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    Would you do this to an artstar?

    I wouldn't worry if the install's done right. A hatchet job like people used to do in the 70s?? No thanks.
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    Ampeg Reverberocket 2 Vs Deluxe Reverb In Depth

    I had an original RR and a Blackface deluxe. RR sounded more like a jazz amp, while the Deluxe was more trebly. Later RRs may have bridged the gap, but there weren't many around here.
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    Amp stands: Tilt-back vs. Tilt-back + Elevate???

    One or two milk crates. One's going to be in the trunk anyway, plus nobody's going to try to borrow them like a chair--don't laugh, you get enough drunks, this can happen.
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    BOSS Slow Gear

    I have a Zoom ZFX707 I bought in 2001. It has a "Violin" setting that works pretty well, and is adjustable. This might be a better way to go if you find one cheap, being a Zoom, that's a given.
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    What can you tell me about this?

    Those solder joints definitely need redone, don't think I'd trust them just to check out the amp, lol. A Marshall preamp and SUNN power amp might make a good pair, I used to use a SUNN Sceptre and a Univox Unidrive to save $450.00 over a 50w Marshall half stack.
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    old used strings - any interesting uses/applications?

    I rebuilt a friend's potato slicer for fries. He didn't think it was too strange until I got out the micrometer to make sure I used the right size.
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    Computer Prices

    I got both my mac minis from Amazon resellers for $400.00-425.00. These had already been fitted with SSDs and the current OS, so a pretty good deal compared to CL, etc.
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    Acoustic through Mustang amp?

    I used to use my Ovation A/E with a Sidekick 25 at Open Mics, since the monitors weren't up to much more than vocals. Put the mic in front of the amp set flat, and it was fine.
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    Got the Hamer bug...any aficionados to educate me?

    I got a first issue Slammer SBFT from 96, it's pretty close to the USA Hamers I've played except for the pups. Pretty much the same red as the p-90 Special, but with binding. Later import Hamers aren't nearly as nice.
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    1978 Ibanez Musician

    The couple I've seen were well made guitars, with full switching for the the pups. Little on the heavy side, though.
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    Public Service Announcement to a public that doesn't want to know

    I've had to pare things down a lot since moving due to lack of space, also loss of interest in certain jobs, i.e. masonry. But still have house tools, guitar tools, plumbing tools, and car tools. Cleaned out a closet this morning, and found two more boxes of tools.
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    Fun At GC Yesterday....

    The same can be said of Best Buy droids, but at least they don't pretend to know anything about music, lol.
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    How bad/ominous are this listing's neck/headstock cracks?

    $550 if mint would be pushing it, this seller must be getting his prices from VG. That neck could be fixed, I've done a few similar, but this guy's attempts to sugar-coat it would make me wary of the rest of the instrument.
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    Fender Mustang I compared to Yamaha THR10?

    When I bought my Mustang I, I knew there would be some tweaking involved, I don't have a J-Station for nothing. lol. Was hoping things had advanced a bit in twenty years, but the only real difference seems to be the Fender models.
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    Radio Shacks going out of business sales

    I stopped at ours today, not much left I can use, figure I'll hit Parts Express when the time comes. One of the salesmen were hyping the 20% thing, I just said, "Yeah, and Amazon can beat that."
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    Gibby MM: Is This A Deal?

    I had a stock 62 for about a year, it played well except for the intonation on the G string. I've seen several other MMs wrecked over the years, just doesn't make much sense. If I had one, I might put a hot strat pup in it, but no wood cutting, and the current Epi wraparound bridge works just fine.
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    DIY guitars Kits are they worth it?

    The main problem would be the quality of the neck, but you could upgrade that on a bolt on. Most of my refurbs came together that way. I sort of felt like Eli Wallach in the gun shop in TGTB&TU.
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    Supro Trojan - sweet amp!

    I had a National model 22, a later version of the Trojan with reverb. That 12 made all the difference volume wise, it would keep up with a sane drummer. Later, I got a Gretsch 2x10 in a trade, not realizing it was also a Supro until later. Then I ran them both together when nobody else was home...
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    Practice amp for novice

    I've had a Mustang I v2 for a couple years, gets good sounds without being hooked up to a computer, although I have FUSE installed. It'll go right down to radio volume and still sound good. There are a few things my J-Station does better (bass models), but I feel like I have a fairly big toolbox...
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    Something I miss most about my old Steinberger.

    One of the stores I worked at sold the Cort copies. We sold lots of the basses, they were just right weight-wise for smaller people. A few of the guitars went, too. they were OK, but needed better pups. At the time, things had a way of turning back up, so I was keeping an eye out, but neither...
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    Please Help me nail down this Epi LP model

    MF didn't realize that a lot of people didn't know P-90s weren't HB, they just saw a red or TV Yellow LP.
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    Please Help me nail down this Epi LP model

    The slug loaded pups came out on the 2014 Melody Maker. At the time, the general impression was that the slugs were the magnets, like Jazzmaster pups. It's possible that they're just solid pole pieces with magnets under neath the coil, but in any event, they aren't adjustable in the way normal...
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    Please Help me nail down this Epi LP model

    I don't know what they named it, but it's got slug loaded P-90s, not real ones. Epi Special Is have full on alnico P-90s.
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    What's this amp?

    Every picture I see of that studio in the 60s is strictly high end mics and accessories. You can hear it on most Columbia recordings. Laura Nyro albums, especially.
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    Neck broke in hardshell case????

    I've heard of that happening with other Ovations, a friend's 12 string did that. He said he heard something creaking, and by the time he thought to look in the case, the neck was almost cracked in two.