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    HR DeVille cuts out, then is fine

    I think you have a ground point that has failed. When it gets hot the connection gets good and works awhile. Very hard to narrow those down. You need a tech.
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    Bassbreaker 007 or Ramparte?

    9 watts will be twice as loud as 5 watts. Tube crunch at a low volume: everybody wants it, few or none ever really get there. Either it's still too loud or with an attenuator or master vol it now sounds weak and dull. There's no way of knowing which amp sounds best without hearing them...
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    Do you give to the homeless?

    2 arms, 2 legs and look like they could out wrestle me, no. Old, blind, and maybe singing some blues or preaching a good gospel, heck yeah.
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    Two Notes Tube Preamp Pedals

    Pedals with tubes and big claims come and go. I've seen dozens over several decades.. Amps based on Fender amps from the 50s have been around as long as electric guitar and are still here. Hmm, I wonder which will have staying power?
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    Size of old fiberboard mounting screws ?

    You can only use original Fender approved screws on old Princetons. NO EXCEPTIONS. I'd try ebay.
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    School Me on Mid 70s SF Twins.

    Yeah everybody here says a twin isn't too loud, master volume, overdrive pedal, blah blah blah. Yet I NEVER see any one using a sf twin except once in awhile a major label country not even them. Or plexi front Marshalls either for that matter.
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    School Me on Mid 70s SF Twins.

    Dude, do you need an amp that's as heavy as a boat anchor and so loud you can't play it ANYWHERE? Why do you think deluxes are $4k and Twins are $800. Great amp. But not practical for anything unless you just joined an Allman Brothers tribute band that plays outside in cornfields with no PA support.
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    how do I disassemble a fender head cabinet in order to make it larger (embiggining) by 2" to fit a twin reverb chassis?

    Here's the REAL ANSWER. Table Saw. It would be best to cut the head box in half and add what you need to the middle. Or just leave the middle open. The chassis bolted to the 2 pieces would hold it all together. Post pics when you are done.
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    JAN Philips 6L6WGB: In what amp are you using yours?

    I don't have any but if I did I would put them in a vault and save them for when we get the 20 minute warning of the end of the world. Then I would throw them in any fender I got laying around and blast full volume until the world was vaporized in a cloud of 6L6WGB sonic ecstasy.
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    Beginner Tube Amp Suggestions

    I have a couple of pairs of 6P14P-EVs. I tried a set and didn't really love the sound. It wasn't bad but I preferred the JJs so I put them back in.
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    Beginner Tube Amp Suggestions

    These have been the only amps I've gigged with for the last almost 5 years. Don't let anybody tell you these are toys. Hint. If you use it alot in a gig setting you are going to need to replace those el84s about 3 times a year. It's the vibration from the speaker that rattles them to death. Buy...
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    Traynor disappoints...a short saga

    I'm not sure why you couldn't do what every 6 year old kid can do which is google the price on your iPhone. That amps price is way high though. I wouldn't pay that for a boogie either.
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    Not a Vintage Fender... 65 Amps London (Blue)

    Ok that's one. What about the other 64 amps?
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    any use for 12dt8 tubes in guitar amps?

    You will never use those tubes in a guitar amp unless you build something specifically designed for those tubes. You don't even know if they are still good. Toss them.
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    Marshall Style amp question...

    Get a deluxe reverb or reissue and put a celestion in it. It will sound closer to a lower volume plexi than you would think.
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    Should I buy it?

    You should buy it and wear it like a hat. Your stage name will be TubeHead.
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    Beginner Tube Amp Suggestions

    If you are a beginner you dont need a tube amp. Just get some kind of used peavey bandit from a pawn shop for $100 and play for a year or 2. Don't get caught up in the hype. I'm a hard core tube guy and have had many 100w and 50w Marshalls and I use tube amps every day ....but....I also...
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    More volume out of Monoprice 5-watt tube amp?

    Get a strap and wear the amp around your neck like Flava Flav....
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    Leaving tube amps on all day?

    Back in the 60s, dept stores like Woolworths had all tube PA systems for sale announcements and clean up on isle 10 type stuff. They left those on for days, years, and decades. They probably never turned them off except by accident. However guitar amps ain't ducane PA systems. PAsytems were...
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    When tube production ends one day...

    When the tubepocolypse comes, roving gangs of tube eating zombies will go door to door raiding for your tubes. You better build an all steel underground shelter for your last remaining supply of tubes because that day is close at hand.
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    in between 3 used amps

    With the lc15 at least you can do a gig with it. With the others no way.
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    GAS: School me on Champ or Champion Amps please

    Tube Champs good. Any fender champion BAD. Avoid.
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    Exposed vertical tubes as illumination for a scaled-down city skyline topping your amplifier

    I got a better idea. Let's take the city skylines of the world and cover the skyscrapers in glass tubes so they all look like tube amps. Maybe cover the lower buildings in tweed to look like cabs and combos. Yeah this idea will catch on quick.
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    What line voltage do you run amps at / bias the tubes for?

    Mmmm, a $6k power regulator to regulate power to a $800 amp. Or in my case a pair of $160 monoprice amps that I use for bar gigs. Or I could buy a cool boat.