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  1. Frankie

    Pine Tele Bodies?

    Glendale Bakersfield Broadcaster. An amazing guitar.
  2. Frankie

    Thank you, Boris Bubbanov

    Hey Boris, well deserved appreciations sent to you from these folks. That's good to see. As with anything, some for the better some for the worse, things have changed here over the years. But there are still a few of us ole timers wondering about. It'll be 19 years for myself this year. Man ole...
  3. Frankie

    Keith Richards on the Rolling Stones and a solo reunion CBS Sunday morning video

    Good eye, I hadn't caught that. Addiction free, stopped smoking, new teeth. He's good for another 20 years! I love his solo albums, hopefully we'll get a new solo along with a new Stones album.
  4. Frankie

    Keith Richards on the Rolling Stones and a solo reunion CBS Sunday morning video

    I noticed the skull ring was missing also! It's been years and years since I've seen him without it. And he looks pretty darn good in that interview.
  5. Frankie

    Chase Tone Pedals

    I just received the Secret Preamp from Chase about a week ago. I was looking for a pedal that I could use to just push my Deluxe Reverb a bit, get just a bit of grit without using an OD. It works perfectly, I like it alot.
  6. Frankie

    Post about your undying love for Dave Grohl AND the Foo!

    I'm not a huge Nirvana or Foo Fighters fan. But.. I am a fan of Dave Grohl due to his love and respect for music history. The documentary his did "Sound City" was fantastic. He also did a multi video series where he recorded an album with each song of the album being recorded in a different...
  7. Frankie

    Acme Anvil Corporation

    Very cool! Well done and thank you for sharing.
  8. Frankie

    Tom Dowd

    Sadly the DVD has become silly expensive. As others have mentioned, it is full of great history along with enough info to fire up any studio junkie. If anyone here has not seen the DVD and can't justify spending the money to see it, drop me a PM and I'll "Lend" you my copy to watch and return...
  9. Frankie

    Les Paul Owners Club!

    2013 Traditional. Light burst, 50's style neck, Wizz PAF Pickups, 50's Holy Grail pot/caps wiring, 50's style knobs. Fantastic guitar.
  10. Frankie

    Let's see your watch.

  11. Frankie

    Here's Some Yellow Jackets Stuff

    Tackling the Yellow Jackets is no easy feat. Fantastic music, stellar musicians that are some of the best of the best... Well done!
  12. Frankie

    Ex-GF Question

    when it comes to women, it's cheaper and easier to rent then it is to own..
  13. Frankie

    GDEC Owners' Club

    RickPS: One post above your first post my (#86) post contains a link to all of the factory downloads, downloads from Hal Leonard and all of the manuals. Click the link and save on your drive. Two get the backing tracks from you PC to the GDEC, it appears there are two ways. Either via SD...
  14. Frankie

    GDEC Owners' Club

    Gents.. Here the list of files that is posted over on the GDEC FB page. There's a lot of info here, but was exactly what I was needing, that and the help for Five Aces.
  15. Frankie

    Craig Anderton

    Craig is a brilliant man, and as mentioned above a very nice guy. In the 70's I bought a few of his effects kits from his company then called PAIA. They were fun to build and worked great. I still use his Limiter kit in my home studio. Back then there wasn't any email, texting, web site, etc to...
  16. Frankie

    GDEC Owners' Club

    I bought the G-DEC3 Thirty many years ago. Between now and then I put maybe 30 mins of playing time through it and honesty I completely forgot about it. I was going through road cases and stumbled upon it in a road case, still in it's shipping box. Plugged it in and spent a good couple hours...
  17. Frankie

    New old member

    Welcome back !!
  18. Frankie

    What's your favorite wah pedal?

    Geoffrey Teese built me a Real McCoy Picture Wah years back using original NOS inductors he still had. It wasn't cheap, but it sounds awesome.
  19. Frankie

    Calton Cases

    I have a couple CC's.. The best of the best. I have one that fits an Les Paul and another that fits a tele.. When I sell a guitar, I sell it with the original case, keeping the Calton Case for the replacement guitar. Hundreds of times in and out of vans, trailers, in cargo holds of airplanes...
  20. Frankie

    Robben Ford's Rhythm Chops are Insane...

    You spend hundreds of hours worrying about what/how your playing with your left hand, when the most important part is actually your right hand.
  21. Frankie

    60's Surf Instrumental

    Nice!! I love it, well done! It's fantastic to see this style continue. Appreciate the link.
  22. Frankie

    60's Surf Instrumental

    Awesome.. Great job, love it!
  23. Frankie

    Telecaster from store to stage

    Ones with strings on it...
  24. Frankie

    Does the Broadcaster pickup still exist?

    Amalfitano Pickups are as close as your get to early 50's Broadcaster pickups. Jerry does a heck of a job. I've been through a slew of pickups over the years, and comparing back to back with actual 50's Fender Broadcasters, this is it. To my ears anyway...