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  1. cowboyfan1969

    NGD! Richie Kotzen Tele

    After an appt. at the hospital this morning, stopped at a pawn shop where I had seen it for sale on their website. Played it for a few minutes and decided it’s neck isn’t an issue for my hands. Brought in a 2004 mexi strat with case, a Catalinbread formula 5 OD and a Boss CH-1 to put towards it...
  2. cowboyfan1969

    Synth pedal question?

    I am looking for a synth pedal (or another effect) to use on a couple songs. I play the keyboard solos on the Cars "Just What I Needed" on guitar, and would like to get a good sound for it. I've watched quite a few YT videos on the Boss SY-1 and a few others, but haven't watched one and said...
  3. cowboyfan1969

    First gig with new amp and without restrictions(Tone Master content)

    We had some outside gigs and inside gigs with restriction last year, but Saturday was the first actual dance the band put on at the local legion in probably five years. Had to cancel New years and Valentines due to it being the bands responsibility to enforce mask wearing and what-not… Had 157...
  4. cowboyfan1969

    A/B switch on a non-switchable channel amp

    Can a person use an A/B switch to jump to either channel of a non-switching amp, like a deluxe reverb, tube or Tone Master? Or just pick a side and put pedals in front? Thanks?
  5. cowboyfan1969

    Les Paul Junior fits like a glove

    Was at band practice last night and we were going to try 'Get a Haircut" by George Thorogood. Other guitar player handed me his Gibson Les Paul Junior, I tuned it to open G, put the slide on and let 'r rip! First time through was as tight as the 4-5th time. No muss, no fuss. I have a Squier...
  6. cowboyfan1969

    Stop now or keep going(Micawber content)

    Hey, all. I have a 2019 Fender FSR BSB that I have semi-transformed into a Micawber. It came with “Hot Tele” pickups. A buddy gave me a Bridge pickup from a Gibson SG to put in the neck for the look. I wired it up as the typical Blend as described on here. It sounds pretty good on the bridge...