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  1. TheRumRunner

    PSA - Paul Rigby's guitar collection stolen - please keep eyes open
  2. TheRumRunner

    Mikes got Chops

    Like the crazy uncle you always looked forward to seeing... DW
  3. TheRumRunner

    Gibsons are for the birds

    Sonic randomness or a new music genre in the making :shock: DW
  4. TheRumRunner

    Ohhh that Hair!!!

    Harper Valley P.T.A aOZPBUu7Fro DW
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    Help wiring an Esquire

    Good morning all! I'm trying to wire an Esquire as follows: Pos 1 - Straight in to jack Pos 2 - Volume only Pos 3 - Volume and tone I'm using this schem And I have tried this one as well In both cases, I get the straight in signal but no signal on Pos 2 & 3. Can...
  6. TheRumRunner

    Russian Tubes - about to jump in price?

    I was talking to the buyer at a major music store near me and he hears drums beating about prices going through the roof due to the skirmish in the Ukraine. No political stuff please. Anyone else hearing such chatter? DW
  7. TheRumRunner

    A YouTube rant

    Am I to understand this correctly?!!! Because I refused to provide Google+ my personal information, they have deleted my channel as it was, removed all my subscriptions and generally made it a pain in the rear to use YouTube. Where is the raised index finger icon? DW
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    Beware - PedalTrain Hardcases

    I've been on the hunt for a new travel friendly hard case and really want to use a PedalTrain II. Then I saw this.... Look at those rivets on the back side, they are not even riveted into the wood. Thanks China, another product that looks the **** on the outside, but fails on the inside...
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    Klon thread v1.7a - aka "The builder speaks"

    Some insight, and it must be true as I read it on the interwebs. And a nice pic'y DW
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    My old head has a problem

    Any suggestions? DW
  11. TheRumRunner

    Fenders "New" 5E3 - The '57 Deluxe Head

    I don't see any mention of this here yet. Fender just announced a head version of the ever popular 5E3. Hand-Wired all-tube circuitry on eyelet board, late '50s 5E3 circuit, 5Y3 rectifier tube, genuine lacquered tweed...
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    Some old guy hands my 16 year old daughter a hand written note...

    ...happens to be one of her teachers ...happens that they got talking about guitars (shes a player) ...happens that these are some he owns... DW
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    Some simply amazing photos - Remote Tribes DW
  14. TheRumRunner

    Here ! Here!! - a good "free music" rant DW
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    Who needs a drummer?

    lol -_Kqc3_m8rQ DW
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    Bad Dog

  17. TheRumRunner

    Can you do a Low C ?

    Well can ya? (those eyes at 0:47) O'O Yd5hfM6LCLg DW
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    PSA - Blackface Deluxe Reverb at Goodwill

    Yupp, have fun... DW
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    When guitars have stories...

    So many times I often wish guitars could talk, I think many of us feel the same way... oh the stories that could be told. However, often they don't come with the history so we make our own. Here's one case where I got lucky, and I'll tell the story here. Just over a year ago, I saw an ad...
  20. TheRumRunner

    Another new Fender amp - the Ramparte

    Hot on the heels of the Excelsior, neat lil thang - that fo sure... Fender Pawn Shop Special Ramparte Tube Combo Features: 2-channel tube amp with distinctive, retro-inspired styling and sound Custom-voiced 12" Special Design Ramparte Speaker Cool channel is voiced from warm...
  21. TheRumRunner

    I love Thrift stores - Filmosound build

    So there I am checking out the local thrift store and what do I see in the window!? Boing!!! Knowing I have a bunch of these at home just waiting for some guts... On the to bench it goes for a lil surgery... Just lovely, quality Japanese glow sticks Rats nest...
  22. TheRumRunner

    What Talent!!!

    Anyone know what OD pedal he was using:lol::cool::shock: 3NFWgG4_6NI DW
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    A lil James Burton for your Friday - up close and personal

    One of our locals, Luke Doucet has been putting on a guitar event for the last two years bringing in the best of the best. It's great because you get to mingle with all those folks in a casual environment seeing up close just how dedicated they are to this craft we all love. Here is the...
  24. TheRumRunner

    The Bigsby B16 is back

    After all those years (like 60 lol). Savannah, GA – The B16 vibrato, which is specific for a Fender® Telecaster®, was a rare item on early Fender models as it was only available in 1953 and early 1954...
  25. TheRumRunner

    Finding tubes in un expected places - vintage metronome

    Recently my old metronome stopped ticking so imagine my surprise when I open it up to find this... cool is that DW