle Bass

    24.75 2 saddles less from a strat bridge
  19. musky55

    Tiny Beatle Bass

    I just cut 2 saddles from an old strat hardtail 24.75
  20. musky55

    Tiny Beatle Bass

  21. musky55

    Tiny Beatle Bass

    E Elton John comes to mind

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