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    Naming Your Dog.

    We named a cat Winston (grey/black striped) because he had a W on his forehead, a bit later we got a shepherd mix and named him Churchill :)
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    GE Smith

    Was surprised no one in the recent thread about GE Smith's Tele ( mentioned that he tours with Jim Weider and Larry Campbell as Masters of the Telecaster. They come to our local venue and it is a massive dose of...
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    Have you ever found "the One"?

    I bought the less expensive Axe I/O Solo a while back. It's "guitar" input was a big step up in how amp sims sound with both bass and guitar. I also like AmpliTube 5 but have been playing Nembrini AC30 mostly - it's sort of my "one" in the amp sim world. EDIT - just realized this was my first...