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  1. geetah

    Ohmite Little Demon

    Does anyone use these modern 'Ohmite Little Demon' carbon composite resistors extensively throughout in new Fender clone builds? Product page: Datasheet: Interested to hear how they have worked for you...
  2. geetah

    Hi all

    Hi all, My name is Josh and I love the telecaster, and Fender amps. I often gig with my 2011 MIJ Fender Thinline TN-SPL, like the one in my avatar. I think out of all the guitars I play with - the telecaster is the most serious in terms of getting the job done in a band situation. I love the...
  3. geetah

    5E3 Build (first tube amp)

    Hi everyone, My name is Josh and this is my first post. I have learned so much from reading this great forum over the years and want to thank you all for sharing such rich, useful information. I feel a need for tweed and am gathering parts for a 5e3. It's my first tube amp build. I have built...

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