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    NAD 1974 Fender Twin Reverb

    Just scored this '74 SFTR last night. All original preamp tubes, recent Groove Tubes power tubes. Speakers are both Eminence 55-750s. Looks like it's had minimal work to it. Filters are blue Sprague Atoms. It's got a big sound that I just love.
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    Fender's new "Vintera" series guitars

    This looks cool!
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    NPD Mooer Yellow Comp

    Just got this little guy. It sounds amazing. I had talked with RetroTeleRod awhile back about it and I finally pulled the trigger as it was on sale. I'm running two compressors, both optical based. One is more versatile and can do subtle and squish (XTS Fermata), and the Yellow Comp is a great...
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    NPD EQD Westwood - my new favorite OD pedal for a Tele

    So I just picked up this guy yesterday. It is now my absolute favorite for putting some hair on a Tele bridge pickup. Not fattening it up to the point where it loses the twang, but not completely shrill and piercing either. Not balls-to-the-wall gain, just nice grit that would work equally well...
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    NAD: 1998 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

    So this is my first foray into the Marshall world. Normally I'm a Fender guy. My first Marshall. At this store (Dave's Guitar Shop) they had both a DSL 100 and DSL 50. I played both and found the 50 to be plenty loud but also had a slightly more likeable tone to my ears. I REALLY love the...
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    Show your American Specials!

    I think these are GREAT guitars. Mine is a 2010 Sunburst. Here's mine, modified with a DiMarzio neck mini hum bucker and a Klein Epic 52 bridge pickup. The guitar comes already routed and it's a great versatile setup. Show 'em if you got 'em!
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    Way Huge Camel Toe Mk2/reissue

    Good ol' Jeorge is finally releasing a Camel Toe reissue. I'll be first in line for one, one of my dream pedals as I love his stuff.
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    Boss is bringing back the VB-2 in Waza Craft form.

    Super excited for this, really always wanted one after seeing it on Tom Bukovac's board.
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    NAD 1969 Fender Drip Edge Silverface Deluxe Reverb

    My find of the year - a 1969 DR for $300 bucks...guy had it locally in his barn. It was FILTHY. I had to redo the cabinet and grille cloth and I had to scrub it. I've had this for about a month or two sitting around but I had hip replacement and after surgery I sent it to my amp guy who did a...
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    Better late than never - RAT content

    So I have never tried a RAT pedal until about a year ago. It was a new RAT 2 reissue. I really liked it, but it had this fizz at higher gain settings that didn't set well with me but I LOVED the overall vibe. So my cousin's hubby says he found this Keeley modified RAT in a shop a while back...
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    NOAD 1964/5 Fender Bassman

    Here's my new amp! Needs some tech work so I'm holding off on playing it any more until I take it to my Fender amp guru next month. It's a transition one where some parts are 64, some are early 65 but it's an AA864.
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    NOPD - BOSS CS-2

    Just got this yesterday in the mail. I really like this pedal... I've owned the CS-1 (too squashed), own a CS-3 (still slightly squashed but useful), own a Keeley C4 (too dark), own a Wampler Ego (my favorite...til now), and own a lowly MXR block Dyna Comp (ok in a pinch). To me this pedal...
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    NPD/PSA - Ibanez Mostortion MT-10

    My new acquisition I got off of I got it because a lot of my Nashville friends are using them and I love the modern country guitar sound. It's becoming almost as big as the Nobels ODR-1 over there and I love the ODR, so I had nothing to lose by trying one. First off, on...
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    Best Tele Twang bridge pickup for Strat

    I know the Tele bridge is a big part, but if you were wanting to get as close as possible with a standard Strat setup, what would you use for a bridge pickup? I hear good things about the Duncan Twangbanger but not much else. I want twang and snap, but not shrill highs like I find with most...
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    NUGD - 2006 Fender MIM '72RI Telecaster Custom

    My latest acquisition: I really dig it. I think I'll probably change the saddles to brass (a must for me) and change the pickups (I'm thinking Lollar Regal + Vintage T).
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    NPD Fulltone Fulldrive 3 (Production version)

    Just got this in the mail a couple days ago and have been loving it. The 90s mode is my favorite - its very reminiscent of the baby blue Fulldrives from the 90s which I loved. I have a FDII MOSFET and while it's a cool pedal, I prefer the FDIII wholeheartedly. The ASYM mode is slightly...
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    NPD Mesa Flux Drive

    I just picked up a Mesa Flux Drive (as well as a Dunlop volume pedal but less to write about on that one) here on vacation in Florida. It is an amazing lead pedal. Good for rhythm too, but really is a great solo pedal. I love how I was nailing a lot of classic solo lead tones through a clean...
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    DiMarzio DP240 review

    I've had a neck model DP240 DiMarzio mini humbucker since Christmas and I just put it in tonight as I finally bought a new pickguard. The patient is my American Special, that already was modified for a Lollar '52 in the bridge. It sounds REALLY nice. I also considered the Duncan pickup...
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    Favorite pickups for a Blackguard tone

    I'm sure this has been done before but I wanted to specify a couple things, and also to just see what's new in the pickup world. I'd be interested in something mass produced or boutique, but no waiting lists, etc. I'd love some Ron Ellis pups (and will get a set someday) but I'm talking more...
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    NPDx7 (yes, 7)

    Just made a trip to Nashville and Ohio. Went to the Amp Expo. The best deal of all was a BOSS DM-2 at a pawn shop for 14 bucks. I came away with a: Menatone Dirty Blonde (used) XTS Imperial Overdrive DMB Whiskey Bender BOSS DM-2 (used) Rockett Guthrie Trapp OD Mojo Hand FX Socrates...
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    NGDx2 - '65 and '66 Mustangs

    '65 (refin) - L55147 '66 (all original) - 115535 Scored these beauties at an auction last weekend. I'm so blessed to have them - my first vintage guitar experience. I love them - I love funk guitar and I've yet to find a better guitar for that than these Mustangs. The red one will...
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    New MXR "Super Badass" Distortion

    Just saw this on another forum. They are already in stores but not for sale online. A 3 band EQ. I just got the Prime and have the '78 but I think I will try this one. They also aren't on Dunlop's pages. This could be nice for those complaining about the "harshness" of a '78. That pic is...
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    NAD 1978 Fender Vibro Champ

    Just got this last weekend on a trade.. 1978 Vibro Champ. Chassis imprinted code on the back is A820091 and the transformer code is EIA606-831, dating it to the 31st week of '78. It has original tubes, speaker, circuit, everything. except for the plug, which somehow had lost the ground pin...
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    NPD Nobels ODR-1 reissue

    Great find. Saw one on so many boards I had to try one. Best $99 bucks ever spent on a pedal.. Very tubelike and spongey with some grittiness to it. Works great with my Teles, Strats, LPs, PRSs, etc. It really shines with singles but sounds great for a Santana like thing with humbuckers...
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    NGD Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe

    Just got this one on Friday. Great guitar. I used to be a snob and turn my nose up at double humbucker Fender guitars but this one is really nice and still has a strong Tele vibe. Great cleans too and versatility. I much prefer these pickups to the wide range pickups on most Deluxes.