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    Let's hear your jokes!

    Chicken Pot Pie Three of my favorite things!
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    What happens to your gear when you are gone ?

    I am in my 60s and have nobody interested in my gear when I pass. I am considering selling the high dollar stuff then giving it to charity when I pass. Selling stuff is a pain and I wouldn't want the family to have to deal with that.
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    What do all national anthems have in common? They are all country music!
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    Things to Quit Saying

    behind the power curve drinking from a firehose paradigm shift no dog in this fight
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    I studies philosophy in college - under Mediocrates.
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    We're all being suckered......

    There are a lot of pretty good guitars for cheap these days. When I started, there was the pawn shop or a Fender or Gibson I couldn't afford. The WMI plant in South Korea makes some excellent products for the cost. Its a good time to be starting these days I think. IMHO of course
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    As bad as this is.......

    I'll take that over rap any time.
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    Wisecracks about job choices: what have you heard?

    At work we say "It takes a EE to spell geek"
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    Is Guitar Really That Crappy Of A Hobby?

    I think now is a great time to start. I see a lot of good quality instruments for several hundred bucks. I would have killed for something that nice when I started.
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    Color of your Telecaster

    I played a bunch of teles til I found the perfect neck and action for me. I played it for an hour then took it to the counter. The sales person said “you like the black one”. Yes, indeed. Get what you want, you deserve it.
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    Let's hear your jokes!

    I'm starting a flight company exclusively for balding people, I'll call it receding airlines. Why shouldn't you brush your teeth with your left hand? Because a toothbrush is more effective.
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    Help me name my new Partscaster!

    Purple Haze - Abita beer
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    No 1 son moved out today.

    My daughter graduated and passed her license exam and moved to Dallas to start work. It is different having her in a different city I have to say.
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    Ask Me Anything ...

    What do you call an obese psychic?
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    Fender Hot Rod Deville, why so cheap used?

    I have BFSR and it would be difficult to sale it locally even at a reasonable price. Seems everyone wants a 15W amp with plenty of clean headroom these days.
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    Not enjoying the rat race since having kids.

    You can only do your best. If another opportunity comes along look into it. Spend as much time as you can and talk to them. They listen a lot more than you think. Good luck
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    Valve King 112 vs. Classic 30

    I had VK112 and the speaker was miserable. I put a 5751 in the first hole and I got a good clean sound. I wasn't that impressed with the distortion channel so I used pedal. Pretty decent amp for $250 for cleans. Just my 0.02
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    If you went from tube to solid state . . . . How come?

    I was looking for a solid state amp for jazz and I found this guy playing a Peavey Special 130. It is a remarkable amplifier I have to say. Very clean and ok with pedals. I replaced the speaker with a lightweight one and it is very usable.
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    I Chipped my guitar 😭

    It's a battle scar, wear it with pride!
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    Space related thread

    Astronomy as a science has gained dramatically from Hubble and will even more from the Webb telescope. Here is an interesting link
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    Why the internet disinformation campaign about 5881/6L6?

    I recall reading that the 5881 was very similar to the 6L6GC but had a different sized bottle. It is good to around 450V without issues. I had US Tung-Sol 5881 in a BFSR without issue for several years. My recollection is often a bit off so IMHO on this.
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    Is your wife ever right?

    My wife is always right when she says "My husband CB_2005 told me...."
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    Captions, please!

    What is the second chord in Stairway to Heaven?