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    After $60+ of lacquer and 10+ hours, ready to give up

    You are so skilled mate! Don’t denigrate your workmanship! Never give up!
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    R.I.P Les Moore welcome Les Paul

    I wish I had the skill to do that! Good on ya Dave!
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    Best Looking Tele? Let's see pictures.

    Dunno about me, but my pup Walter loves mine!
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    Do any of you Tele players like Orange amps?

    Get it fixed professionally. Don’t try tinkering. Lethal voltages in there!!
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    Favorite overdrive for neck pickup without being too wooly

    Can anyone tell me why, when my Tele has it’s stock bridge pickup fitted, if the strings happen to catch the neck pickup cover, the sound cuts out, but when a Joe Barden bridge pup is fitted, all sounds ok? I baffles me!
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    "The" Robben Ford Telecaster

    Yeah. I love Robben! Super tone always. Larry Carlton and Robben are the NUTS!
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    ‘51 CS Nocaster pickups vs SD STR-1 STL-1 set?

    Whack ‘em in and listen!
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    Seymour Duncan Broadcaster

    SD Broadcasters are the business!
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    alnico pups and tone knobs.......

    Speak up! I can’t hear you!
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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    My go to distortion pedal is the Boss SD2 which I have had for many years. It is so versatile, with two remotely switchable channels. Far ahead of it’s time and still valid these days. Not made any more. Should be re-issued!
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    Signal Path Question - Where to put the Clean Boost

    I would put the volume pedal last in the chain.
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    You'd think that with modelers gaining so much traction ...

    Modellers are more fun to play with. Imho. Roland MicroCube GX. loads of fun! My Fender Princeton Reverb,not so much.
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    Non matched 12ax7 preamp tubes in a tweed

    Great question. When I started playing in the late 50’s, matched tubes were never even heard of! The factory tubes that the amps came with were superbly made, and lasted for YEARS! My Selmer Treble n Bass never had a tube change in ten years. Strange,but there was no need to change them. Nor any...
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    Drum Players Who Raised The Bar. Your Favorites. Your Opinion.

    Tommy Aldridge Jeff Porcaro. Simon Phillips. That’s all I know really. As an aside, my lovely son who was an absolutely crash-hot drummer and guitarist, was killed on his motorcycle last year. Although I am so destroyed by this, music has kept me going. I have never stopped doing gigs, in his...
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    Modeling vs Tubes After 10 Years of Modeling

    Interesting. I was like you. I had many tube amps in the 60’s and 70’s because there was nowt else. (A few were solid state like a Burns Orbit. I had the Vox Super Beatle as well.). I had many tube racks with JMP1 and Crate pre-amps. Also a tube Watkins Copicat, which blew up when I was playing...
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    NGD: Fender Offset Guitar - I Finally Got One

    You just want to lick it like a lolly!
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    Def Leppard actually used to rock

    I agree. They used to be fab. Not so much now. Some old guys don’t rock! Pyromania was the best album around at the time.
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    Name me some good Tele players/bands

    Nice one! I think it’s at Cabo Wabo, Sammy’s drinks business.
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    Name me some good Tele players/bands

    A no brainer! Listen to the very fantastic John 5!
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    Considering a used Mesa TA 30

    Easy! Roland Cube 80! Wonderful amps.
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    Stage Right 5W

    The only tube amp I have left is a Carvin Bel Aire 2x12 I got from the factory in S. Diego way back when. Never get rid of this one.
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    NGD! AO Thinline!

    Light as a feather! Nice one!
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    Stage Right 5W

    It is nice to see the tubes glowing and smell and feel the heat! My apprenticeship was with tube amps (Royal Navy 1950/60’s) They still hold that magic for me, although I gig with Roland Cubes nowadays. Not the same, but what the heck. Thermionic emission was and is a fascinating science subject...
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    Stage Right 5W

    Nice amp. Built to last, and it has!