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  1. greggorypeccary

    Raleigh, NC Sat. 9/14

    Southland Ballroom, 9:00 Breathe, Pink Floyd tribute. We'll be debuting some new visual elements too! :mrgreen:
  2. greggorypeccary

    Anybody here ever converted your house from electric to gas?

    It might be possible for me to do this soon. I know the heat would be more comfy :cool: and what I'd pay for heating would definitely be less (my "heat" pump totally sucks when it's even as low as the 30's) but I'm wondering what I'd need to consider for up-front costs. Obviously I'd need a...
  3. greggorypeccary

    Everyone should watch this interview...

    Trey has to be one of the best musicians out there! I-DHr4Qr5FE
  4. greggorypeccary

    Someone say glowing bottles?

    I was feeling a little artsy this afternoon...:mrgreen: CRW_2677 by tgunsher, on Flickr Tubes by tgunsher, on Flickr glowing tubes by tgunsher, on Flickr
  5. greggorypeccary

    Raleigh, NC 4/20 Pink Floyd tribute

    Chill out on 4/20 with Breathe, the Pink Floyd tribute I play with. :cool: See us at The Pour House - the ship leaves for the Dark Side of The Moon at 9:00 sharp and we'll keep the Floyd going until 11:00. After us is Better Off Dead, Grateful Dead music.
  6. greggorypeccary

    One for the Pink Floyd fans in the Triangle, NC area

    My Floyd project, Breathe, will be at Shakedown St. in Raleigh on Friday. :cool:
  7. greggorypeccary

    Playing some Pink Floyd

    I recently got involved in a Pink Floyd project, just for fun, really. Last week we had our first gig, played Animals straight through. Here's Dogs - I'm on the right, w/the Tele. KL6odYeNJck eYw_Nie9wY4 A good time was had by all!
  8. greggorypeccary

    I'm off to Merlefest in the morning!

    :mrgreen: Los Lobos on Friday, Tedeschi/Trucks on Saturday, Marty Stuart on Sunday afternoon, The Waybacks, Doc Watson (of course...) and all sorts of other cool stuff I haven't heard yet! Three days of peace love and music! Plus some late night campsite jams with good friends. :cool:
  9. greggorypeccary

    Raleigh peeps - Saturday AM - Wake Forest

    The band I'm in, Retro Buzzkill will be playing the Wake Forest Meet in the Street Saturday morning. Our set is 9:45 - 10:30. Come out and enjoy some horn driven rock & soul with your AM coffee! :cool: I know there are a bunch of folks from the area here, if you come out, introduce...
  10. greggorypeccary

    My new band rules...

    Not rules that others must follow, but my own personal rules for playing in a band. After being out of it for a number of years (but I never quit playing) I started going to open jams, checking Craigslist, etc. again about 5 or 6 years ago. Been involved with some start-ups as well as...
  11. greggorypeccary

    Why do guitarists hate knowledge?

    I don't mean all guitarists, but guitarists as opposed to pretty much any other instrumentalist. You'd never hear a wind or horn player say they don't need to know music in order to be able to play. (actually I did hear a sax "player" once who must have had that attitude...). But it often...
  12. greggorypeccary

    Port City Dual Fifty in da house!

    Killer huge Fender-y tone. Thicker Bassman style on the Thick channel and more of a Blackface style on the normal channel. Can't wait to take it out tomorrow night for my Grateful Dead tribute gig! :mrgreen:
  13. greggorypeccary

    My Lowell George Tribute Strat

    I've wanted to do this for a while and joining a new band gave me a good excuse since a Strat will be a good back up to the Tele I'll play most of the time. I always dug the big headstock, but I am a child of the 70's. :mrgreen: Lowell was on to something with that Tele bridge PU! I...
  14. greggorypeccary

    Help with a country band songlist

    I use the term country loosely of course. But the band I'm in does a bunch of recent hits by the usual suspects, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, etc. along with some classics and of course Gimme Three Steps and Pride and Joy. After a bunch of gigs it's easy to...
  15. greggorypeccary

    How about a Gretsch Playboy?

    I got this amp last week and I'm loving it!!! Scored it used (barely) for less than half the street price. :mrgreen: Perfect match for the Monaco w/TVJones classics and the tremolo is to die for! Sounds great with my AV52RI Tele too. This is such a killer blues set-up, I need to get back...
  16. greggorypeccary

    How do I get started in country?

    Hey all, I've been playing forever (25+ years) and over the past couple of years have become more interested in country/bluegrass/western swing type playing. Basically I'm bored with blues/rock, I don't feel like playing it anymore and never really even listen to it at this point. I've taken...
  17. greggorypeccary

    Bill Kirchen in Raleigh, NC Saturday!

    Any Triangle area folks here? Bill will be at the NC Museum of Art. Great show to start my summer vacation! :mrgreen:
  18. greggorypeccary

    Help me find a new Pick-up!

    So my 21 year old Seagull has a bad pickup. It's got the LB6 one-piece bridge/piezo and the high E is barely picking up. It was repaired a number of years ago so I think it's time to just get something new installed. I could replace it with the same thing but I'm not a huge fan of that piezo...
  19. greggorypeccary

    Who here plays a SF Deluxe Reverb?

    (Sorry to ayone who may have also read this on TGP, but I thought the Tele forum would be a great place to ask too!) So for the past couple of years I've been on the amp merry-go-round and can't seem to find myself totally happy with anything, although everything I've tried over the past...
  20. greggorypeccary

    Song ideas for a great blues vocalist?

    Hey all, I met an incredible female vocalist last week who's coming down to sing with my band at our next practice and I'm looking for some good song ideas. She doesn't know much blues but can, and wants to sing them. She's got a great natural voice and feel for blues/soul stylings. Of...
  21. greggorypeccary

    Who here is into Barrett-Jackson?

    Its just starting for this year. A tricked out Nash-Rambler is up right now! I think I'll be plugging into the Princeton in the living room and practice while watching all these sweet rides being bought and sold all week. :cool:
  22. greggorypeccary

    Any Space Echo experts here?

    I just got an old RE-150 Space Echo and I'm getting no signal out of the direct output. There is output from the delayed out (and the delays sound killer!). I'm afraid that something happened during shipping but there are no obvious loose wires inside. The guy insured it, which is probably worth...
  23. greggorypeccary

    TV JONES!!!

    I just put a set of TV Jones Classics in my Hamer Monaco and all I can say is WOW! Well, I'll say more...I love the Gretsch sound but I really like this guitar See pics in my photos) and the classics got me 90% there at 15% of the cost of a new guitar. Twangy, classic tones are at my...
  24. greggorypeccary

    Heads up for the Geminid Meteor shower!

    I know there are some Astronomy buffs here, but if this is actually as good as the predictions, everyone should see it! The night of Dec. 13/14 (Thurs./Fri.) I know I'll be up early walking the dog Friday morning! Heres to good seeing! :mrgreen...
  25. greggorypeccary

    The Dr. Z Maz 18NR has landed!!

    Wow, this is one killer amp! Now matter where I turn the knobs it sounds great with a good variety of tones. Most importantly it just sounds big and fat at any volume. Here's the current set up: AV52RI -> Tremodillo -> AD9 -> RI Reverb Unit -> Z -> 1x12 Cannabis Rex. I hope to get...

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