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  1. brenn

    Collectible mini-guitars - AxMan or Axe Heaven?

    I am not really a collector of things, but occasionally I just have to put one of these things on the shelf. It's kind of a substitute for not being able to afford to collect the real things. So far I have Lemmy's Rickenbacker bass, Joan Jett's Gibson Melody Maker, Hendrix's Monterey Strat, Paul...
  2. brenn

    NGD - Fender Eric Clapton Blackie

    I mentioned in the thread about the new Nile Rodgers Strat that the videos for the Nile Rodgers model got me fired up for a Strat, but I was going for the Clapton, rather than the Rodgers. I have always said that the Clapton mid-boost makes this model one of the most versatile. I had a Blackie...
  3. brenn

    Classic Vibe Jazzmaster pickguards

    I got a daphne blue Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster a while back and I don't like the look of the tortoiseshell pickguard. What I want is to change that out to white. But the first white pickguard I ordered from Ebay didn't fit. It was listed as "3-Ply Jazzmaster Pickguard for Fender...
  4. brenn

    THIS is the Telecaster you need

    :lol: Just saw this on Ebay. I was able to resist, even at a $.99 starting price, but who knows if I can hold out to the end of the action. No word on whether it ever belonged to Billy Gibbons. :lol:
  5. brenn

    Recommend a small modelling multi-effect processor for travel

    My travel guitar, not for playing live, but just for my entertainment while travelling, is a Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro. The idea is that I can plug headphones into a small processor to play. I found one that looked perfect - a Vox StompLab and it was really the perfect size, with a wah/volume...
  6. brenn

    Jazzmaster non-rocking roller bridge modification question

    I was just forced to buy a Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster, because Guitar Center had a used daphne blue one for $304. I have owned several Jazzmasters over the years and have generally modified the bridges in various ways, which I will do again. The one thing I hate about Jazzmasters is the...
  7. brenn

    Repair question - replacing Tune-O-Matic bushing with slightly undersized bushings

    Got a new guitar: And naturally I had to immediately make changes. Being too smart for my own good, I got a $46 Stew Mac Golden Age Roller Bridge instead of just getting a $20 roller tune-o-matic off eBay...
  8. brenn

    NGD . . . almost.

    I don't usually buy Epiphones and I didn't really need a guitar, but it just seemed like too good a deal to pass up - used Epiphone Riviera P93, with original hard case, for $375 at Guitar Center. The bad news is, the city has an ordinance that requires them to hold used gear for 10 days...
  9. brenn

    Axe Heaven mini guitars

    Anybody else collect any of these things? I am not exactly a collector, but have 3 and just ordered a 4th. They are pretty interesting nicknacks. I am mainly interested in the artist specific ones. I have Wayne Kramer's Stratocaster, Jimi's Monterey Pop Strat, Paul Simonon's smashed bass from...
  10. brenn

    Ever seen Fender Lace Sensors like these before?

    The Gold "Fender Lace Sensor" has always been one of my favorite pickups. I was just looking at some Fenders with Lace Sensors on eBay and it reminded me of these old pickups. The only pictures I have are from this aluminum American Standard style Tele I assembled, back around 2000ish. I'm...
  11. brenn

    ZT Lunchbox amp

    I've got a ZT Lunchbox LBG2 that I have had sitting around unplayed since 2013. The last time I was in Afghanistan I bought it from a Navy Chief who had mail-ordered it and decided it didn't have enough gain for him. I shipped it home and when I returned I played a few chords through it on a...
  12. brenn

    Nice 12-string Telecaster on Ebay

    I saw this and wish I could afford it, but since I can't I thought I'd post it here. My guess would be that it's worth the asking price and a little more, even if you took it apart and sold the parts...
  13. brenn

    Fretless guitar?

    It has crossed my mind that I'd like to try a fretless guitar. Being that I'll never see one I can try out at guitar center, I have been thinking of stopping by Music Go Round for a $100 guitar, pulling the frets, filling the slots with wood filler and sanding the fretboard smooth. Anybody...
  14. brenn

    Merle Haggard Day

    Today is both Merle Haggard's 81st birthday and the 2nd anniversary of his death:
  15. brenn

    New Teles and Fender hybrids from NAMM

    An article about some new Tele-body Fenders unveiled at NAMM. I kind of like the Jazzmaster/Strat hybrid. NAMM 2018: As Gibson skips NAMM, Fender unveils Parallel Universe range and "mischievous" Troublemaker Tele And some other odd hybrids:
  16. brenn

    Guitar stuff on Amazon Video

    I just saw a guitar teb/lesson video pop up, while searching through Amazon video, so I searched for the word "Guitar." Holy crap - loads of stuff. First thing I'm checking out is Premier Guitar Rig Rundown - a 6 episode series of 30-45 minute videos talking to guitar players about guitars and...
  17. brenn

    Chris Isaak and Silvertone

    Went to see Chris Isaak in Lexington, KY, last night. What a great show. Sounds exactly like he always has - voice as strong as ever.
  18. brenn

    Songbirds Guitar Museum, Chattanooga

    I may have seen this here, first. If I didn't, it looks pretty cool, so I thought I would share: "Explore our collection of rare, vintage guitars like no other on Earth. Immerse yourself in Songbirds Guitars’ permanent and rotating exhibits, while traveling...
  19. brenn

    Blind Willie McTell's 119th birthday

    Blind Willie McTell was born May 5, 1898. He recorded Statesboro Blues in 1928. Taj Mahal covered it in 1968, which inspired the Allman Brothers to play it at the Philmore East in 1971, which is why most of us know who William Samuel McTell was today. Here are a couple of good ones:
  20. brenn

    My New Guitar Strap

    I posted in another thread that I was going to make a guitar strap. In the past, I have only made a few holsters and belts, but I have so many straps I never thought to make one. Keep in mind, this is kind of a prototype for the strap I intend to make soon, for my new Les Paul, so this is kind...
  21. brenn

    What is today's "Les Paul 'Burst" level collectible guitar?

    Because of the thread I posted about the first 1958 Les Paul Burst being up for sale for $625K, I was doing some reading and owners were talking about how they bought one in the 70's for $600 (no "K") and people thought they were crazy to pay $600 at the time. Now their guitars are worth a...
  22. brenn

    See and Hear the First Gibson Les Paul “Burst”… and It’s For Sale

    See and Hear the First Gibson Les Paul “Burst”… and It’s For Sale Pretty cool story/video. I haven't been to Nashville in many years, other than passing through. I need to go down and look at some guitars. "The very first Les Paul “Burst”, originally shipped out of the Gibson factory in May...
  23. brenn

    The DIY Musician: Devil & Sons Takes Relic Finishes to Their Illogical, Smashed Conclusion

    Hard to say what forum this goes in. Sort of a Strat, sort of not. The DIY Musician: Devil & Sons Takes Relic Finishes to Their Illogical, Smashed Conclusion With video:
  24. brenn

    NAD: Blackstar Venue Series HT Club 40

    Just went by Guitar Center and picked up a Blackstar Venue Series HT Club 40 for $350 today. They've had it a few weeks and just dropped the price to $350 today. Sounds great - looks nearly mint, with a little scuffing on the metal corner caps. Otherwise it would look brand new; not even old...
  25. brenn

    Peavey XXX 120 Watt Tube Head???

    I just stopped by a local pawn shop that had a Peavey XXX head for $189. I could probably get it for $150. The master volume knob is broken off, with enough stem left to use it, but it would have to be replaced to replace the knob. It seems to work, but the pots are pretty scratchy - it's old...