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  1. BrettFuzz

    CV '60s Custom vs. MIM neck

    I need another guitar like I need a hole in my head.... but here I am, looking at a CV '60s Custom because I have a MIM with a maple neck/fretboard and want another inexpensive Tele with a rosewood neck (laurel, whatever...). Also, I kinda like the bound sunburst body. How is the neck...
  2. BrettFuzz

    Stubborn Skunk Stripe

    I have a few months old Squier Tele and I've had to sand down the skunk stripe once every few weeks. It keeps ever so slightly popping out and it only takes a few passes with 800 grit sandpaper and it's all good for 2-3 weeks. I don't mind doing it as it literally takes seconds and the neck is...
  3. BrettFuzz

    What's your budget?

    How do you set your budget for buying guitars and amps (and other gear)? Do you go by what disposable income you have at the moment, by percentage of your income, your age, how severe your wife's frown is, price of milk, wind speed today... what's the thought process or the calculation involved...
  4. BrettFuzz

    Squier Tele - Black Francis (Pixies)

    If Squier is good enough for Black Francis it's good enough for me! ;) Love Pixies! (Edited: added screenshot of a video from their Facebook as the link to the video itself did not work)
  5. BrettFuzz

    IYO, are short scale Telecasters... worth it?

    IYO = In your opinion 😁 Whenever I pick up one of my G-style guitars after having played my Tele(s) the first and most obvious difference to me is the scale length and how much of a difference .75 inch makes (queue the "that's what she said" jokes). It's not the bending or slinkiness or the...
  6. BrettFuzz

    Coil-split bridge HB - how close to SC sound?

    I have a HH Tele that I've been thinking of doing coil-splits on. In your opinion or experience - is it worth it? Do you have a coil-split bridge humbucker? How close does it get to the standard Tele bridge sound? (I searched but all answers I found were about the wiring and not the sound) Thanks.
  7. BrettFuzz

    NGD - Squier Affinity Telecaster Deluxe

    After months of upgrading my Stratocaster and trying to warm up to the sound of it I finally threw the towel in and accepted the fact that I just don't like playing Strats (I like how they sound when someone else plays but I just can't get the sound that I am happy with). So... I got another...
  8. BrettFuzz

    Do you look at the fretboard while playing?

    Both my Teles have a maple neck and I have been GAS-ing for a rosewood tele for a while now. However, today I realized the true reason I want one is nothing other than the increased visual contrast of strings against rosewood vs .maple - it's just easier to see the strings (at least to me). All...
  9. BrettFuzz

    How do you hear tubes?

    I've only played solid state amps since I got back to playing the guitar (after an unjustified break of a few decades). I do not want to go into the "what's better" tube vs. solid state argument. I do not really care. What I am interested in, tho, is this - when you play a tube amp what is...
  10. BrettFuzz

    How much time to bond with a guitar?

    I have these two guitars that I keep playing the same amount of time as my other guitars hoping I'd bond with them but it just seems like it's not happening. I did the usual fret dressing, setup, change pickguard, etc. routine (more because I wanted to do it than because they needed it) but I...
  11. BrettFuzz

    Help finding sound sample - small tube amp

    I am going to attempt to describe a sound I am chasing but I am not convinced I'll be able to. I've been trying to find YT videos with this sound but just could not... I think I've only heard this sound a few times in my life and the last time I heard it in a YT review video I was not smart...
  12. BrettFuzz

    2008-2009 Squier Bullet Tele?

    I have a 2008 Bullet Strat made in China (COB serial) and the neck on it is phenomenal (for me, at least). The rosewood fretboard is dark and slick, almost like it's greasy (but it isn't, of course, lol). The frets are shiny and look great and seem to be made from quality metal (whatever it is)...
  13. BrettFuzz

    Roland Cube still good in 2020?

    I keep reading and hearing how newer modelling amps are much better than the old ones. I have a Roland Cube 80x, which was released in 2009 (or 2010, not sure) and I am wondering if I am missing out by not replacing it with something newer. It's definitely usable and versatile and the amp models...
  14. BrettFuzz

    NGD - Bullet ... questions

    TL;DR - Bullet Tele too easy to bend the neck out of tune and weak sounding pickups. Expected? Details: Been waiting for this to go on sale again after I had cancelled my order in December (because it was on backorder and the shipping date was getting into March... I don't need that kind of...
  15. BrettFuzz

    Bullets are on sale again - LPB, SG, BSB

    Mods, please remove if inappropriate. GC has the bullets on sale again (Aug 2020):